Why Do Kids Bully Other Kids

Featured image of crying girl in white being bullied

When the topic of bullying is brought up, most parents think about how horrible it would be if their child was bullied, sometimes forgetting about the other, equally realistic and unsettling option, that their child is actually bullying others. Even though our sympathies will usually be on the side of kids who are getting mistreated, …

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Teaching the Alphabet: What You Need to Know and How to Do It

Featured image of smiling boy holding white AZ letters

Through your child’s development, there are different learning stages that need to be covered appropriately. Teaching the alphabet will be one of the major and most important challenges for a kid. Without it, they could have struggles learning to write and read. As they are trying to learn letters, in due time, they will develop …

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How to Punish a Child Who Doesn’t Care About Consequences

Featured image of angry girl in blue with crossed arms

When your child misbehaves and you give them a time-out, ground them or take away some privileges, you expect them to correlate the consequences with their misbehaving. It is also expected that those consequences will make them want to behave better in order to avoid punishment in the future. However, what happens if your child …

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How to Get Your Kids to Listen

Featured image of mother and daughter hugging

There comes a period when your child simply doesn’t want to listen although they perfectly understand what you said. Furthermore, they know exactly what they can do and what the cannot do even without you saying it. It’s just that they won’t, it’s simple as that. So what is the right thing to do and …

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Teach Kids How to Draw

Featured image of father and daughter drawing on floor

By nature, children are curious and imaginative. Everything around them is new to them and they are always on a quest to understand the world. As soon as your toddler grabs a pen, they will start scribbling, which later evolves into stick figures, while those turn into detailed sketches. That’s your child’s way of understanding …

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How to Clean Corroded Battery Contacts in Toys

Image of boy and train

Battery-powered toys are great due to many reasons, but they also tend to be a nuisance sometimes, especially if you don’t devote a bit of time to maintenance. It’s all fine and dandy while the toy works as intended, but the situation can turn south quite quickly because of corroded battery contacts. Corrosion is a …

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