Your Child’s Personality Development Stages and How to Handle it

As your baby grows, you’ll notice that her behavior changes depending on how the day has passed. Every action gets a reaction as a response, and a young mind can learn this pretty fast. You will notice a lot of different moods and they are all linked to how their brain processes information and emotions …

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How to Punish a Child Who Doesn’t Care About Consequences

Featured image of angry girl in blue with crossed arms

When your child misbehaves and you give them a time-out, ground them or take away some privileges, you expect them to correlate the consequences with their misbehaving. It is also expected that those consequences will make them want to behave better in order to avoid punishment in the future. However, what happens if your child …

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7 Signs of a Spoiled Child and How to Deal With Them

Image of spoiled girl

Most of the time, parents are doing everything they can to ensure that their children are happy, safe, and content. As much as these wishes are natural and good-willed, it turns out that they can also lead to spoiling. Sometimes, there will be people who will comment: “you’re going to spoil that child” good-naturedly, and …

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Toddler Discipline Tips and Advice

Image of young parents with little daughter

Hearing your little one burst into tears every time there’s a discussion about something they shouldn’t do can be stressful. This type of raw, primal cry definitely affects the mind. The important thing is to breathe in, as always. However, this affects your attitude, not your toddler’s. At this age, they need discipline in moderate …

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