Games to Play with Walkie Talkies

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Walkie talkies are certainly one of the best toys you can get your kids. They are fun to use, they are easy to carry and play with, they are universal, and they open up a world of many fun games to play. What is more, there are so many versions of walkie talkies today that even adults can have some great fun with them. Additionally, you and your kids can easily use them around the house and play games, or take them outside for some real fun.

Like you probably remember, walkie talkies were almost the only fun way to communicate with your friends, because back then there were no smartphones. And to top it all off, communicating through a walkie talkie was more fun than using a phone. So, if you want your child to experience this great activity and way of communication and play, then you should consider getting the toys and indulging in some of these walkie talkie games.

1. Hide and Seek

You probably just loved playing hide and seek as a child. And there is no doubt that your little ones love this fun and exciting game as well. However, why not put a twist on it and use walkie talkies? This simple and iconic game can be improved with walkie talkies in two ways.

One way is giving your kids walkie talkies, having one close their eyes and count to ten, while the rest hides, just like in a regular game of hide and seek. However, since they have walkie talkies, you can have them give each other instructions and directions for seeking. The hidden kid or kids can give directions, while the seeker is trying to follow those and find their friends.

Another way your kids can play this game is by having two or more seekers who will use walkie talkies to give each other directions and coordinate the search. This can make it harder for the hiders to actually stay hidden, which also allows them to spread even further and cover more ground. However, just make sure to get really durable and quality walkie talkies to your kids, unless you want for the game to last shortly.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts on themselves are plenty of fun, but they are just another one of the games to play with walkie talkies and make them even more fun! Set up a goal, give them elaborate clues, hide the treasure and hand out walkie talkies to your children and their friends.

One way to play scavenger hunt with walkie talkies is to divide the kids into teams and give each team a walkie talkie. This way they can report their process and give each other locations and better organize themselves. The other way to elevate this game is to station one kid or a group of them at the final clue point. This kid can use the walkie talkie to navigate other children and give them clues on where to find them.

3. Capture the Flag

This is probably one of the best walkie talkie games, since Capture the flag is a very strategic game to play! The rules are the same as in the classic capture the flag game, but with walkie talkies, kids will be able to communicate better as they are trying to the flag of the opposing team.

All you have to do is divide the kids into two team and give each team a flag and walkie talkies. It is a perfect game for big and open spaces, so next time while on vacation bring those toys with you. The aim of the game is to outsmart the other team and steal their flags, and with some communication devices your children can up their game and create some fun strategies in order to win.

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4. Role-Playing Games

Your kids probably love playing cops, spies, explorers and many other adventurous role-playing games, and giving them walkie talkies will truly make their faces shine with excitement. Such adventurous games that involve a lot of imagination and some equipment cannot be complete without a set of durable walkie talkies for the realistic feel. So, give them a set of toys and watch them enjoy some of the best role-playing walkie talkie games:

Secret Agent and Super Villain

For this game you can divide children into two teams. One team will represent the villains, while the other one will play secret agents. The role of the walkie talkies here is to allow kids to communicate better and develop some strategies to outsmart the other team in order for the good or evil to prevail. Also, it can make carrying out secret missions and sneaking up on each other so much more fun.

The Explorers

Since Indiana Jones, every kids like to pretend to be an explorer. The walkie talkies can help them talk to each other while they are exploring the backyard or the neighborhood in the search for that sacred and ancient treasure they have imagined. These can also be used on hiking trails, and the communication devices will give children a sense of security, while they can search around and play.

Rescue Workers

This game includes being a cop or a fireman. They can pretend there is someone in distress, communicate through walkie talkies about the location and situation and get the to move into action to save the day!

What can make playing cops even more fun is developing or using the real radio codes. Here are a few examples your kids can learn and use:

  • 10-4 meaning “okay, got it”
  • 10-6 meaning “I’m busy”
  • 10-7 meaning “turning off the walkie talkie”
  • 10-9 meaning “repeat what you said, I didn’t understand”
  • 10-10 meaning “negative, no”
  • 10-17 meaning “en route; on my way to”
  • 10-23 meaning “arrived at”
  • 10-25 meaning “meet me at”
  • 10-26 meaning “estimated time of arrival”
  • 10-30 meaning “use caution”
  • 10-33 meaning “need assistance”
  • 10-41 meaning “starting adventure”
  • 10-42 meaning “ending adventure”
  • 10-43 meaning “in pursuit”
  • 10-59 meaning “to escort”
Even if they learn just a few of these codes, playing cops and robbers, for example, can be so much more fun!


Every boy loves pretending to be a soldier with his friends. So, why not make this a semi-real experience with some walkie talkies. This way, they can develop strategies, spread around the yard or a field and communicate with each other to achieve their goal or get the target.

Air Traffic Controllers

Another one among fun role-playing games to play with walkie talkies is air traffic control. If your kids have drones or some remote-controlled planes, you can turn a fun picnic into endless fun. Let one kid control the plain while the other one is giving them coordinations and navigation to land the plane safely on the field.

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5. Challenges

This game of challenges is a lot similar to hide and seek with walkie talkies. Give your kids walkie talkies, have them hide around the house or backyard, and to make this game a bit more challenging you can set up an obstacle course or create clues for solving a mystery. Let the kids navigate each other and help each other get over the obstacles and solve mysteries in order to find the hiders.

Additionally, you can turn this challenge game into a fun afternoon of room escape. You can divide kids into two teams and set up some challenges and riddles in your living room or bedroom. One team can be in that room, while the other one can have all the hints and help the other team escape the room.

6. Follow Directions

This fun game is a lot similar to the games you can see on the Survivor TV show. There should be two teams of kids. One person on each team is a Caller and they have a walkie talkie. The other kid is a Walker and they hold the other device. Blindfold the Walkers and they must follow the directions the Caller is giving them through a walkie talkie. Set up an easy obstacle course in your home or in the yard, and let your kids develop trust in each other and help each other win the challenge.

A word of advice: before letting your children scatter around the neighborhood or a big field, make sure to let them know that these toys can be a false sense of safety. Yes, they are fun, but wandering far away will throw them out of the walkie talkie range and they might not realize that until it’s too late. Just stay cautious and your kids will be safe and happy.

Walkie talkies are so much fun and they put a twist on any classic game you can come up with. What is more, you can even join your kids in fun challenges, hide and seek and plenty of scavenger hunts. Just make sure the walkie talkies you buy are durable and easy to operate, and your kids won’t have any troubles using them and even creating their own games every day.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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