7 Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids

Children are always bursting with energy, it seems as if they could play games and run around all the time. This is great for their physical development as it improves their motor skills and makes them stronger, but it poses a problem when it’s raining and they grow restless indoors.

Fortunately for both sides, there are many wonderful rainy day activities for kids which will keep them occupied while they’re inside. We’ve come up with a list of seven interesting activities that will make rainy days not only bearable but fun too.

1. Build a fort

The easiest and simplest ways to send our kids to an adventure – help them build a fort or encourage them to do so by themselves if they’re old enough. You don’t need much – a few chairs from the dining room, a couple of sheets and/or blankets, and throw pillows from the sofa. The simple act of building a fortress is exciting because they get to play with things they don’t usually do, like blankets and pillows, and when they finish their fort they will be proud of themselves.

Afterward, they only have to bet inside and the fun will begin as other simple activities such as reading or playing tic tac toe are ten times as fun when they’re being played in a pillow fort they made on their own.

2. Arts and crafts

There is something in rainy days makes us turn to art and makes us appreciate the colors and the sounds more. Perhaps it’s the sound of rain or the fact that there’s no sun, but children will love playing with colors while sitting at the dining room table. Allow them to get as messy as they want – use a hot glue gun to glue crayons on a piece of paper and when you’re done with that, use a fan to melt the crayons and create a tornado of colors.

You can use stickers or sticky tape to create shapes before you melt the crayons so that afterward you can peel the tape and admire your masterpiece. Keep in mind that this can get a bit messy so it might be a good idea to cover your dining room table (and the floor) with old newspapers.

3. Prepare a meal

You usually shoo the kids away from the kitchen while you’re preparing a meal, but cooking is one of the best things to do on a rainy day with kids. You should actually invite them in and encourage them to help you prepare a meal.

Of course, you shouldn’t let them use knives or get too near the stove, but they can pass the vegetables along, help you wash them, stir the pot with your help, and add seasoning while you’re cooking. Not only is spending time in the kitchen with you beneficial for their fine and gross motor skills, but they will be more likely to enjoy a dish they’ve helped prepare.

4. Balloon tennis

When they’re feeling too restless to do a quiet activity, a simple game of indoor tennis is the best choice. Before you think that you’ll end up with a house full of broken glass and screaming children, you should know that there are many indoor tennis games that don’t involve actual rackets and tennis balls.

Use a hot glue gun to secure a couple of paper plates onto cardboard handles and instead of a tennis ball offer them a big balloon. The balloon isn’t heavy so they won’t get hurt (nor will they break anything in the house) and the paper rackets are big enough to allow them to catch the balloon without any trouble. Your furniture will be safe and the children can play in the hallway, as a long and narrow room will help them aim better.

5. Obstacle course

Rainy days activities for kids don’t usually include games that allow them to jump, run, and crawl, especially since parents usually feel that these particular activities should be done while outside. Fortunately for them, you can create an elaborate obstacle course in your home and keep them entertained for hours.

Use sticky tape or simple red string to turn your hallway into a laser maze that will make them feel like they’re super-secret spies or ninjas in training. You could make it even more interesting by setting a timer and giving them each a few minutes to get to the other side if you feel like they could handle a bit more excitement.

6. Watch a movie

Let’s be honest – nothing beats a great movie night (or day) with family. Doing things with your children doesn’t always have to mean that you should actually be active. On the contrary, some rainy days are perfect for snuggling on the couch. All you need is a ton of popcorn, perhaps a couple of bowls of chopped and sliced fresh fruit, cups of sweetened peppermint tea or hot cocoa, and your favorite movie.

It can be a Disney classic, Pixar movie you’ve watched a hundred times already, or something completely new. The focus is actually on bonding, spending quality time with each other, and doing something all of you enjoy doing.

7. Board games

If, on the other hand, you would rather have everyone in your family stay away from the screen for a while, there’s a way to achieve it. Classic board games are classics for a reason – they were with us before the electricity and screens, and they will stay with us for a long time.

Good old Monopoly will fill you with adrenaline, you could try resisting the tempting treats in Candy Land, test our knowledge with Risk, expand your vocabulary with Scrabble, fine-tune your fine motor skills with Jenga, and in general, spend a leisurely day at home with your family sans technology.

When you have active and overly-energetic children at home, you’d think that only trips to the park and bike rides are the only way to keep them occupied, but it’s not the case. There are many things to do on a rainy day with kids that don’t involve riding bikes or running around, and the best thing is that they get to be entertained, occupied, and content.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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