Teach My Toddler Learning Kit Review

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It is never too early, and never too late to start actively participating in your child’s education, but if there were a perfect age for it, it would be the toddler period. During this time, kids are still getting to know the world on a basic level, but are beginning to understand some concepts allowing … Read more

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube Review

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Incorporating learning into your child’s playtime from a very young age is an excellent way to ensure they start developing their cognitive skills as soon as possible. There are a variety of educational toys to choose from, and different toys can teach your kids different things. 0 to 36 Interactable parts: 1 Entertaining, educational, audio, … Read more

Fisher Price Piggy Bank Review

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If you’re looking to surprise your young one with a new, exciting interactive toy, the Fisher Price Piggy Bank would be an excellent choice! 6 – 36 months Piggy Bank Coins Develops motor skills  Teaches colors, words, counting Introduces the concept of money and its importance Check Price & Availability This toy is a great … Read more

Spike the Hedgehog by Learning Resources Review

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Every now and then, an elegant toy emerges and manages to combine inventive design with streamlined utility. The market is huge and eclectic, so stumbling upon such a toy is an opportunity that you shouldn’t pass. 18 to 36 months 12 removable quills + 2 base parts Primarily entertainment and educational purposes. It encourages tactile … Read more

VTech Ring and Learn Cash Register Review

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The market is full of amazing toys for toddler boys and girls and only a few of them are perfect for your kids. In this consumer-driven age, new toys are coming out every day. Choosing the right one can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. 1 to 3 years Interactable parts: 12 Amusing, educational, … Read more

VTech Baby Lil Critters Moosical Beads Review

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Many parents tend to oversee the importance and massive benefits that come with interactive toys. In fact, the vast majority of parents consider musical toys to be a nuisance rather than a learning tool for their child. However, interactive toys can be an incredibly useful tool for the development of your child’s tactile skills as … Read more

VTech Activity Cube Busy Learners

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We love reviewing toys designed for kids in the early stages of development because this age range is so important. It is a crucial part of the process of learning all kinds of fundamentals like colors, language, motor skills, and much more. 6 to 36 months Entertainment; development of cognitive skills, language, social skills, motor … Read more

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy Review

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As a parent, you probably have some experience with various toys. Some are too loud, some are pretty tedious, and then there are those that are borderline impossible to have fun with. 3 to 36 months One-piece toy FunMusicalEngaging Check Price & Availability If you’re looking for a fun, colorful, and musical toy – the … Read more

Leapfrog Leaptop Review

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Kids absorb everything like a sponge, and that’s exactly why we correct our behavior around them. By displaying nothing but best manners, best intentions and present ourselves in the best possible light, we give them an example to follow. They tend to imitate our actions as well, and in time will want “toys” that we … Read more

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