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Every child that has spent even a second with their dad in the garage watching him fix up a car or their bike has probably dreamed of their own toolbox. Well, since real tools are somewhat unsafe for kids, there is safe and great toolbox right here.

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 VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox is one of the best playsets for kids who would like to pretend play of fixing stuff in their room or in the garage with their parents. So, let’s see what’s so great about this VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox playset.

Vtech Drill and Learn Toolbox Playset: The basics

This toy is a kid-friendly toolbox that even toddlers can use to have fun. When you open it, be ready for hours of role-play and fixing up imaginary and real objects! This fun toolbox playset includes an electronic fix-it tray, a working toy drill, a wrench, hammer 2 nails and 2 screws. What is more the drill can actually screw the screws included in the play set and you can turn the gears and build motor skills. It uses batteries and when you press light-up buttons there are fun songs that teach our kids about a variety of tools and how they are used. 

Not only that, but there 2 double-sided instruction cars included in the playset. With these inserted you can learn about colors and numbers. And all that while you’re making repairs! Plus, this set doesn’t include too small parts and it is recommended for girls and boys age 2 to 5. What is more, this toolbox is certainly not gender restricted so the girls can join in the fun as well! Your kids will love playing together, turning and pressing colorful buttons all the while they are learning and developing their motor skills.

What You See and What You Get

The dimensions of VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox are 4.9 x 10.9 x 5.7 inches. It is a plastic toolbox with a blue cover with red handle; in the middle is a yellow electronic fix tray, and at the bottom it is black. When the yellow electronic fix tray is lifted, you can find a storage place for all the colorful tools. What this set also includes is a hand-powered toy drill that actually works. Also, there are two sets of two screws, gray and green ones. Not only that, but a blue wrench and an orange hammer are included for all the pretend play of fixing things up. 

In addition to that, the fix tray is electronic and it uses 2 AA batteries and it has all sorts of light up buttons that your kid can press. So, what a VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox does is teach your kids about various tools, colors and numbers when the buttons are pressed. And there is fun music!

Additionally, there are colorful cogs on the other side of the electronic fix trays. These are here for your little one to loosen up and screw back, twist and turn in order to practice and develop their motor skills.

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How To Use

In order to use this super cool VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox, you have to start with inserting the batteries in the box. The 2 AA batteries are included with the toy, so you can start using it immediately. Once the toolbox has its power, you can start having some fun with it. The batteries enable the electronic fix tray to do its job. Its job is to play some fun music and help your kids learn about numbers, colors and fixing stuff. What is more, the fix tray plays some lessons about various tools, how to use them and which sounds they make when being used!

Besides being able to produce sounds and teach your kids things, this handy toy toolbox can do other things that don’t require batteries. Since the hand-powered drill is in the set, your kids can screw and unscrew the toy screws included into the electronic tray itself. However, if your child is a bit young, you will have to help them a bit with the drill, since it may require some stronger fingers. 

Additionally, there are colorful movable gears in the tray itself which your kids can twist and turn and work on their motor skills. But the fun doesn’t stop here! There are two double-sided projects cards with fun tasks and fixing projects your child can follow and enjoy. Plus, these cards will teach your kids about numbers and colors with their instructions, all the while your child is pretending to fix stuff. 

Lastly, the electronic fix tray has some light-up buttons on it. When pressed, these buttons can play fun and cheerful songs and teach your child about the tools. There are more than 125 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases on it, so there is certainly plenty to listen to and follow the instructions. However, when the batteries are no longer working, your child can simply use the toolbox on itself, since there are plenty of fun tools includes, such as a hand-powered drill, a wrench, hammer and a couple of sets of screws.

Buyer's Guide

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One of the biggest advantages of this VTech Toolbox is that it’s fun and educational. Kids of all ages can easily use the toolbox for their pretend play and have hours of fun with it. Both boys and girls can learn how to use certain tools, learn about the colors, numbers and listen to fun music and sing along to the songs this playset can play. 

What is more, VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox is safe and the materials used to make it are not toxic. More precisely, this playset is BPA-free (Bisphenol A or Bisphenol S free). Additionally, it uses 2 simple AA batteries in order to get the electronic fix tray going, but the toolbox can also be used even without the batteries. 

Another benefit of this toolbox is that your child can develop their motor skills. Due to cogs, screws and buttons, they get to move their fingers, press the buttons and simply use their hands while playing. All this contributes to development, and can easily spark their imagination as well. Not to mention how double-sided cards can introduce them to the world of tools, while they will get to follow instructions, count and match the colors, which will also turn the gears in their heads and make them think. Plus, you and your partner can join in and play with kids and spend some quality time together. Or your kid can share it with their siblings or friends and work on those social skills and team work.


Everything has its good and bad sides, and so VTech Toolbox has its disadvantages. The biggest problem with this playset is that you cannot fit the hand-powered drill into the box. Well, you can, but you have to remove the electronic fix tray first. However, toolbox has a separate side compartment for the drill to be stored. 

Another downside of this playset is that the drill’s trigger may not be that easy to pull. Older children shouldn’t have problems with pressing it, but toddlers might find that difficult. Also, the music, sounds, phrases and drill itself may produce too much noise. 

Also, the drill’s trigger may be faulty sometimes. It can start locking up after some use, which may turn your child to other toys and lose interest about this one. In addition to that, if you put too much force on the drill while using it on the screws, it may change direction on itself, which can often be frustrating. 

Additionally, since there are only two sets of two screws included, you might misplace some of them. But, as we are aware of, you cannot order more screw to match the playset separately. The same issue exists with the double-sided project cards. So, you really have to be careful not to misplace or throw out any of the parts. 

Lastly, it is somewhat hard for the little ones to pack everything inside neatly so they can close it. Since the tools are too robust in a way, it may prevent them from properly storing them which makes it hard for the lid to close and your kid may call for you to close it every time they are done playing.

To Conclude

Overall, VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox playset is fun and educational. It introduces your kid into the world of fixing things up and learning about new concepts around them. The playset is great for developing motor skills and unleashing creativity, but it has its faults. It could be improved, but overall it can provide plenty of fun play for your kid and teach them about colors, numbers and tools.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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