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Toys that we remember from our childhood are so different that products that toy industries sell today. And this is a good thing, as they are more complex have higher educational and entertaining potential. But every toy is special when you’re a kid. Just like this one will be for your little one. It might just easily become their favorite one. So what is it about Dash Robot toy that makes it so interesting and appealing for a child?

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Entertaining with code learning elements

Well for starters, the fact that they are learning the basics of coding while playing. But there are other features that this toy provides as well, and you’re in the right place to find out all about it.

Dash Coding Robot: The basics

Dash Coding Robot is easily the best toy for all tech-savvy kids. It offers so many possibilities when it comes to entertainment, but also learning about coding and how robotics work. Learning the basics of coding was never easier and more fun. They’ll learn the basics of adding commands and creating code chains through playtime. And the best thing about it, it’s ready for playtime the moment it comes out of the box.

Unlike other toys of this type, your child won’t have to assemble it once they open the box as it’s already assembled and ready to teach coding. This amazing toy features a bunch of play modes as well as learning methods that will push your little one closer to understanding engineering, robotics, and technology in general. It features a unique personality that makes it the perfect companion for your kid’s adventures. Dash Coding robot is great because it offers so many playing modes, including racing mode, patrolling mode, special function mode, and many others. Also, your child learns basic programming and adding codes and function to its behavior. So basically it can do whatever they want. You, on the other hand, will appreciate the fact that you won’t step on it or have to watch your steps as this toy can be programmed not only to avoid obstructions in its path but also interact on the way. You’ll be surprised when greets your for the first time as it moves out of your way.

What You See and What You Get

The moment your child unwraps this amazing gift they’ll know that it’s one of a kind toy that just might become their favorite for a while. Being that’s intended for kids above 6 years old, the functionality of this toy will match their newfound skills. The toy is made from 4 spheres, three of which are used for moving around. The one on top serves as it’s the main part for interaction, performing complex functions and tasks, games and more. It’s equipped with light, sensors and a camera for receiving data it needs to process and perform functions inputted via the coding platform.

If you get the Dot with it you can play great games like the hot potato, a variety of tests, pop quiz games and many other. This way the fun never stops, as your child can play with or without friends, explore its functionality by adding functions and learning the basics of programming, as well create their own games by adding chains of commands in the coding platform.

The toy comes with listed parts although additional extensions can be purchased separately, you can add them to your cart as well and get the whole package. All in all, it’s a top quality robot-toy that makes coding easy and entertaining. And the best way to learn is exactly through playtime. So what are you waiting for? Get this amazing gift for your little one and help them grow.

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How to Use

First off, you’ll need a compatible device to use most of its coding functions. Whether your child prefers a tablet of a smartphone, they will need something to input commands, special functions and plan its route around the house, update or download programs. Once you have a compatible device, you can turn the wonder workshop Dash Robot on by accessing a button on the side. It works on a range of 30 ft so your little one will have a lot of room to explore. Once you connect it to the app, you’ll have access to all of its features. Everything from controlling its movement, programming its behavior and how to interact with the inhabitants and more will be accessible through the app.

Next to moving it around with the controls, you can also add additional functions like playing various animal sounds, moving its head up and down 360 degrees left and right, change the color and intensity of light, add special moves, etc. Another great thing that it offers among other cool features is to plan its route. You’ll be surprised how easy it is, and your child will love how entertaining it is. All they’ll need to do is tap on the function, and draw the route. They can also add special features like stop, spin and more to its route. Another way to play with it and with its route is to add functions on another app. It works on the principle of coding so all they’ll need to do is tap and drag the functions that they want and add values like speed,   and rotation angle. Once every function is there just tap the bot on the top button and it will start performing actions from the coding platform.

So basically your child will be able to enjoy playing with it while learning the basics of programming and add different types of games to its functionality. It can perform anything you program it to do, including avoiding obstacles on the way, stop and turn, spin, flash a beam of light at a specific point of its route and much more. This features will work great with traffic playmats, already drawn streets and routes on a paper, etc. Basically, any scenario that your child imagines will be a route to Dash Robot. It’s also great for playing with friends and showing off with its functionality, adding interesting and fun games, or just explore the possibilities. Your child will never get bored again with this amazing toy.  

Buyer's Guide

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This and other toys of this type serve as a great learning tool that pushes kids in the right direction. No matter if your child is a tech-savvy type or just loves technology to a certain extent, Dash Robot will serve as an ideal toy for them.  It’s not a standard toy that’s primarily used for entertainment purposes. This toy will become something of a family member given that its unique personality is something that every member of your family will appreciate and grow fond of.

With a bunch of STEM apps that are extremely beneficial to your child’s growth, this toy will really push them in the right direction. It’s great for stimulating and further enhancing their senses, and with light and many different types of movement and tricks your child will definitely be entertained for a while. So next to it’s educational potential the entertaining potential shouldn’t be disregarded as well.  

In terms of which skills your child will learn, you’ll be glad to find out that wonder workshop dash robot has features that make learning programming, math, as well as basics of robots and engineering extremely fun and easy. They’ll easily understand the concept of adding commands to coding platform and see the results as soon as they finish the process. Once you set on a number of commands you want it to perform simply tap on start, and watch it go!

Next to developing their programming skills by simply playing and exploring its features, your child will also further develop creativity and imagination, as well as work on their creative problem-solving skills. With apps like blocky or additional parts that allow visual customization of the robot, your child will have all the freedom of creating their own type of play.

Also, Dash Robot is great for socializing, parties and that sort of events. Your child will be able to choose from a variety of games that they can play with their friends. And don’t worry about stepping or bashing your foot on it, as it’s quite durable.


One of the biggest disadvantages of this toy is at the same time what makes it great. It provides limited features without a tablet or smartphone. Meaning that your child will be able to use it’s educational or entertaining potential only to an extent without connecting another piece of technology to it.

Another disadvantage which is something that we’re getting used to when it comes to using technology is that it will get outdated pretty soon. Meaning that a new, better model will be released in a relatively short period of time. However, this won’t spoil the fun for your kid. They’ll play with it until they’ve understood the basic concept of coding completely or otherwise used its features and apps numerous times.

Its design allows dash robot to traverse on various types of terrain, including playmats, floor, and other relatively smooth surfaces. But when it comes to outdoor play this toy in unusable in most cases. So this could be considered as another disadvantage. In other words, your child’s playground will be limited by the type of terrain on which they plan to play on.

You will need a power source to charge it and USB charger. Although it comes with the toy, you might want to consider bringing it wherever you go whether it’s a family trip or when you’re visiting your friends and want to brind your kid and their new toy allong. Being that your child will want to bring their new toy along, you should bring a charger. And although it fits perfectly in the box, you can’t carry the box around to have a place to store the dash coding robot. Having a suitable bag or place to store it would be nice. However, it doesn’t come with the purchase.

These were some of the disadvantages of this amazing toy. Although they are barely noticeable when taking into consideration the advantages, they show how it could be an even better product.

To Conclude

This outstanding toy has lots of features that will be as entertaining for your kid as they will be for the rest of the family. You’ll love its personality and your child will appreciate the fact that they are actually learning something by playing with it. All in all this and many other toys of this type provide faster development of your child’s skills. And this is a feature that every parent want to see in a toy. So if you’re looking for a way to push your child in the right direction when it comes to developing new interest, this toy will serve as a great way to do it.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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