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Soccer is a quite popular and profitable sport. Top players and celebrities like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, or Luis Suarez got their fame and wealth by being the best at what they do. 

If your boy loves football and looks up to any of these celebrities, it’s time to push them in the right direction by getting the best soccer toy for them. Because exercise is important for the development of a child, not only that playing this sport would help them grow faster, but also inspire them to become the best at it just like their idols.

If you’ve run out of original soccer gift ideas for your little one, here’s a list of top gifts that you can get for your aspiring professional football player.

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Soccer Activity Book

Activity cards can provide countless hours of entertainment, especially when soccer is the theme. If your kids love to play soccer, these cards will definitely keep them occupied for a while. 

There are lots of puzzles, brain games, activities and exercises that they can practice with this amazing activity car. And on rainy days, they can just stay in their room and play coloring games.

The reason why they’re so interesting for soccer-loving kids is that they are filled with real soccer moves and activities they can perform outdoors.

 Great for playing alone or with friends on parties and such events. So if your kids are into football and need a bit more encouragement this is the gift for them.


  • Promotes exercise
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Colorful and engaging

Sean wants to be Messi: A children's book about soccer and inspiration

Sean Want to be Messi is a great way to encourage your kid to reach towards greatness. Everybody knows who Lionel Messi, one of the greatest football players alive, is and what he accomplished. 

If not, this book is a great way to learn about him, his accomplishments and how to follow his footsteps. What it takes to be the best, and how much effort one needs to put in order to get there, find out all that and more in this amazing children’s book. 

It is pretty inspiring and colorful and your child will love the way it tells a story. Reading this book with your kid is a great way to inspire, teach discipline and persistence to your child. 

After reading this, they’ll definitely be inclined to do more, practice harder and achieve their goals.


  • Inspiring and engaging
  • Teaches persistence and discipline
  • Well written

Kaskey Kids Soccer Girls

Who said there are only soccer gifts for boys? If your little girl loves playing football this is the best gift to inspire her to do more. 

The set comes with a full team of figurines and a football field to place them on. It’s great for studying and experimenting with strategy, moves, and ways to use teamwork to score.

It comes with 24 figurines all of which are 2’’ high. The set also includes 1 referee and of course goals. 

All of the items are plastic and safe for kids, even toddlers. The field mat is washable so you won’t have to worry if they spill their drink on it while playing with friends.


  • Great for experimenting with different strategies
  • Quality pieces
  • Safe for kids

GlowCity Light Up LED Soccer Ball

Another way to inspire your kids to be the soccer player they want to become is by getting them a glowing football ball. 

The ball uses two powerful LED lights that are inserted into the ball, making it shine even in bright light. 

Make their matches even more entertaining by adding this glowing football. They’ll love it the moment they see that it’s not decoration but that you can actually kick it without losing the light effects.

The ball is durable and made from quality material. It’s easy to inflate and when the batteries run out of power, you won’t have troubles replacing them. Get your kid the ultimate soccer ball and let the fun times begin!


  • Fun and entertaining
  • Durable and made from quality material
  • Cool design

Interactive Toy Soccer Ball with Music and Sound FX

What’s better than a glowing ball that shines during nigh on those late matches? 

A talking ball that cheers for your little one as they kick, pass, dribble and score their first goal.

 An amazing concept that will inspire your kids to be better at soccer. Intelligent reactions and sound effects when they pass the ball or shoot at the goal will amaze you and empower your kid to do more.

This toy recognized different moves and boosts your kid’s confidence every time they perform a valid move. 

Instead of hiring a personal coach to tutor your kid and help them improve their soccer skills, get them this talking football and enjoy watching them have fun while growing and progressing.


  • Intelligent reactions
  • High-quality sound effects
  • Fun and easy to play with

Hover Soccer Ball Set

Every parent reminded their kids at least once that playing with the ball inside the house isn’t allowed. 

But with this toy, they’ll be able to do that without destroying half of the room, furniture, and expensive decoration items along the way. 

How is this possible you may ask? The hover ball is made from non-toxic foam and is shaped like a disc, making it impossible to perform high kicks and break something in the house.

It goes well on most surfaces as long as they are fairly flat without bumps and holes. 

What’s even better the toy is equipped with LED lights that add more fun and excitement during playtime. 

With the set, you also get one regular, inflatable soccer ball, that’s great for playing in the outdoors.


  • Ingenious design
  • Works on most surface types
  • Safe for kids and the environment

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Willson Traditional Soccer ball is exactly what your kid needs to start the new season. Their old soccer ball is probably worn out and ripped in many places, as it should be after a successful season. 

So being that you’re looking for a new ball for your kid, you might as well get them the best one. It’s pretty durable as well as affordable.

Remember that there’s no need to get a professional soccer ball for your kid at this period. 

So this one will serve as a perfect startup the ball for them to practice their kick, dribbling techniques and more. It’s covered with a classic pattern with silver lines surrounding the design.


  • Affordable
  • Features recognizable design
  • Durable and great for beginners

Under Armour DESAFIO 395 Soccer Ball

If you’re looking for something that resembles a professional soccer ball but aren’t quite ready to get your kid that kind of gear due to their age, Under Armor DESAFIO soccer ball will serve as a perfect choice.

It features a glossy finish, it’s durable and will keep its shape even when kicked into pointy objects, and comes in various sizes.

 If your kid is ready to step up his game and try something a bit more professional when it comes to soccer balls, this one will serve as a great gift for him. 

It can be inflated to a point when it’s hard enough to perform powerful kicks, precise passes and it’s also quite easy to maneuver. Thus making it great for practicing dribbling techniques.


  • Great for practicing advanced moves
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Has a glossy finish

WANTASTE 3D Soccer Ball Lamp

If your kid is totally into soccer and already has toys most of which are football themed, then this is the perfect gift for him. It’s great for birthdays, Christmas and similar events.

It’s a glowing football that can light up their bedroom in any color they want, create light effects to help them go to sleep. 

It’s also great for parties as well. And being that LED lights are used, you won’t have to think about recharging it any time soon. 

And when it does run out of power, you’ll be happy to know that it’s really easy to charge. 

Just plug in USB to a power source, wait about an hour and it’s ready for use again. Although 2D it creates a 3D illusion that’s extremely satisfying to watch it glow.


  • Easy to use
  • Amazing design
  • Safe for the environment

Athletico Youth Soccer Bag

Athletico Youth Soccer Bag is exactly what your kid will need to start their next soccer season. 

It’s made from highly durable synthetic material, and is large enough to fit a soccer ball, shoes and other essential training equipment. 

It has two separate compartments one for dirty clothes and shoes and one for clean ones. It’s really practical and feels comfortable while wearing it.

The soccer bag comes in a variety of colors, so your boy will be able to choose and pick their favorite one. It even has a bottle holder section on the size for easy access. 

So if your boy is ready for the new season, getting him this soccer bag will excite him and inspire him, even more, to perform better.


  • Practical
  • Durable
  • Has multiple compartments

Soccerball Bean Bag

Everybody needs a lazy bag. And if you’re setting your football themed room for the little one, he needs to have this one. 

It’s wide enough to fit more than one person, comfortable and designed to look like an inflated soccer ball. What else can a football loving child like yours want from a lazy bag? 

This one is double stitched for increased durability so no matter if your kids jump on it, kicks it or try to stretch it they won’t be able to damage it.

It’s the most comfortable piece of furniture and one of the best soccer gifts to get for your child. It’s great for parties, sleepovers and similar events. What’s even better, it’s extremely light, weighing around 3,5 pounds.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable but ligh
  • Cool design

Goalrilla Striker Soccer Rebound Trainer

What’s the best way for your little one to improve his soccer skills at home in the backyard? By practicing on the real goal of course. 

Help your aspiring professional football player to work on that kick, dribbling techniques, and long passes by getting him this Goalrilla Striker Goal and practicing with him. 

It has a rebound net that doesn’t keep the ball trapped, rather returns it to the whoever makes the shot.

The goal is double-sided, high-quality nylon net is pretty durable and responsive. It’s one of the best things among soccer toys that you can get for your boy this summer. 

Help him improve those soccer skills and improve the quality of his playtime with this amazing gift.


  • Responsive net
  • Durable
  • Firm and steady

2018 Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo Set

Every Christiano Ronaldo fan has at least one Jersey with his name on it. If your little one loves Ronaldo but doesn’t have his Jersey, it’s time to get him one. 

This Jersey set comes with red Christiano Ronaldo shirt,  shorts, high socks, a keychain, and a United Emirates towel. It comes in sized that will fit boys from 3 years old to 14.

Made from quality material that doesn’t irritate the skin, comfortable, and is easy to wash. 

Make your kid feel ultra confident at those important soccer matches throughout the year. It will definitely be their favorite Jersey, and they’ll wear it on every match.


  • Super comfortable
  • Easy to wash
  • Good quality

Kids Sports Soccer Water Bottle

Is your child fully equipped for the next soccer season? In case he has everything he needs except a water bottle it’s time to get him one.

Kids Sports water bottle is practical, cool and completely leak proof. It comes in a shape of soccer ball that, once stretched, expands to a fully functioning water bottle. 

It features non-slip grip, twist-to-open lid, and is made from 100 % FDA approved silicone.

It can fit around 18 ounces of water or any liquid you want to keep your kid hydrated during those soccer matches or long training sessions. 

You can wash it in a dishwasher, the material doesn’t affect the taste of the liquid stored inside, and is safe for hot beverages as well.


  • Cool design
  • Easy to wash and use
  • Practical

Pro Agility Ladder and Cones

Want to help your child get in shape? Or perhaps help him improve his stamina, soccer skills or overall performance? Then get him the ultimate trainer kit that features speed ladder, 12 disc cones, 4 metal ground cones to keep in in place, and two ebooks with ladder and cone exercises and instruction.

It’s the best way to help them achieve the results they’re after. The best thing about it is they can carry it wherever they want thanks to a zip bag that fits everything inside. With this, they’ll be able to boost speed, agility, dribbling skills, core strength and so much more. You’ll be amazed by the results after using it for only a short period.


  • Boost core strength, agility speed and more
  • Practical and easy to store
  • Guaranteed results

How to Choose the Best Soccer Gift?

Looking for the best possible gift for your child isn’t easy. There’s the fear they won’t like it no matter how hard you try, and then again, even if they like it chances are they’ll get tired playing with it after a while. And then, you’ll have to get them another toy. To avoid all this unnecessary spending and to ensure that your little one really likes the gift and keeps playing with, it’s good to have these three things in mind. 


You can’t miss when you’re aiming for quality toys. Respectable toy companies that are on the top know how to deliver high-quality products. So before you do anything, be prepared to spend a bit more in order to ensure that you’re getting a quality toy. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot more being that a low-budget toy either breaks or your kids get tired of playing with it. 


You can’t just get a toy for your kid that has one single purpose. If they realize that a particular toy has only one intended purpose they will lose interest in playing with it very soon. Therefore, you should look for practicality and good design. Having these two features in mind, you’ll get them something that’s intended for their short attention span. Therefore you’ll get a guarantee that they’ll always find new ways to play with it. 

Age Group

Before rushing to buy a toy that you think is perfect for your little one, make sure you check the age recommendation for that toy. Every toy on the market in intended for a specific age group. This ensures that the toy is intended for their set of skills acquired so far and that it helps them develop other more important ones.

Criteria We Used

When choosing toys to add on our list, we don’t just pick any group of toys that are currently popular on the market. We have a set of standards and criteria to follow in order to ensure that your kid gets nothing but the best when ordering through us. Therefore, we pick our toys depending on their educational potential, their entertaining potential, and safety.

Entertaining Potential 

A toy that ends up on our list of top recommended products for kids of all ages, must be entertaining enough for your kids. We keep in mind their short attention span, as well as many other things. So a toy must be able to entertain them for an extended period of time. What’s more important, it needs to keep their attention. 

Educational Potential

Toys on our list also must teach kids something. Whether give them facts on things they didn’t know or allow them to grow faster by helping them develop new skills, the point is that kids should learn something new by playing with them. In some cases it’s new words and numbers, in others it’s how to use a musical instrument, basic programming, etc. It really depends on the toy. 


Without safety, there’s no playtime. Parents should be at ease knowing that their kid is riding a new bicycle, electric car or playing with a new toy. That’s why toys that we recommend are 100 % safe for kids use whether a toddler, kindergartener or preschooler.


How long will my football lap LED lights last until i have to charge them?

As the manufacturer suggests, you can use your LED lamp to light up a room for up to 100 hours before having to recharge it. Although not exactly accurate, this information tells you that you have more than enough hours ahead of you before charging.

How do I set my soccer trainer set?

Look for a manual, if you didn’t get one contact the manufacturer or get one online. The important thing is to secure the ladder to the ground with pins.

Is it really safe to play with the soccer ball in the house?

In theory, yes. As long your kids stick to football rules and don’t throw it by hand, it won’t get enough speed or angle to break a lamp, or otherwise go in that angle and destroy a piece of furniture or ornament.


Having a child that loves sports and these types of activities is a great thing. You don’t have to push them in order for them to recreate and get fitter or healthier and what’s even better they might decide to pursue a career in playing that sport if they’re persistent enough. And having toys that inspire them to be more, do more, and achieve their dreams is truly a wonderful thing. With these toys, you’ll definitely push your kid in the right direction and help them reach for the start faster.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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