Your Child’s Personality Development Stages and How to Handle it

As your baby grows, you’ll notice that her behavior changes depending on how the day has passed. Every action gets a reaction as a response, and a young mind can learn this pretty fast. You will notice a lot of different moods and they are all linked to how their brain processes information and emotions …

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VTech Activity Cube Busy Learners

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We love reviewing toys designed for kids in the early stages of development because this age range is so important. It is a crucial part of the process of learning all kinds of fundamentals like colors, language, motor skills, and much more. 6 to 36 months Entertainment; development of cognitive skills, language, social skills, motor …

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Different Types of Parenting Styles and How They Affect a Child’s Development

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When a child is young, everything in the vicinity can be influential to that extent that it shapes how they develop character, social skills and in general what type of person they’ll become. Kids can be like sponges, absorbing every single piece of information directed in their general direction whether from a parental figure or …

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