12 Hairstyles for Toddler Girls

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Every little girl likes to play with her hair and change hairstyle every day. Often mom and dad come to a challenge to make the perfect bun, braid or ponytail for their little princess. No matter what the occasion is, birthday or the first day of school, parents have to put a lot of effort to make them look flawless. Little girl’s dream is to look like a princess all the time, and glamorous up do can make them feel like one. If you don’t know where to start or how to make some, with our tips and tricks you will make your toddler girl very happy and proud of your effort.

Classic Ponytail

When they are in a playful mode it’s hard to do anything because of their constant wiggling. Sometimes you have to occupy them with other things so that you could tie their hair. All those little hairpins scatter from their hair while they are having fun with their toys. The classic ponytail can be the right hairstyle for getting off hair from their face. All you have to do is to gently comb their hair up, take some cute rubber band and tied it to look like a ponytail. There you go, simple, fast and easy. You could add some colorful hairpins or other hair accessories to look more interesting.

Braided Ponytail

A ponytail is one of the easiest and simple hairstyles for every girl. Little ones love them and they can wear them all the time. To make ponytail more interesting or elegant, you could add some braids or even mix them with colorful ribbons. That way you will make one of the unique toddler girl hairstyles. Comb the hair up and tied it into a ponytail. Braid one or couple of braids starting from rubber band to the end of the ponytail. While you are braiding add some colorful ribbon and tie ends with a hairpin or another hair accessory. Expand the edges so that the hairstyle looks more glamorous.

Cute Pigtails

Pigtails are a well-known hairstyle from every girl’s childhood. Whether the girls have medium length or long hair, pigtails will always be interesting to them. They are easy and fun to make. Comb her hair gently, split it in half, tie one half up with rubber band on the left side and the other on the right side so the pigtails look symmetrical. Add some bows on the rubber bands or flowers to make the hairstyle more amusing. Comb the tails gently or make little curls for an elegant look.

Braided Bangs

Braided bangs are good for any hair length. Your little girl will love that look especially if you add some hair accessories like colorful beads or flower hairpins. You could make this hairstyle in a couple of minutes. Ask your princess on which side does she want to wear braided bangs and you are ready to start. Gently comb bangs and split them into three even parts. While you are braiding take a strand of hair from the side that she wants to have her hairstyle. Every time you take part from bangs mix it with one strand to make it stand on the desired side. When you’re done decorate it with colorful beads.

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French Braid

French braids became popular after the famous animated cartoon Frozen. As it was Elsa’s, one of the main characters, hairdo french braid were favorite hairstyles for toddler girls. However you make braids or decorate them, they will always be elegant and stylish. French braids are best for long hair. If your little girl has that length be sure to make her one. Take one part of the hair and divide it into three equal parts for a regular braid. Each time you flip one strand over the other, take an extra strand to mix it up so that braid stands to the head. When you are done braiding tie the end with a rubber band, bead or ribbon and expand the edges.

Little Ballerina

Buns will always look good on every toddler girl. They are fast and easy to make and your girl will look a little ballerina. Comb her hair multiple times to collect all of it. Tie it up like you want to make a ponytail. Take some bun maker that looks like a donut. Push through the hole the ponytail and put bun maker to the rubber band. Spread the hair over it and add another rubber band to tighten the bun. The rest of the strands hide under the bun with some hairpins so the hairstyle doesn’t look messy. You can spray some hairspray with glitter to make it look more glamorous.

Dorothy Gale

Everyone remembers the famous movie The Wizard of Oz and the girl named Dorothy Gale. She was famous for her red shoes and unique hairstyle, low pigtails with wavy ends. After that movie, every girl wanted to have that kind of hairdo. If your daughter has long hair she will look cute with Dorothy hairstyle. It will only take a few minutes of your time to make that unique look. Split your little one hair into two equal parts and tie low pigtails with a red ribbon to make a cute bow. Twist the ends with brush and a hairdryer to make mild waves. Add some hairspray to last longer or live it that way.

Princess Hairstyle

As we said before every little girl’s dream is to become a princess one day. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a fairy tale to make her dreams come true. But you could make some effort and make her a hairstyle that will make her feel like one. Separate the hair to make some volume on the top of the head and tease a little bit for better effect. Make mild braids on each side, twist them and bring all together with a couple of pins to make messy half updo hairstyle. You could make curls of the rest of the hair to make it more gorgeous. With the perfect dress, she will exactly look like a little princess.

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Minnie Mouse

Little girls love Minnie Mouse and her cute big ears. They will be thrilled to have them like her. With today’s variety of hair accessories, you could make your girl a hairstyle that will look like Minnie Mouse ears. With some effort and a little practice, they will look perfect. Split her hair into two sections and brush them up to make two pigtails. Push each tail through big bun maker and make buns on each side. Flip the buns forward and tighten them with a couple of hairpins to like Minnie Mouse ears. Let her choose which bun she would like to have a cute red bow. Add hairspray to last longer and she is good to go and brag about her Minnie Mouse hairstyle.

Palm Tree

Funny name for a hairstyle but it will look so cute on your little princess. It’s very easy to make and it will take only a couple of minutes. Gently brush her hair to remove any knots. Collect bangs and top part of the hair and tie it with a rubber band. Spread the strands in a circle so it looks like a little palm tree on top of her head. To make it look more amusing you can add a little colorful bow or a flower.

Twisted Ponytail

The twisted ponytail will make your toddler look more elegant and sophisticated. With a cute puffy dress, she will sparkle around. It’s easy and amusing to make. Tie her hair like a regular ponytail. Divide the tail into strands and twist everyone separately. Use hair foam or hair wax to last longer and to make them easy. Hairspray can also come in handy.

Braid It All

This hairstyle requires a lot of time to make it but it will have an amazing result. Your little girl will love it so much and you could even see her how she plays with her hair. It’s fun and amusing and she will probably ask you to do it often. Take your time, and find a place where both of you can feel comfortable. Consider using hair foam or hair wax to last longer. Ask your kid does she want tiny braids or a couple of big ones. She will probably choose the first option. Give her some toy to make her occupied and not to wiggle much. When you are both sets you can start to braid all her hair. Use a couple of hairpins so you can divide unbraided parts. For braid ends use colorful beads to look more interesting. When your done take a picture of your masterpiece so that you could both remember the quality time that you spent together doing girly stuff.

Making special hairstyle for your toddler girl it’s fun and amusing. That way you can express your creativity and be proud of your effort. She will brag about it to her friends each time and seeing her happy and satisfying will just melt your heart. Make some memories and capture with the phone or camera a few hairstyles so she could look at them when she gets older.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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