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Incorporating learning into your child’s playtime from a very young age is an excellent way to ensure they start developing their cognitive skills as soon as possible. There are a variety of educational toys to choose from, and different toys can teach your kids different things.

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Today we’re going to review the Mozart Magic Cube, a colorful cube that’s supposed to familiarize your kids with various classical instruments.

Munchkin Magic Cube: The Basics

The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube is an educational toy designed to acquaint toddlers to several different colors, sounds, and instruments. This brightly colored cube is a very interactive toy and an audiovisual tool that stimulates sensory experiences in children. It’s directed at both the senses of hearing and the sense of sight, keeping your little one entertained for hours and introducing him to the magical world of music

Each side of the cube is interactive and is differentiated by color. The sides also feature the picture and name of the instrument they represent. Additional buttons include an on/off switch and volume settings. The toy is powered by 3x AAA batteries that can hold up to 5 hours of play. Your little one can add and subtract instruments in order to come up with a tune that they enjoy the most. The design is simple so kids can pick it up right out of the box and immediately include it in their playtime. The cube is also very well built, guaranteeing to provide fun for months and months to come.

What You See and What You Get

Right out of the box, it’s evident that the Munchkin Magic Cube is built to last. We were very impressed with the overall build quality of this toy. It’s easily one of the better-built products we’ve had the chance to test out, so you won’t have to worry about your child breaking it any time soon. It’s made of high-quality plastic that’s BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free, making it safe for your child and the environment.

In fact, when it comes to safety issues, the Mozart Magic Cube is a sturdy, single-piece toy without any loose bits that can present a choking hazard. This is definitely not a small toy so you can rest assured that your little ones won’t be able to swallow it or hurt themselves in any other way during playtime.

This vibrant musical toy features an entire pallet of joyful colors that lit up once it’s turned on. The included colors are red and green on the top and bottom, and blue, orange, purple, and yellow on the sides. Aside from the top, each color-coded side represents a different instrument your little one can use to recompose some of Mozart’s most iconic music. The featured instruments are the harp, french horn, piano, flute, and violins. The top side is reserved for the orchestra button that plays Mozart’s well-known masterpieces featuring all of the listed instruments.

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How To Use

What we especially love about the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube is its ease of use. Many toys, especially those intended for educational purposes, need to be assembled before you give them to your toddler. But that’s not the case with the Magic Cube. You can take this singing toy right out of the box, put some 3x AAA batteries inside it, turn it on and it’s ready to go.

The Munchkin Mozart Cube is definitely not a quiet toy, after all, it is a musical device designed to inspire creative play through an introduction to classical music and various musical instruments. That being said, there is a dedicated button that allows you to control the volume. As mentioned before, each side of the cube represents a different instrument, and by hitting any of these buttons, you can start one of the many featured symphonies. If you press the top red button, all the instruments play as an orchestra. You can then subtract any of the instruments by pressing the according button. 

The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube features a total of 8 classical music masterpieces including Marriage of Figaro, Country Dance, Twinkle, Twinkle, Magic flute, and others. Every song lasts about 30 seconds, and you can cycle through them by pressing the red orchestra button twice. Watch your little one combine two or more instruments and get acquainted with the genius that Mozart was.

Buyer's Guide

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We genuinely enjoyed testing the Mozart Magic Cube and discovered several reasons why you would want to buy this toy for your little one. We were delighted to test an educational toy that’s so straightforward and easy to use right out of the box. It’s always good to know that your child won’t get instantly frustrated when playing with a new toy you just spent your hard-earned money on. 

The build quality is also something we were pleasantly surprised with. The cube itself is a bit cumbersome, yet still feels pretty durable. In contrast to previous iterations of this toy, we would feel more confident in dropping this newer version without it breaking. Another thing we like is the change to the overall design. The curved edges and corners make this never version much safer for toddlers.

Finally, the Munchkin Magic Cube is a musical toy that features some of Mozart’s most celebrated masterpieces. It’s a great way to promote a love for classical music among toddlers. Studies have shown that music provides cognitive stimulation and helps with intellectual and social development. On top of the audio stimulus, the cube also features bright colors that further aid a child’s sensory development. Analyzing other reviews, we noticed that a lot of parents reported that the magic cube had a positive impact on their child’s mood. They would use the cube to indicate the start of playtime or to lift the spirit when their little one is upset.


The Munchkin Magic Cube is such a simple and fun toy; we really couldn’t find a lot of disadvantages to point out. That being said, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you make your purchase.

The battery life of this toy is neither great nor terrible. It is powered by 3x AAA batteries that will hold for up to 5 hours on maximum volume. Now, in practice, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to change the batteries every 5 hours as there will be a lot of times where your child will be playing with the cube without constantly spamming the instruments. That being said, always have some spare batteries at lying around or if you really want to be efficient and save money in the long run, just purchase rechargeable ones.

Ironically, another thing we need to point out as a disadvantage is also the thing we like the most about this toy. The musical component is something that sets it apart from similar toys on the market, and while we genuinely enjoyed it, some parents reported getting pretty irritated after a few hours of listening to the repetitive songs. If left on high volume, it can get really loud and uncomfortable. 

We recommend keeping it on lower volume at all times, just in case you are sensitive to the pitch and tone of this toy.

To Conclude

If you’re looking to expose your newborn to a variety of sensory experiences as early as possible and help him develop a love for classical music, then don’t hesitate to check out the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube. It’s a toy that will stay relevant all the way up until your child is 36 months old which is great because it’s a well-built toy that will take a punch and won’t break after just a few accidental drops. 

Turn it on and watch as it lits up just like the smile on your little one’s face. The magic cube is heaps of fun, there’s no doubt about it, and even though it has a couple of disadvantages, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth if you decide to purchase it.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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