How to Play With Your Baby: Games for 0-12 Months Old Babies

Can you believe that the key to healthy, thriving, socially-apt children and adults is a healthy amount of time spent playing as babies? That’s right. As stressed as you might be about selecting preschool teachers and curriculums for your baby, spending more time playing games and make-believe is just as important (if not more) to child development. Playing is …

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15 Best Kid and Baby Stuffed Animals

Featured image of cute asian girl on sofa with stuffed animals

15 Cute Stuffed Animals for Babies and Kids Playtime is an indispensable part of every childhood, and the best stuffed animals that children play with have many benefits: from the development of motor skills, feelings, observations, stimulating the development of social skills, to the development of imagination, empathy, improvisation, intelligence and constructiveness. We all had our favorite …

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15 Best Baby Walkers

Featured image of excited mother and baby girl in baby walker

15 Best Walkers for Babies Babies are the bravest adventurers. They are ever so eager to take up a challenge and learn how to move about the world with utmost efficiency, totally unfazed by how vast and unpredictable the world can be. If you are a proud parent of a newborn, you will be convinced …

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When Do Babies Learn to Crawl

Featured image of happy couple and baby girl

The long awaited activity is just around the corner. Your little one is finally approaching a period of increased motor function and further development of motor function. In a matter of weeks your baby girl or baby boy will start to crawl and strengthen upper body part to traverse horizontally as far as her exploration …

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