8 Best Show and Tell Ideas for Kids

Show and tell activities are quite essential for your youngster’s progress in the educational system as well as for their social skills development, self-esteem, and personal development as well. It’s the perfect exercise that if presented in the right age does wonders for their mind. Your kid will learn how to express themselves properly, address publically and learn to reflect on their actions later on.

Although there are thousands of show and tell variations, you’ll want only the best, most creative activities of this sort for your youngling, right? If you ran out ideas for their show and tell activity here are a couple of fresh ones that will most certainly help them grow and entertain them at the same time.

1. Name That Tree

If you’re a nature lover that enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and respects everything that nature has given us, then maybe you should teach your youngsters to think alike. There are many tree types in your vicinity that can prove as a great starting point for learning about Mother Nature’s gifts. Get a number of pretty glass jars and pick a leaf from a couple of different tree types then put one in each jar.

Explain why each tree type is important for the purity of the air that we’re breathing, our surrounding, ecosystem, etc. Your child will love the fact that they are learning new and interesting stuff and they’ll have a visual reminder of what that tree looks like by examining the unique leaf in the jar. With the leaf-jars in front of them, they’ll have a failsafe system in case their presentation starts going in the wrong direction.

2. Memory Lane

We all have memorable moments from our childhood that we cherish. And your kid should be no different. A quality afternoon spent with your kid is something that they will keep in their think box for a while. To prevent these wonderful memories from fading, why not immortalize them by letting them draw their special day, moment or their favorite adventure? Whether you’ve brought your kid for a fishing or took the zoo to see the wildlife, you should inspire them to pick an object that will remind them of those moments.

This way they’ll have everything ready for their next show and tell activity. Let them pick the objects, make drawings, or in any other way get a visual reminder that will help them remember why that moment was special for them, and they’ll always have something to tell to their classmates during the activity.

3. Tour Guidebook

A great way to support their interest for geography is to help them make their own tour guidebook. If your kid loves to travel then why not learn something from it? Get a notebook and transform it into their personal tour guide manuscript, in which they can write about the countries that they’ve visited, a bit about the historical values that the county bears, and voila, they’ll have a new show and tell project in front of them.


Next time you run out of show and tell ideas for kids you can use this example to make a fresh one, supporting your kid’s aspirations in the process. A young mind is like a sponge when it comes to absorbing information, so you might as well teach them everything you can.

4. Marine Ecosystem Collage

Aquatic life can indeed appear as alien and extraordinaire, especially to those that aren’t acquainted with the wonders of the sea. If you share the same passion for the ocean and marine wildlife you’re your kid then you should definitely help them express their thoughts on it and let them teach the rest class about a thing or two about it all via the show and tell exercise.

Help them collect the material needed for their marine guidebook, and fill the blank pages with short descriptions of each object. Whether it’s a start fish or a marvelous pebble, your kid will have something aquatic on each page to talk about on their show and tell activity.

5. Photo Album

In today’s world technology has become surprisingly available, so it’s no wonder that your 8-year-old has a smartphone with a pretty decent camera. Be that as it may, the fact that this type of technology is available for every person of any age, it doesn’t mean that they are acquainted with the full potential of using it. For example, most of the smartphones have a solid camera which can help them start their career as a professional photographer.

Read a book or two about photography and teach your kid how to take the perfect photo in an instant, edit the material and make art from it. It can prove as a useful idea for their next show and tell activity as they’ll have their photos to tell the most of their story. They’ll guide the audience towards creating a full story with their narration and comments on the photos that they present. And who knows, your kid might even fall in love with photography to that extent that they chose it as their profession.

6. Work Day

Have you tried spending a day at the office with you kid? It’s a great idea for the show and tell exercise, and they’ll have a great time finding out what they are parents are doing for a living. This way you’ll cover a couple of things like teaching them about the work habit, the significance of each role in your profession, interpersonal skills, the importance of having a job and contributing to the society, etc.

They’ll be proud of your profession if you present it right, and at the same time, they’ll have enough information to present it to their classmates during the show and tell exercise. Be sure to walk them through your daily activities and try to present your regular day at work accurately.

7. Bilingual Aspiration

Knowing more than one language is always a good thing. Bilingual individuals are perceived as more intelligent than those that speak only their mother tongue. If your kid shows interests towards learning another language then why not indulge them, and help them grow? A great way to increase their interests for learning other languages is via show and tell game.

Your kid can present a couple of different objects of their choosing and present it to the class in a different language. At the end of the presentation, the entire class will learn a bit of foreign language and your kid will be proud that they had a role in it.

8. Responsibilities of Owning a Pet

Are you a pet person? Although having a pet has its benefits it can be quite challenging at times. In other words, they are a big responsibility and your child should be aware of that side of owning a pet as well. So why not teach them a thing or two about the all the responsibilities of owning a dog, cat or even a cute bunny rabbit. Once they are aware of what it takes to have a pet, they can implement that knowledge in show and tell exercise.

Take your pet for as an example, take a couple of photos in their different moods throughout the day, and use that material for the show and tell activity. You kid can explain each photo, and talk to their classmates how and why they disciplined them on each photo. It’s a great exercise for your kid to show what they’ve learned about the responsibilities of owning a pet. It’s not all fun and games, but with proper training, your pet’s behavior can be exemplary.


Activities of this sort are used throughout your kid’s education so you should prepare them from the start. Being that show and tell is only one of many exercises that teaches your child to express their thoughts properlyconstruct understandable sentences, as well as builds their self-confidence work on their social skills the least you can do is help them prepare better. Try to make this activity fun for them, as the best way for them to learn new stuff is while they’re under the impression that it’s a fun and exciting game.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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