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The market is full of amazing toys for toddler boys and girls and only a few of them are perfect for your kids. In this consumer-driven age, new toys are coming out every day. Choosing the right one can sometimes be a difficult thing to do.

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1 to 3 years

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Amusing, educational, improve motor skills, audio, visual and sensory stimulation, build vocabulary, role-playing

Opt for VTech Toys will save you a lot of time from reading the specifications and usability of toys for little ones. This one is specifically designed to improve your child’s motor skills, to educate him and still have a lot of fun with it.

VTech Ring and Learn Cash Register: The Basics

Toy reviews can be of great help to parents before they decide to buy a particular toy for their youngsters. With VTech’s detailed reviews about their products, you will easily decide which specification to look for before you go shopping for specific toys.

This amusing VTech cash register will encourage your child to learn, have fun and exercise through different role playing scenarios. With multiple colors, lights, and accessories it grants hours of quality amusement for your little one. Special functions on each side will look challenging to kids and their playtime will be brought up to another level. Pressing buttons and spinning rollers will give them an opportunity to expand their knowledge, memory and refine motor skills. 

Playing different phrases your child could improve vocabulary and motivate themselves to build focus on listening. Their curiosity and imagination will have no boundaries. Because it’s lightweight, VTech cash register can be carried around to keep your kid occupied during long trips. To make it more exciting, kids could play this game even with their friends. This interactive toy offers only two modes of play, but over 80 songs, sounds and phrases. It’s powered with 2 AA batteries. They are included with the game set, but it’s recommended that you get an extra pair. 

What you see and what you get

When you look at the VTech ring and learn cash register you know that the toy is provided with the finest quality and design. With all the items in the game set, your child will spend hours on amusing and educational playtime. If you want to encourage your kids to learn new things and practice motor skills, buying this particular game will be the right choice for him.

This interactive cash register contains 12 accessories with different colors and shapes. In the shopping basket, you could find healthy food like bananas, carbon milk, juice, meat, and other daily groceries. The most exciting thing about the game is that they get an interesting looking credit card with a number on it so they could purchase by swiping it to the right side of the register. The cash register itself has more options than they could imagine. There are buttons with numbers in a variety of colors and when they press them, they can hear the number being spoken. This is definitely one of the interesting ways to motivate kids to learn numbers.  

On the left side, you will notice a cute little scale for measuring fruits and vegetables. Every time they place food on it, the scale says out loud the weight that has been measured. This simply is one of the most innovative toys that play phrases and help your little one practice their vocabulary.

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How to use

Introduce your child with this extraordinary toy while playing the shopper game together. Because of this toy cash register role-playing ability, you could pretend to be a shopper and your kid can pretend to be a seller. Take your shopping basket, fill it with some groceries from the game set, prepare the attractive looking credit card and start your amusing game. 

For start, make shopping plan together. Set up the prices of carbon milk, juice, meat, and other items. You will probably need a pen and a piece of paper so you don’t have to memorize all of it.

After joyful shopping time, give a shopping basket to your youngster, so that they could pull out the food and measure it on the scale. Remember to be patient, they will probably do it a couple of times just for fun. When they dial the number of groceries  and sum up the prices on the register, they will tell you the amount of your total bill. If you agree to the bill, give them your credit card so they can charge you. When the cash sounds that the payment is approved you can go home with your groceries. When you finish the first role-playing scenario, switch places and let your kid be the buyer and you take the cash register place. 

To make the game more challenging and amusing, invite your kid’s friends to have amusing playtime together. This will help them be more  social and communicative. 

After playing this imaginative game a couple of times, you will notice how your little one’s vocabulary has improved. The kids will even try to add numbers correctly so they can get the right amount at the end of the game. An extraordinary way to teach your children some basic things that they will use when they start attending school.

Buyer's Guide

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Introducing your child to educational toys is essential for their development. Specific toys can be of great help through different stages. Choosing one that they would like to play with, can make a positive impact by motivating them to think and learn differently. 

With over 80 sound, songs and phrases children can practice the vocabulary, learn how to sing a song and develop good memory with sounds and moves. This interactive toy can help your toddler learn numbers, how to pronounce them and what is their purpose. A game set with 12 accessories will introduce children with food and colors. Taking different groceries from a shopping basket they can see how they look like, for what a specific item is used and how it’s called. They can learn more about meals and develop some healthy habits like choosing fruits and vegetables over candy and chocolate. Playing the game with friends can be helpful to improve their social skills and encourage them to make more friends. By changing the roles in the game,  children will teach and support each other to become more creative and to expand their knowledge.

With Vtech ring and learn cash register toy child will not be aware of the time that he spent playing with. His playtime moments will be filled with quality hours of exploring and learning. With its role playability, your little one can play with the toy with you and spend more time together. That way you will both learn more about each other and make a stronger emotional bond. 


Vtech cash register toy does seem to have some disadvantages. They could make a design with more vivid colors to make it easier for children to remember the options that are offered. Sounds and pronunciation of words are not separated quite good. The light could be less flashy and set in different colors. 

For 12 accessories they could make a bigger shopping basket so that toddlers don’t lose their groceries around the house. Food, fruits, and vegetables are with no details just simply painted in one or two colors. The toy itself is lightweight and portable, but it would be easier to carry around all items in a drawstring bag. Having a credit card for payment method is a great idea. But the design could be more amusing and they could add some play money. This way role-playing would be more interesting and challenging. 

Every child, as well as infants, love to nibble things, so they will probably try the taste of groceries from the toy set. They are made from safe materials but they could add some rubber parts so that kids could feel comfortable using it. 

With this amusing interactive game, toddlers will spend many quality hours while playing. Knowing that 2 AA batteries are enough for the duration of playing time, so consider having some extra pair around the house. Although it’s intended for younglings, the toy could focus more on teaching them actual words and phrases, next to numbers and shapes. It is pretty basic and could be even more educational if only a couple of features extra would be added.

To Conclude

If you take some time to read adequate reviews before purchase you could easily find the right toy. Including your partner could be of great help. Try to talk to your child or observe him during his playtime. That way you could also get some amazing ideas for toys that they will use and not become forgotten.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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