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Every child has a unique taste whether for food, type of entertainment or anything else. It is what defines them and builds their character. So if you noticed that your little one has a special taste for toys or that regular toys aren’t really catching their attention, you might want to try something different. Finding out that your child loves science and shows interest in technology is something to be proud of. If this is the case you’re on the right spot to find the perfect toy for your tech-savvy kid.

Here’s a list of top science kits for kids of all ages.

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Find The Perfect Science Experiment Kits for Children

Learning Resources Wow & Wonder STEM Science Set

The perfect starting kit for your science-loving child. It’s easy to use, quite educational for that age, and fun. With this starter kit, your child will learn about magnets, play with bubbles, change colors and much more. 

It’s quite beneficial for them as it’s a sensory stimulation toy, that teaches them through play. It allows them to be the little scientist you want them to be and use their science goggles to change colors lenses and try to predict what the outcome will be, which colors will appear and more. 

The kit comes with goggles and two color lenses, bubble maker, a magnet, curvy pipette, two plastic vials, and a holder. This toy is great for encouraging them to love science and develop STEM skills in the most entertaining way possible.


  • Safe for kids
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Fun and educational

Ridiculous Inventions

The best way to encourage your kids to learn STEM is with toys that promote it. And with Playz Ridiculous Inventions Kit your child will be able to progress, learn new skills and have plenty of fun along the way. 

This kit has more than 30 tools and ingredients, over 20 experiments and more than 70 page activities and guides. Conducting exciting and safe experiments will be a fun activity for the entire family. On the other side, when they want to play alone, they won’t need anyone’s help as the guidebook is pretty easy to follow. 

It features all kinds of experiments from magnetic to energy and electric, mechanic, and many others. It’s also quite educational as there’s a brief history of each discovery as well as something about the scientists that made those discoveries.


  • Promotes STEM learning 
  • Educational and entertaining 
  • Easy to follow guide

Thames & Kosmos Electricity & Magnetism Kit

Everything your kid needs to know about magnetism and electricity is at the tip of their fingers with Themes & Cosmos Electricity and Magnetism Kit. If your child loves science and isn’t getting what they need from classes, they can practice at home and expand their knowledge in their favorite topics at home with this amazing science kit. 

They’ll learn how magnetism works, what are circuits and how to connect the pieces to transfer energy. All of the pieces are safe for kids provided they are of appropriate age. Your child will develop skills, upgrade their knowledge and have plenty of fun with this kit. 

Creating something on your own can definitely boost your confidence and kids need this type of activity, especially at this age. Instructions are easy to follow and you tag along to help and enjoy playing with your kids.


  • Safe for use
  • Extremely educational and fun
  • Easy to follow guide

4M Magnet Science Kit

If you’re looking for the best science kit for kids you might as well stop the search here, as this is the one your child needs. Magnets can bring lots of fun and this science kit knows how to deliver. 4M Magnet Science Kit has a variety of games, experiments to conduct and instructions that are easy to follow. 

All of which will bring lots of entertainment to your little one, as well as teach them about how useful magnets can be. It features a bunch of parts, screws, and bits that are necessary to create magnetic contraptions that will serve as toys for your little one. 

Join the fun or let them discover the wonders of using magnets. This kit is safe for use and is made from a non-toxic plastic material. This means that you will be able to enjoy watching your kids play without worrying about their safety for a second.


  • Various experiments to conduct
  • Fun and educational
  • Promotes creativity

Playz Kaboom! Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit

Kaboom Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit has everything to keep your child entertained and educated in areas of Science, Technology, Math and Engineering. It will literally keep your child entertained for hours and hours. 

They’ll never grow tired, especially if your boy loves chemical reactions such as these. It makes science cool, and it’s completely safe for use. It doesn’t feature harmful chemicals and you won’t have to worry for one second. 

The kit includes 25 experiments, more than 30 page activities that are fun and easy to conduct, and 27 ingredients to combine and create reactions. Next to that, it features basic science equipment like pipettes, vials, cups and safety glasses. The only thing your 8-year-old boy will need is a lab coat.


  • Safe for use materials
  • Educational and entertaining
  • Easy to follow guide

Thames & Kosmos Chem C2000 (V 2.0)

Probably the most complete science kit for kids Thames & Cosmos Chem 2000 really has everything your aspiring scientist will need. If your child wants to explore science and technology and expand their knowledge in these areas, they will need quality equipment and crafts

As science is all about having the right tool to conduct experiments in the right way. They’ll be able to use using vials, tubes, beakers, flasks to conduct more than 250 experiments. They’ll be amazed at the amount of freedom they have to predict the outcome and perform real experiments. 

It’s the best way to push your kids in the direction of taking an interest in science. They’ll definitely have fun playing with this set, and also learn a lot about chemicals, lab equipment, and processes.


  • Offers over 300 experiments
  • Top quality equipment
  • Fund and educational

Yellow Scope - Foundation Chemistry Kit

The best step-by-step kit to learn the basics of science. Everything from molecular motion to temperature and reactions, to how chemicals work. 

It easy to use thanks to a helpful guide that depicts the process of conducting experiments in a way that everyone can understand you won’t have to explain thoroughly how everything works. It offers around 20 experiments which are explained with a colorful and informative guidebook. 

They can keep track of their experiments with all the cool equipment including thermometer, 3 beakers, digital timer, color safety glasses, a chalkboard mat, and tons of safe-to-use chemicals. They’ll be amazed by the quality of the lab equipment and have plenty of fun conducting all kinds of experiments.


  • Safe to use
  • Quality equipment
  • A helpful and descriptive guide

SunFounder Ultimate Mega 2560 Sensor Kit V2.0

This advanced sensor kit provides everything that your tech-savvy kid needs. It has more than enough circuits, panels, and electrical mini boards, for them to create technological contraptions themselves. 

The guide book explains how electricity works, and offers facts and information about how circuits and sensors really work. With over 30 projects to complete and a variety of sensors, your kid will get all the help they need to create whatever they want. The guide comes in pdf and can be downloaded from technical specification page listed on the product info. 

You’ll be amazed what your little ones will learn with this sensor kit. They’ll expand their knowledge in areas of technology, electric circuits, and coding. A well-designed case that can hold up to 8 sensors is more than enough for them to create almost anything they imagine.


  • Highly educational
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Easy to use

Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids

Science isn’t only about conducting experiments, but also learning from nature and observing it. If your child loves nature, while being fascinated with science, this terrarium kit is all they’ll ever need to stay entertained for hours. 

The kit contains one glass terrarium, stickers with mushrooms and colorful objects, chia seeds, wheatgrass seeds, seed-planting stick, spray bottle, miniature bunny and house for decoration, USB charging cable,  and two types of sand. 

Add all this into glass terrarium and you have a growing environment. Let your child discover the wonders of nature by planting a seed and watching it grow in this fun terrarium kit. The lid had a LED light that makes the whole thing glow during the night.


  • Safe to use
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Fun and educational

Way to Grow Hydroponics Kit & Gardening Diary

Another growing kit that lets your child plant a seed and nurture the plant day by day in a fun glass container. 

This hydroponic kit has everything your nature-loving child needs to cultivate, grow and monitor the plant. And with a helpful and pretty informative guidebook, your child will learn all about agriculture in ancient and modern times. Learn how the Aztec culture used advanced gardening techniques to grow their crops, what it takes to cultivate plants successfully, and much more with this kit. 

The guide book is full of beautiful illustrations, vivid colors, and precise information about botany, agriculture, and techniques. It’s a perfect gift for your little one as they’ll become more conscious about the world around them and nature in particular.


  • Educational
  • Educational
  • Easy to use

Thames & Kosmos Wind Power V4.0 STEM Experiment Kit

How a wind turbine works, why they are so important for conserving energy and how to create one, find out all that and more with this Thames & Kosmos Wind Power Science Kit. 

How does it work? Simply, add parts to a pre-built wind turbine generator and adjust it to get the most of it. 

Let your kid discover what it takes to harness the energy out of thin air. As the turbine spins due to air drift, they charge a small electric motor attached to its side. 

  • Build and experiment with a real, working 3-foot tall wind turbine to learn how wind is one of the most promising sources of clean, renewable energy available today.

And with an easy-to-follow guide book, your kid will learn all about this crucial technique for harnessing energy. It offers hours of entertainment and is pretty educational.


  • Quality parts
  • Educational guide
  • Practical and easy to use

Smart Lab You Explore It: Human Body Model

Smart Lab You Explore It: Human Body is the ultimate test for your aspiring surgeon. If they love playing doctor but never had the toys that would push them in this direction, now they can finally learn about the human body, and how to perform surgeries with this amazing kit.

 Everything from brain to bones, to the nervous system, this kit really has all the information your child needs to play doctor and get motivated to go in this direction education wise. 

The kit includes 9 organs, 12 plastic bones, muscles, tweezers, forceps, and other important surgical tools. But that’s not all. 

There’s also a colorful guidebook with all the info on how the body works, as well as a 130 question pop quiz. This way you can test your child once they think they’ve learned enough. It’s also great for parties.


  • Quality design
  • A detailed description and colorful guide book
  • Fun and educational

My First Lab Mini-Duo Scope

My First Lab Mini Duo Scope should be your top choice if you’re aiming for the best science kits for kids. This advanced toy offers great image quality and a unique experience of observing any specimens they want under the lenses of the microscope

It will definitely catch their attention and keep them occupied for the entire season, if not more. And with over 20 pieces of additional equipment, they’ll be able to conduct all kinds of observations and experiments.

It’s easy to use and offers quite a long list of experiments to be made. The safe temperature LED lights allow observations to be super clear and provide a high-quality image.


  • Educational
  • Quite entertaining
  • Easy to use

Modular Robotics New Cubelets Discovery Set

Let your little one discover the wonders of robotics, learn to code and enjoy playing with their unique robots with this amazing set. Modular Robotics Cubelets offers robotic construct that can be rearranged any way your child wants, programmed to perform a variety of actions and be the perfect toy they deserve. 

With this kit, the learning and fun never stop, as your child learns the basics of coding, robotics, engineering and all of that while on a tablet. 

It’s pretty easy to use as all you’ll need is a tablet, this kit, and creativity! Connect the pieces together, add plastic bricks to blocks to add more fun, use remote control and do so much more.

 With the kit, there’s also a useful guide that shows how to use the app to control your robots, program them to perform actions, etc. With this kit, your child will never get bored again as it offers so many ways to have fun.


  • Promotes learning of coding and robotics
  • Extremely educational and precise guide book
  • Fun and entertaining

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

Learning Resources Primary Lab Set is a kit that’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s great for kindergarteners as well as older kids that love science and conducting cool experiment. 

Let your child explore and get educated on how reactions occur in nature, learn about the environment with this pretend science kit. 

The kit offers mixing cups, safety glasses, measuring cups, pipettes, and other essential lab equipment. It’s made from a material that’s safe for the environment and has cool cards that explain how to conduct experiments. 

The guidebook is easy to follow and offers various options on how to use the tools.  Let your child be the little scientist they so eagerly want to be and play with their friends or alone with this amazing science kit.


  • Highly educational
  • Safe for the environment
  • Easy to follow guide

How To Choose The Best Science Kits for Kids?

When it comes to getting the best science kit for your little ones, there are three things to remember. These are the things you must keep in mind to ensure that you’ve really procured the best product for them.

 Being that science kits offer conducting experiments, the ingredients, or chemicals that come with it should be safe for use. There are countless of reactions to be made with chemicals and those in science kits shouldn’t be harmful for your kid. Getting a chemical burn on your skin isn’t something that you want to get from a science kit. So be sure to read product information when buying chemical kits that aren’t on this list. 

Your kids know the difference between a low-grade toy and high-quality science kit for kids. That’s why you should go for quality over affordability. These sets of equipment aren’t too expensive anyway, so adding a couple of dollars extra will guarantee that your kid loves the new toy. Keep that in mind when looking for the nest science kit for your little ones. 

Usability is also important as you want them to have fun and understand how to use the kit. An informative guidebook that shows exactly how to conduct experiments and create a reaction in these science kits is a must. Your child should be able to understand the material without your help.

Criteria We Used

For an item to be on our list, it must possess a set of features. In other words, the features of every product are examined and if they don’t fit our criteria, they don’t make it on our list. It assures that the buyer gets only the best and that our reputation stays impeccable. Here are some of the things that we pay attention to when adding products to our list of recommended toys for kids.


Every toy on our list must be educational enough so that the child learn new information, expands their knowledge in some areas, or simply learn new facts about something they already knew. It is in our interest that these toys have good methods of teaching, presenting and portraying things that are unfamiliar to kids.


Toys, in this case, science kits should be able to keep the attention of a child for an extended period of time. If they get tired of playing with the set after a couple of minutes, that means product failed to grab their interest and therefore is of poor design. That’s why we don’t add those products on our list.


It’s essential that the equipment in these kits can be used in a variety of ways, time after time, and that it stays the same. This speaks about the quality of design and the material used for making them. Conducting experiments is all about repeating the process, changing the ingredients, adapting and changing the method. That’s why the equipment needs to be of top quality and most importantly durable.


Where can i find the manual on my science kit?

Most science kits come with a guide or manual for using the equipment and chemicals. However, if you didn’t get one, or can’t find it within the set, you should read the product info and find the page for downloading the PDF version.

My terrarium isn’t shining anymore, Is it broken?

These mini terrariums have a LED lid, that’s charged via USB. If it isn’t shining bright anymore or shining at all you should probably charge it. If not, contact the supplier and they will give you further information.

Is my child safe while conducting these experiments and creating chemical reactions?

Yes, they will be perfectly safe provided that they follow the guidebook and don’t do anything on their own. These ingredients and hand picked by professionals and should be combined the way it’s stated in the manual.


Science can definitely be fun and exciting. And now your child will understand that too with these amazing science kits for kids of all ages. They offer plenty of information in areas of science, robotics, botany, and many other. Some kits also offer unique historical facts, that your child won’t find in their history book. No matter how you look at these toys, they are educational and they are entertaining. But most of all, they allow your child be creative and use that imagination to create something with their own hands. Lastly, they are pretty affordable and every child should have at least one.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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