15 Perfect SpongeBob SquarePants Toys and Gifts

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Having a child that’s a huge fan of SpongeBob makes picking the right toy for them almost too easy. It certainly filters your search to a point you only have to choose one that’s authentic and entertaining enough. So if your kid never misses an episode of this popular Nickelodeon show, you know what gift to get for them.

The only problem is, although you know where to look, there are so many SpongeBob toys to choose from. And the chances are that they vary in quality, educational potential, and other essential features. So which one do you pick?

To help you with that, we’ve prepared a list of great SpongeBob toys. This way, no matter which one you choose, it will serve as the perfect choice for your little one.

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Remote Control Krabby Patty Vehicle

SpongeBob has difficulties learning how to drive. But now, with this fantastic Crabby Patty RC toy, your child can change that. 

This cool remote control toy car has their favorite cartoon character behind the wheel and pretty easy to use a controller. It’s made from quality material and won’t break easily no matter how many times they drop it or you bump into it.

The set comes with batteries so the kids can play the moment they unwrap their gift. It goes forward and backwards and even has functioning front lights. It’s so easy to drive and show that even SpongeBob can drive a car!


  • Great usability
  • Cool authentic design
  • Durable

Burping Spongebob Squarepants Game

Burping SpongeBob game is similar to hot potato. The game is entertaining and recommended for at least three players. How to play? Sit in a circle and press SpongeBob’s chin to start the music. 

Then roll the dice and pass it to whomever the dice points. Once the music stops, the toy burps cute coral stars, and the player with the toy in their hands gets one token. Pass it around until there are no more tokens to give, and the player with the least tokens wins the game.

The game is great for parties and sleepovers as the fun never stops with this toy. It features detailed design and engaging gameplay so your kids will be entertained for hours.


  • Great for parties
  • Easy to play
  • Fun and exciting

Fisher-Price Imaginext Spongebob Bikini Bottom Playset

Fisher-Price Bikini Bottom Playset is the ultimate toy for your little SpongeBob fan. 

The set includes SpongeBob’s house as well as Patrick’s rock and Squidward’s house, three jellyfish projectiles, and two figurines.

The entire set is so engaging as it allows your little one to launch jellyfish projectiles from Patrik’s rock, slide figurines from pineapple or make Squidward’s house make silly expressions.

 The Patrick figurine is sold separately. It’s easy to use and play with, but most importantly, it’s engaging. Made from durable material, it won’t break even if you step on it or your child drops it.


  • Engaging
  • Fun and educational
  • Durable

Fisher-Price Imaginext Spongebob Figure 6 Pack

Fisher-Price SpongeBob 6-figure pack is an excellent set for your little one. They can play with each figurine separately or with all of them.

 They’ll engage in roleplaying with ease as each character features detailed design. The set includes one SpongeBob figure, Patrick, Squidward, Sally the Squirrel, Plankton and Mr. Krabs figurine.

Each one has hidden features like a spinning propeller, rotating limbs, etc. This way, your child can recreate some of their favorite scenes from this fantastic show. 

You won’t regret getting this toy for your little one as they’ll be able to play with friends or alone. It’s great for parties and sleepovers, but most importantly, the set promotes imagination and creativity.


  • Durable
  • Engaging and fun
  • Detailed design

Coloring and Activity Book Set

This coloring and activity book will keep your child entertained, teach them a few things, and help them improve their motor skills by drawing.

 The set includes two coloring and activity books and over 300 stickers for them to use on any surface.

The set allows you, child, to color some of their favorite characters from Bikini Bottom and improve their cognitive skills by solving puzzles and playing fun games. 

It’s an excellent choice for any SpongeBob-loving child, and yours will be amazed with such a wonderful gift. With this set, your child will be entertained for countless hours. 

They’ll always want to play and learn with it as it’s incredibly engaging and of great design.


  • Promotes learning new skills
  • Cool design
  • Engaging and fun

Mega Bloks Spongebob Squarepants Pirate Figure Pack

Mega Bloks SpongeBob Pirate set is a one-of-a-kind playset that allows your child to emerge in roleplay and recreate scenes from their all-time-favorite show. 

With their favorite characters, the set also features a pirate boat on which they can be attached. The set is compatible with other Mega Bloks building playsets so they can expand their playground.

It’s made from quality material that doesn’t break easily. Also, the design is very detailed on every character allowing your child to immerse into engaging and entertaining roleplay.

The set also includes two toy swords and a treasure map. So if you’re looking for a SpongeBob playset that will keep your child entertained for an extensive period of time, this is the one.


  • Durable
  • Engaging and fun
  • Detailed design

Spongebob Bean Bag Sofa Chair

Nickelodeon SpongeBob Bean Bag Sofa is the perfect accessory for your child’s room. It’s lightweight and easy to clean. 

With this bean bag sofa and other toys, they’ll finally be able to complete their SpongeBob-themed room. 

It is quite comfortable, and your child will want to do everything on it, from eating to watching shows and drawing.

And don’t worry about food stains. The sofa is made from stain-resistant material that’s easy to clean. 

Just use a damp cloth and dry it, and it’s ready to go. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, their birthday, or anything else.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to store

Surprised Patrick

Everybody remembers the SpongeBob movie from 2004, and if your child loved the movie, they will like this meme toy even more. 

Surprised Patrick is a unique figurine from SpongeBob SquarePants set that features this lovable character with a surprised expression on his face.

And being that’s a collectible figure, your child will want to get every piece from this set. It’s an excellent gift for their birthday or any other special occasion. 

They can use it to decorate their room, night table, or play with it. It may look like a simple toy, but it’s guaranteed to bring joy to your child. What makes this toy even more popular is a meme featuring the same surprised expression on Patrick’s face.


  • Fun and engaging
  • Collectible figurine
  • Quality design

Spongebob Squarepants Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Want to decorate your child’s room but don’t know how? Well, if they’re a SpongeBob SquarePants fan, they’ll love to see these wall decals. 

With this set, you get not one but forty-five unique decorative stickers that feature their favorite Spongebob characters and motives. 

From Patrick the star to Squidward and crabby patty, these wall stickers have it all.

You can surprise them for their birthday and take the liberty to apply them yourself. This way, when they wake up, or enter their room, they’ll be amazed by how good their new playground looks.

 It sticks with ease on most surfaces. Just be sure to clean the wall with a cloth and apply pressure when using stickers.


  • Easy to use
  • Cool design
  • Scratch-proof

Krusty Krab Kastle

Fisher-Price SpongeBob Castle is a cool and extremely fun playset that allows your child to engage in immersive play and develop their creativity & imagination. 

The castle is, of course, a remodeled Mr. Krabs restaurant fully equipped with a defensive wall, spatula-launching torpedo, and many other cool features.

The set includes SpongeBob and Plankton figurines, mini spatulas, secret vault, prison cell ( for Plankton of course), and a variety of other gadgets. 

The castle wall has a hidden chamber that allows Plankton to steal Mr. Krabs’ secret formula. Luckily for Bikini Bottom, your child will be able to transform the castle with one move. 

Place the SpongeBob figurine in a slot on top of the castle and turn it into a fully equipped battle station. Shoot spatulas from torpedo and retrieve the formula from Plankton before it’s too late!


  • Engaging
  • Cool design
  • Promotes imaginative play

Nickelodeon Sponge Bob Aquarium Ornament

In case you want to redecorate your child’s aquarium but don’t know how here’s the perfect solution to your problem? 

Because your little ones enjoy watching SpongeBob, they’ll love this pineapple house that gets a new look once inside their aquarium. 

It looks amazing and does such a great job of transforming a mundane water tank into a SpongeBob themed aquarium.

You can add other waterproof toys, and arrange them, so they tell a story, or even recreate a scene from the show! The possibilities are limitless, and your child will love the atmosphere that it creates.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Authentic design

Spongebob & Plankton Soft Plush and More

Haven’t found the right cuddle buddy for your little one? 

If they enjoy watching the show, they’ll surely love this Plankton and SpongeBob set. 

They are both soft and cuddly, and although the Plankton doll is larger than Sponge-bob, which is unusual, the details are on the spot. They are easy to wash and dry pretty fast.

This makes them perfect the perfect cuddle buddies for your little one. Your kids will want to bring them anywhere they go. So if you’re looking for fun stuffed toys for their birthday or Christmas, this one will serve nicely.


  • Detailed design
  • Authentic
  • Easy to wash

Spongebob Squarepants Pajama Sets

If winter is just around the corner, it’s good to renew your child’s pajama set. And what better way to surprise your child than with new Sponge-bob pajamas? 

The set features one pair of pants and one long sleeve shirt, both in yellow color with SpongeBob face on it.

It’s made from quality cotton so that the color won’t fade after a wash or two. They are stretchy and will fit perfectly on any child that’s at least four years old. 

They are comfortable and will keep them warm during the night, but the material doesn’t trap heat. It’s a great gift idea for Christmas, so if you haven’t thought of any good gift idea, this one will do.


  • Made from quality material
  • Stretchy
  • Comfortable and durable

Nickelodeon SpongeBob Plastic Bed

Whether you’re looking for a new bed for your little one because they outgrew the old one or want a freshen their room, this Sponge-bob bed should serve as a great choice. 

The model comes in so many different colors. This means that no matter what’s your little one’s favorite color you’ll be able to get it right.

Made from metal and plastic, this crib features safety guardrails, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off the bed. 

It’s comfortable, sturdy, and durable, but most importantly, it features their favorite character – SpongeBob SquarePants. 

They’ll love it and enjoy sleeping, napping, or playing on it.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • A variety of colors to choose from

Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl

Every parent knows how hard feeding a cranky toddler can be. When they’re moody, nothing helps. 

No matter if you surround them with toys and play their favorite songs, they still protest and simply won’t eat their meal. 

Well, if they love SpongeBob now, they can have their very own SpongeBob bowl for breakfast or any other meal!

They’ll love the fact that they have a unique bowl for every meal.

It will help when they are moody. It’s durable, made from quality non-toxic material, and is easy to wash. You can use the dishwasher or wash by hand.


  • Durable and safe for kids
  • Made from quality material
  • Great design

How to find a Gift for Kids Who Love Watching SpongeBoob?

The fact that your child loves watching SpongeBob narrows your search for toys a bit, but it’s not like you can pick just about anything. The problem isn’t whether or not it will catch their attention, but will they play with it. And more often than not, you need to know a bit about Spongebob Squarepants to nail the perfect gift. To make sure you get the right gift for your child, here’s what you need to look for in SpongeBob toys


No matter how engaging and fun the toy is, in order for your kids to play with it every day or at least for some time, it needs to be authentic. By this, we mean that the toy should look exactly like the cartoon: no additional details or anything of the sort.

The Design

When picking a SpongeBob toy for your child, look for a good design. This means that the toy is engaging with lots of cool features. They’ll be able to play with it pretty much every day and never get bored.


Another thing to look for is usability. A toy for your little one should be easy to use. Of course, the complexity of the toy grows with the recommended age, but the bottom line is that it should be adapted to the child’s skills.

Criteria We Used

When it comes to adding items on our list of recommended toys for the little ones, we have strict standards for quality, durability, and safety. This way, we can guarantee they will like it and play with it continuously. 


You can’t miss if you pick a toy with quality design. You’ll spot it immediately and as this toy will stand out from the rest. So before anything, toys that we promote have a quality design. They’re engaging and rich with cool features.


Because these are toys for toddlers and older kids, they should be durable enough. This means they don’t break easily whether they misuse them, drop, or you step on them. 


Our top priority is to promote toys that are completely safe for kids. They are made from non-toxic material, don’t contain small bits and pieces, and don’t have sharp edges.


What size of pajamas should I get for my 4-year-old child?

When it comes to apparel gifts for 4 year old boys and girls, we recommend that you get one size larger than you would usually. They tend to shrink after washing even tho they’re stretchy. So bear that in mind when shopping.

Is the SpongeBob Pirate set compatible with LEGO toys?

The pirate set is not compatible with LEGO toys, but it is compatible with other Mega Bloks sets. To make sure you get the right fit, check the inscriptions on the next set that you want to combine.

Are the wall stickers usable on textured walls?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to apply a sticker on that type of wall. The set requires a smooth surface in order to stick. You can, however, scrape the textures and smooth it with soft sandpaper.

How many batteries does Crabby Patty RC toy use?

You’ll need four batteries for the car and two for the controller. Although it’s recommended that you get another set of sit, as the headlight drain the batteries pretty fast. So always have a couple of them around or get rechargeable ones.


Toys that feature characters from this ultra-popular Nickelodeon show will entertain and even educate your little ones if you get the right model. The important thing is that they have something to play with that features their favorite characters. They’ll want to play more with them and never get bored. We hope that our list helped you pick the right one for your child and surprise them for a birthday, Christmas or any other occasion you had in mind. No matter which toy you pick, they’ll be grateful knowing that you invested time and effort to choose something they will like instead of picking something ordinary.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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