How to Help Baby Walk Independently?

Featured image of parents teaching baby to walk on beach

Teaching a baby to walk is a wonderful experience. It begins from the moment they start showing interest to learn until they actually do it. There are several stages through which your little one will go through until they’re walking on their own. Your role as a parent is to support, help and praise them …

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Teaching the Alphabet: What You Need to Know and How to Do It

Featured image of smiling boy holding white AZ letters

Through your child’s development, there are different learning stages that need to be covered appropriately. Teaching the alphabet will be one of the major and most important challenges for a kid. Without it, they could have struggles learning to write and read. As they are trying to learn letters, in due time, they will develop …

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8 Tips on How to Teach a Child to Share

Featured image of girl in black and white offering apple

Notorious for not sharing, children (especially young children) like to have control of their time, girl’s and boy’s favorite toddler toys and activities through the day. And while parents often struggle with finding ways how to teach a child to share, they need to understand that kids’ being territorial is a standard segment of the …

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How to Teach Your Kids Respect

Featured image of mother and children in forest

Teaching your kids how to be respected and how to respect others is an important lesson best learned while young. But every child needs a different approach, and on most topics parents are forced to be creative and innovative to really reach out to them and show how to be the better person. Just because …

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Teach Kids How to Draw

Featured image of father and daughter drawing on floor

By nature, children are curious and imaginative. Everything around them is new to them and they are always on a quest to understand the world. As soon as your toddler grabs a pen, they will start scribbling, which later evolves into stick figures, while those turn into detailed sketches. That’s your child’s way of understanding …

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Teach Kids How to Tie Shoes

Featured image of little girl in pink jacket tying shoelaces

Everything that a child learn, they learn through parent’s lessons and via their examples. And because learning how to tie one’s shoes is a lesson that parent shows best, it’s time for your little one to learn this important skill. It’s best to start early on, but be mindful that no matter how experienced you …

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