VTech Activity Cube Busy Learners

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We love reviewing toys designed for kids in the early stages of development because this age range is so important. It is a crucial part of the process of learning all kinds of fundamentals like colors, language, motor skills, and much more. 6 to 36 months Entertainment; development of cognitive skills, language, social skills, motor …

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How Much Sleep Should Kids Get?

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It is not a secret that our sleeping intervals wary throughout our lives. Furthermore, in different phases of childhood development, we require much more sleep than small children. After all, children – whether they are babies or adolescents – need to replenish their energy wells in order to promote their physical and cognitive development. So, …

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What Are Children’s Different Learning Styles?

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Let’s be honest for a second – every parent feels like their child is the smartest in the group, don’t they? Sure. And while that may actually be the case for some parents, the best way not to get disappointed in your child’s learning abilities (or even think they don’t have it in them) is …

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Viahart Brain Flakes Review, Instructions and Ideas

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Building toys are a great way to fire up your child’s creativity and help him develop fine motor skills that will be crucial for the rest of his life. We know there are several types of building blocks on the market, of which some are better than others, but what about alternatives? 36+ months 500+ …

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Dealing with Toddler Tantrums

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Being a child is sometimes tough. Nobody understands you often, you don’t know how to manage your communication better and, as a result, you have to throw a tantrum. On the other hand, being a parent is also tough, because you can’t always understand the needs of your child and what causes them to throw …

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