Best Educational Toys for Toddlers and Kids – Our Top 10 Picks

Best Educational Toys for Toddlers and Kids – Our Top 10 Picks People who say that buying presents for children is easy probably never went toy shopping. If you really want to make an impression and positive impact on a child, you will get more than just a toy. Toys and games are actually fun learning tools …

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15 Newborn Baby Blankets Reviewed

Featured image of newborn baby sleeping with white blanket

15 Newborn Baby Blankets Reviewed So, you’re looking for the best baby blanket for your little one, and you’re having issues with some questions. What material should you pick? Should it be acrylic, wool, cotton, or something else? What’s the best size? Don’t worry; we’ll figure it all out together, that’s why we’re here. We …

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20 Best Halloween Movies for Kids

Featured image of two scared girls watching TV

20 Best Halloween Movies for Kids Home >> Halloween Movies >> Horror Movies for Kids   Halloween is almost here and everyone is already excited about it. Kids are especially eager for this holiday to arrive and it’s no wonder since they get to go Trick or Treating, make their Halloween costumes and eat plenty …

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15 Best Kids Halloween Costumes

Featured image of children in halloween costumes making scary faces

15 Best Kids Halloween Costumes Finding the right costume for your kid can be a real challenge. Fitting within your budget while getting something your kid will want to wear is quite a balancing act. And it keeps coming back to haunt you (no pun intended) each year. As always when you find yourself struggling …

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15 Best Robots for Kids

Featured image of asian girl holding hands with robot

15 Best Robots for Kids Robots are becoming a popular topic nowadays. Just two decades ago, we could only see them in science fiction movies and media. Today, however, we have automatized machines that can help in a household to clean, perform basic daily tasks or even help people with disabilities. And although they are …

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7 Bath Time Games

Featured image of mother bathing baby with green toy frogs

Every child loves bath time, but sometimes it can become a very hard thing to do when they are sleepy and exhausted at the end of the day. Set the scene like they are going to play in the bathroom. Soon it will become a part of your kid’s daily routine and all struggles will …

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15 Best Baby Walkers

Featured image of excited mother and baby girl in baby walker

15 Best Walkers for Babies Babies are the bravest adventurers. They are ever so eager to take up a challenge and learn how to move about the world with utmost efficiency, totally unfazed by how vast and unpredictable the world can be. If you are a proud parent of a newborn, you will be convinced …

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15 Best Kids Hoverboards

Featured image of boy riding hoverboard in snowy weather

15 Best Kids Hoverboards Home >> Segway for Kids >> Best Hoverboards Since the release of first segway in 2001, people have been fascinated with its wide range of use. Although intended for transportation purposed at first, these products became a mean of entertainment for kids as well. So if you’re wondering what gift to …

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