14 Father-Son Bonding Activities and Ideas

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Being a good father is a very important thing. Many fathers spend most of their time at work during the years and devote less and less time to their sons. Through father son bonding, fathers help their sons become mature and responsible people, persons with integrity. They teach them to make the right decisions, form healthy …

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7 Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids

Children are always bursting with energy, it seems as if they could play games and run around all the time. This is great for their physical development as it improves their motor skills and makes them stronger, but it poses a problem when it’s raining and they grow restless indoors. Fortunately for both sides, there are many wonderful …

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Fun Winter Activities for Toddlers

Colder, snowy days are just around the corner, which means ample opportunity for family bonding and staying warm together. The list of outdoor games and activities for kids during winter is endless, and all them involve opportunities to bond as a family, work on creative-thinking and build athletic skills. Some days, white-blanket horizons will make you yearn …

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5 Helpful Self-Esteem Activities for Kids

Every parent wants to raise a well-rounded child with all the important qualities that will prepare them for the “grown-up” world. One of the most important traits to nurture during your child’s upbringing is self-esteem. Having good self-esteem will help your child face problems, overcome difficulties, explore new interests and take healthy risks.   Solid foundations for …

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10 Outdoor Kids Activities to Choose From (Or Try Them All!)

Taking your kids for outdoor play is a never-ending adventure, no matter where you are. Spending quality playtime with their parents and their peers is crucial for their emotional and social intelligence. So what are you waiting for? Pack your things and get ready to head out, as every day is a new experience for …

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Teaching Mindfulness to Kids: 13 Activities and Exercises

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We hear a lot about mindfulness, and while we understand that it’s good for us, people can rarely say exactly what mindfulness is. To put it simply, it’s the ability or a skill to be fully present at the moment and focused on one task at hand rather than letting our minds wander and multitasking. …

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