VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe Interactive Learning System

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Getting a toy that’s as entertaining as it’s educational is something that every parent leans toward when choosing a gift for their child. I know I do. Because of their insatiable hunger for entertainment and playtime, I always try to sneak a bit of learning material in those play sessions. But with Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe you won’t even have to pull tricks from your sleeve to teach them numbers, letters or anything else that will come in handy in the future.

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VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe has multiple functions and means of entertaining the child as well as teaching vocabulary, numbers, focus, counting, shapes, animals and so much more. The best thing about this toy that I absolutely love is that they won’t think of it as learning. They’ll get so carried away playing with their new toy, exploring the features, enjoying mini-games, colorful lights and sounds that they don’t want even realize that they are learning a lot in the process.

What You Get

With most toys for kids, you can usually figure out what the toy is about, how entertaining it is for your child and how long it will keep their attention. But this one is different as it has so much to offer. From the moment you start to unbox VTech touch and learn activity desk you’ll notice that it’s not a regular toy. The more you unravel the more you realize what you get from it.

The toy set features the activity desk, a stool, and a chalkboard. The activity board is equipped with a mini calculator toy that makes learning numbers easy, a cool music player, and a LED display screen. The panel itself on the activity desk allows your kid to learn with touch-and-play lessons. Each one of 5 panels in total, has a unique learning system that teaches by pointing and touching animals, numbers, shapes, and objects. I was amazed at how entertaining and educational it was. It features over 200 words that your kid will easily learn, and richen their vocabulary.

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The best way about VTech touch and learn activity desk deluxe is that you can switch from learning mode to relaxing play mode in a second. I found this feature to be quite helpful when that sudden change of mood starts to occur. So when your little one gets tired of learning lessons it’s time to flip the activity desk and access the drawing chalkboard.

How to Assemble and Use

If you think that the assembly of the toy will look like you’re trying to make a table from IKEA, you’re wrong. I didn’t look at the instructions for assembly and you won’t need it too, as it’s that easy. You’ll need to place the legs of the surface by inserting them in specially designed holes on the back of the drawing board. Next you have the VTech touch and learn what needs to be connected on the base of the drawing board. The last part is the assembly of the stool which is as easy as connecting the sitting part to the legs of the stool. Finally, place 4 AA batteries and its ready to go!

What They’ll Learn

The greatest thing about toys like this is that you can notice how your child improves their speech, reason, sense of logic, cognitive function in general in a matter of days. Not to mention that playing with touch-and-learn toy allows them to expand their vocabulary and learn an abundance of new words, definitions, and terms. With highly responsive buttons and clear explanation of what each picture represents, your child will be inclined to play along and learn all these useful stuff.

By playing with this amazing VTech toy, your kid will work on:

And progress in so many other ways. You’ll notice continuous progress as your child keeps playing with this superb learning toy.

To Conclude

There are many toys out there, but it’s our job as a parent to choose the right one and help our little one grow and learn as much a possible during this period. Because they’re constantly looking to discover new knowledge and have a quality playtime, getting a toy that can provide both is always recommended. The best way to keep their focus on the learning material is to let them assume they’re playing and having a good time. Which is exactly why this toy is the right choice for your little one.


Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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