6 Fun Games That Teach Patience to Your Child

Patience is definitely a virtue that everyone should possess to some extent. In the entire process of personality development, one can only hope to be taught this high valued skill as early as possible. Although there are many factors that contribute to the development of this virtue, parenting technique and guidance are some of the strongest influences. For …

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Games to Play with Walkie Talkies

Image of boys and walkie talkie

Walkie talkies are certainly one of the best toys you can get your kids. They are fun to use, they are easy to carry and play with, they are universal, and they open up a world of many fun games to play. What is more, there are so many versions of walkie talkies today that …

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15 Best Kids Halloween Games

15 Best Kids Halloween Games Every year on October 31, Halloween is celebrated with the BEST masquerades, scary pumpkin lamps, and stories of witches and monsters. Kids go door to door in their favorite Halloween costumes and if they don’t get their sweets, they will trick you. When this time of year comes, people like …

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7 Bath Time Games

Featured image of mother bathing baby with green toy frogs

Every child loves bath time, but sometimes it can become a very hard thing to do when they are sleepy and exhausted at the end of the day. Set the scene like they are going to play in the bathroom. Soon it will become a part of your kid’s daily routine and all struggles will …

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