Little Apps Tablet Review

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Interactive toys are always a good resource if you have a curious child who’s hungry for some new knowledge.  2 – 5 years One-piece toy Educational Fun Musical  Easy to use Check Price & Availability Luckily, most children will be more than happy to play with a flashy, interactive, and most importantly – educational toy. … Read more

Leapfrog Violet Toy Review

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Every kid loves playing with an interactive toy because it makes them feel special, and on top of that, it allows them to learn something new every day. The Leapfrog My Pal Violet is a fantastic toy for kids who like having a cuddly friend that doesn’t mind singing them a lullaby or telling them … Read more

Leapfrog Scout Toy Review

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If you’re looking for the ultimate sensory stimulation toy for kids that will be their best friend at the same time, look no more. Leapfrog has done it again with this great product for kids. We’re always looking for the best toys for our kids that will teach them new skills and allow them to … Read more

Dash Robot by Wonder Workshop Review

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Toys that we remember from our childhood are so different that products that toy industries sell today. And this is a good thing, as they are more complex have higher educational and entertaining potential. But every toy is special when you’re a kid. Just like this one will be for your little one. It might … Read more

Lego Harry Potter Great Hall Review

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Harry Potter seems to be one of the bridges that connect children’s world with the adult one, because the love of witches, wizards, and magical beasts is something shared among kids, teenagers, as well as adults. If your children love Harry Potter, buying them themed toys might be the best move, but how to pick … Read more

VTech Flashlight Review

Review featured VTech Flashlight

There are many toys out there that might or might not suit perfectly for your little one. And the fact that new products are pumped into the market every day doesn’t help you narrow the search. 12 to 36 months Interactable parts: 4 Promotes fine motor skills and the development of fundamental cognitive skills Check … Read more

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