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Do you perceive your little one as an aspiring physician? How about a neurosurgeon or perhaps a cardiovascular surgeon? 

Whatever the case may be, if you see that your child is taking interest in learning something that’s way ahead of his learning capability at that age, the tendency is to push him in that direction. We can’t really reach for the starts if we keep looking at our feet. So naturally, if your child loves playing doctor, and really is interested in learning more about it, the next logical step is to get him appropriate toys and let his imagination do the rest. 

We love educational toys, and these toys definitely have something to teach your little one about medicine. So pick the one that suits your child the most and enjoy seeing him explore and progress as they find out all of the features of these toy doctor kits.

Every kids doctor kit from this list might be the perfect one for your child, but it’s up to you to pick the one that suits his interests and preferences the most.

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Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Kit

Give you’re aspiring physician the tools he needs to take tests, perform regular checkups on his favorite fluffy toys and so much more with this amazing doctor set for kids. 

It features more than enough pieces of equipment and tools for your child to role play as a doctor. They’ll be happy to see more than 19 tools, surgical equipment and know that there are multiple ways to use them. What is it about this Pretend & Play Doctor kit is that it’s so practical. 

It comes with a transparent, plastic suitcase that can fit all the tools inside. The set includes a stereoscope, glasses, a phone, forceps, 3 bandages, syringe, tweezers and lots of other essential tools. Your kid will absolutely love it. All of the tools are safe for kids to use and made from a non-toxic plastic material.


  • Promotes role play
  • Helps develop creativity and imagination
  • Educational and entertaining at the same time

Melissa & Doug Doctor Role-Play Costume Set

Melisa & Doug Doctor Costume Set is exactly what your kid needs to take the role of the main surgeon in his imaginative hospital. The set includes one doctor’s jacket with cool details, stethoscope, reflex hammer, ear scope, syringe, and a name tag. 

With these, your child will have everything they need to play alone or with a friend. The stethoscope makes cool sounds when used and uses AAA batteries. The batteries, however, aren’t included in the set. So you might want to stack up on some batteries, lest you want to spoil their fun mid playtime. It’s a great toy to take their hands and eyes of the phone, tablet or any modern piece of technology and get back to regular means of entertainment. 

It’s educational, entertaining and pushes them in the right direction. It will definitely become their favorite kids doctor kit if it didn’t the moment they unwrapped it.


  • Cool design
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Easy to wash and clean

B. Toys - B. Dr. Doctor Toy

Battat has done it again in delivering a great toy for kids that promotes creativity, role play, imagination and is super fun to play with. 

With this doctor set your child will be able to perform check-ups, perform make-believe surgeries and do plenty of other fun stuff. Next to standard equipment the set also includes otoscope, blood pressure monitor, syringe, a beeper, and surgical scissors. 

This top quality equipment will prove to be more than useful for your aspiring surgeon to play with.

 The stethoscope has cool sound effects too. All of the equipment can fit in cleverly designed a plastic medkit. It really gives them the impression that they are fully equipped and ready to start their play session.


  • High-quality tools
  • Detailed design
  • Easy to carry medkit

B. toys by Battat - B. Pet Vet Toy

Not all kids want to be heart surgeons. Some want to help animals and take care of them by being the best pretend-veterinarian. And with this plastic vet clinic, they’ll have everything to start their career. 

It’s great for playing alone and developing creativity and imagination during role-play sessions, but it’s also great for parties and playing with a friend. It provides countless hours of entertainment and the best thing about it is that once they’re done, they can fit the pieces together and store them in one place. 

This way they won’t lose any tools and pieces of the set even when they bring it outside. The set includes standard vet equipment as well as a couple of plushy animal toys.


  • Made from quality material
  • Entertaining and educational
  • Easy to store

Kidzlane Kids Doctor Kit with Electronic Stethoscope

This 12-piece toy Doctor Kit will definitely keep your child entertained for hours. And it has so many tools all of which are made from a material that’s safe for kids use. 

They can practice medicine while having fun, and once they’re done playing they can store everything in a doctors bag. The set includes tweezers, plastic bandages, goggles, syringe, and lots of other useful tools all of which are cleverly designed to promote the development of creativity, imaginative play, and motor skills. 

It’s important that kids have toys that promote building those skills. The set even includes a cell phone for those busy doctors that are multitasking in every moment. Give your child what they need to have a quality playtime everyday!


  • 100 % satisfaction guaranteed
  • Quality tools
  • Colorful design

Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Another simple but fun doctor set by Fisher-Price. This toy company really knows how to deliver quality products. 

And they nail it every time. With a colorful and detailed design, these surgical tools will provide countless hours of entertainment to your little one. It’s the standard doctor’s equipment that comes with neat bag wide enough to fit them all.

 This way your little one can carry their tools wherever they go, whether a slumber party, outdoors or any place else. This set does an amazing job of inspiring kids to develop healthy habits and realize the importance of regular check-ups. 

Whether your kid is afraid to go to the doctor or love every minute spend in the office, with this set they get to be the doctor themselves.


  • Helps develop healthy habits
  • Fun and educational
  • Great for any occasion

BRITENWAY Educational Medical Pretend Play Toy Set

Great pretend doctor toys for kids set with more than enough pieces to keep your child occupied and entertained for quite some time. The fact that this set has more than 30 pieces shows it’s entertaining potential. 

Among the regular ones, the set includes tools like brushes, medical charts, blood pressure cuffs, nameplate, all of which are colorful and have detailed design. They will definitely inspire your little one to pursue a medical career, or at least in this stage learn advanced material. 

All of the toys are of top quality, colorful, and fun to play with. Your kid will have plenty of tools to master using. The best thing about it is that they can combine them in their roleplay, thus work on developing imaginative play and creativity. No matter if your little one aspired to be a dentist, physician or a veterinarian, with this set they’ll have everything they need.


  • Great for indoor and outdoor play
  • Helps develop creativity and motor function
  • Fun and educational

Ray's Toys Little Doctor Play Set

Rey’s Little Doctor Play Set has 11 pieces and medical tools all of which are of fun as well as educational. 

With their stethoscope and Sneller chart, your kid will be ready to roleplay as an ophthalmologist. Next to these tools, there are also toy pills and remedies for your child to prescribe to their imaginary patients. 

There’s also a handy guide that explains which tool is used for certain procedures. After they’re done playing, your kids can store all of the toys in a medical bag. It’s handy for carrying anywhere they want so that they can bring their equipment wherever the adventure takes them. 

This set is quite educational as well as entertaining. The guide features detailed instructions on how to use the tools.


  • Educational
  • Entertaining
  • Features a medical guide book

Ben Franklin Toys Doctor Lab Pad Biology Kit

With Doctor Lab Pad Biology Kit your kid will be able to play games, learn interesting things about the human body, and improve the quality of their play sessions. 

It is intended for older kids due to the advanced learning material. The set features a fun brain game, medical chart, pill bottles, stethoscope, and a variety of informative activity cards. 

These will help your child learn about bacteria, what goes on in the human body and lots of other interesting topics in biology. 

It is quite educational and fun at the same time. It features real-life experiments and over 30 tools. So if you’re looking to help your child learn more about what makes us tick, here is a great toy set for them to play with and educate themselves.


  • Informative activity cards
  • Fun and easy to play with
  • Features a variety of tools

Gifts2U Toy Doctor Kit

This toy set features girly colors and has more than 35 pieces and medical tools. 

This will be more than enough to keep them entertained for an extended period of time. If your little girl loves to roleplay as a dentist then this set is definitely for her.

It has all the equipment she will ever need to start a working day in her dentist’s office. The set even includes toy dental prosthetics for them to practice using all the tools they have at their disposal. 

Everything from cleaning to removing cavities and plaque, it’s safe to say that your child will be entertained for a while. The set is educational to an extent as your child learns how to use dentist tools and equipment.


  • Fun and educational
  • Over 35 pieces
  • Made from quality material

JOYIN Pretend-n-Play Medical Set

Just like there are dentist kits for girls there are those that are intended for boys, like this one. The most prominent color in the design of these tools is blue. 

The kit has a complete set of dentist tools including a lab coat, brush, reflex hammers, a variety of tweezers, toy pill bottles, bandages and much more. With 31 pieces in the set, your little one will have the essential tools to start their dentist office.

They’ll learn how to use tool and equipment that real dentists use. Along with everything you get a toy denture so that your child can practice using all those tools. The set is great for inspiring kids to pursue a dentist’s career and learn advanced lessons.


  • Top quality tools
  • Over 30 pieces
  • Educational and fun

Doctor Cart Pretend Play Set

Doctor cart is great for kids that love to play doctor. Learning how to multitask, fix broken bones and much more with this amazing toddler doctor kit

The cart is around 22 ‘’ high and can fit every tool that comes with the set. With these toys, your little one will be able to play a busy doctor that manages to do everything on the move. It’s great for socializing as the set features games that everyone will enjoy. 

The set allows your child to learn about the human body while being quite entertaining. You’ll love the fact that your kid is actually learning something by playing with this set. Everything that’s included in this set is perfectly safe for kids to use, as all of the tools are made from a non-toxic plastic material.


  • Practical
  • Educational
  • Fun and great for socializing

iBase Toy Doctor Kit for Kids

Another advanced medical toy set that allows your kid to be the doctor they want to become one day. 

With iBase Toy Doctor Kit for Kids, your child will have everything they need to play for hours. And once they’re done, they’ll be able to store everything in a cleverly designed toy medkit.

The set features stethoscope, reflex hammers, activity cards, thermometer, syringe, glasses, and much more. 

It’s quite durable and fun to play with as you’ll notice after seeing your children spend countless hours playing a doctor. These tools are really of top quality and their design is on another level. With these, your kid will be ready for any imaginary situation in which they assume the role of the head doctor.


  • Fun and easy to use
  • Educational
  • Durable

Nuoke Doctor Kit with Heartbeat Sound Stethoscope

This kids medical set really has it all. From light effects to sound effects and variety of tools, your child will play with friends for hours. 

With tweezers, scissors, glasses, eye test chart, and the remaining 10 items your kid will be able to play doctor or ophthalmologist. Depending on what their passion is and what their interest is in these areas, they’ll be able to play for hours while learning how to use tools that use real doctors and dentists. 

It’s always great to have a set like this as it comes handy for kid parties, sleepovers, and other fun activities in which your kids can enjoy together.  What’s amazing is that is so detailed in design that it looks like the real thing. Next time your kid visits the doctor or a dentist, they’ll immediately recognize the tools they’re using.


  • Promotes imaginative play
  • Educational
  • Entertaining

FUN LITTLE TOYS Doctor Set with Doctor Costume

The all-inclusive doctor toy set is here. Everything your kid needs to play doctor and stay entertained for days to come. 

It will definitely be their favorite toy set as it features more than 27 pieces. Some of these include a blue doctor coat, tweezers, stethoscope, syringe, fake pills, a tiny microscope, and a variety of other essential tools tools to run a hospital.

The toys are made from top quality material that safe for kids use and non-toxic. With these, it seems like the fun never stops, and when it finally does they are ready to store their toys they’ll have a neat medkit to place everything inside.


  • Plenty of tools
  • Safe for kids use
  • Fun and educational

How to Choose the Best Kids Doctor Kit?

If your child really shows interest in studying medicine at such an early age, the best thing you can do is get them the best doctor kit to play with. This will push them in the right direction, educate them on how to use some of the tools, and provide lots of fun. So how do you choose the best possible doctors kit for kids? Having in mind these three things you’ll be able to pick the one that will surely catch their attention and keep them entertained for a while. 


When picking the right gift of this sort for your little one, you must pay attention to quality. Spending less money on a mediocre kit will get you nowhere. Your kid will be interested in playing with it only for a while, and in the end you’ll have to buy another one. Thus spending more money. Instead, you should look for quality products that are a bit more expensive, but at least you won’t have to buy them the same toy every year. 


Another important thing when looking for the best doctor’s kit for your little one is durability. Being that these kits feature delicate tools, the tendency is to go for durable ones. Otherwise, you’ll end up stepping on them and breaking one or more pieces, and your child won’t be happy about that. You’ll have to buy them a brand new toy as there aren’t spare parts to buy individually. 

Colorful Design

Last but  not least, the design must attract them and keep them entertained. This means that the toy must features colorful design, bright and vibrant colors. This will make it their favorite toy and keep them entertained for quite some time.

Criteria We Used

When compiling a list of recommended toys for kids, we make sure that all of the items on the list pass certain criteria for educational potential, entertaining potential as well as safety. Without this a toy or a product can’t be on our list. 

Educational Potential

Because these toys should inspire kids to pursue a career in medicine or at least interest them in such leaning material, they should be educational. Everything from activity cards to guide book instructions and the details of the design should be informative enough for a young child to understand how they are used and what they are used for. They should actually teach them something they wouldn’t learn from other toys. 

Entertaining Potential

The best way for a kid to learn anything is through playtime. That’s why toys on our list must have outstanding entertaining potential. Because the attention span of a child can be pretty short, we choose toys that keep their focus in one spot. 


Without safety there’s no playtime. All of these toys are made from top-quality plastic material that’s non-toxic and 100 % safe for kids use. You won’t have to worry about a single thing regarding your kid’s safety when they’re playing with one of these toys.


My stethoscope doesn’t sound like it used to, is it broken?

These toy instruments work on AAA batteries. Due to high-quality sound effects that they produce, they tend to drain the battery life rather fast. Try replacing the batteries.

Can i find spare parts for one of these sets?

Unfortunately there aren’t spare pieces for these doctor kits. However, some kits have duplicate tools, so if you misplaced one you’ll have another for your child to play with.

Do my kids actually learn something from these activity cards?

Yes they can. They are actually quite educational and features facts from various areas in medicine.


Whether your child loves playing doctor just for the fun of it or really wants to learn something, you definitely should get them a doctor play kit. Not only that it inspired them to learn things they wouldn’t otherwise in school, but they might actually decide to pursue a career in medicine one day. It’s important to push our kids in the right direction whenever possible. And getting them one of these amazing sets is the best way to inspire your kids to reach for the stars.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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