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Construction blocks and games like LEGO bricks are one of the BEST toys that develop creativity, and intelligence in children.

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The reason why LEGO DUPLO my first bricks sets are so popular is that they stimulate the development of fine motor skills, attention and teach children proportions. They are limitless fun for all.

My First Bricks: The basics

LEGO DUPLO My First Bricks are great as a starter kit for any child. It features large parts that are completely safe and because of their size, they are very attractive for young ones to play with and try to put together different shapes. All LEGO DUPLO bricks are double the size of standard LEGO bricks, which makes them perfect for small toddler boys and toddler girls. That means that they are 1.25 inches in length and about 0.75 inches in height (without the studs). 

Fun fact; if you came across a LEGO set made in 1963 it would fit perfectly with the set you bought yesterday. In addition, you would have in your hands the first version made of ABS non-toxic plastic that doesn’t change shape or color even after 40 years. This is the premium quality that LEGO provides.

This creative “My First Bricks” set is designed for children that are from 18 to 36 months old, but there is really no reason why someone older wouldn’t be interested in playing with them. Most importantly, they are made in a way that is completely safe for toddlers – you don’t have to worry about any choking hazards with this set. Your child can build almost anything from this kit; it depends only on its imagination. For additional inspiration, the product also contains cards with pictures of various things that can be built.

What You See and What You Get

This DUPLO set comes with a toy propeller and 80 bricks of various colors that are different sizes and shapes. Some of them feature decorations and prints on both sides in order to represent eyes, faces, car windows, etc. This makes LEGO DUPLO age-appropriate and it provides the perfect play and building experience. This set can be paired with any other DUPLO set, just like all standard LEGO sets can be paired together, no matter which year they were produced. The colors that are featured in this set are pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, white, black, green and blue.

Develop your children’s imagination and let them build whatever they can think of. Will it be a house, a car, maybe a bird or even a flower? They certainly won’t get bored easily with this DUPLO set. Inside the box, you can also find a couple of booklets with ideas and premade creations. Kids can recreate these or use them as a starting point when building something of their own.

This set will introduce your kid to the creative world of LEGO bricks. These colorful and interesting bricks can be mixed and paired in a variety of ways, allowing your child to express their creativity in an interesting way. There are 3 cards included and their purpose is to promote building and problem-thinking skills in children by giving them additional building ideas.

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How to use

LEGO DUPLO My First Bricks set is a great first step in the LEGO journey. Since the bricks themselves are large it will be very easy for your child to pick them up and start creating things straight from the box. There are plenty of bricks in the set, so multiple children can play at once. Or maybe the parents can join the fun. It’s always better to build things together.

The main use of LEGO is building and connecting bricks of different shapes and sizes. By doing this you can create anything that comes to your mind. By connecting the bricks, you or your kids will be able to create robots, animals, houses, cars and many other different things. 

The set comes with 3 building cards. These feature some premade ideas and creations that can be recreated or be used as helping tools to get the creativity going. You can start building something from the card and halfway through inspiration might strike. Maybe a duck can easily be modified to become an eagle or even a starship! If that is not enough, the back of the box also shows off some additional ideas you can use.  

You can use this set to teach your children about colors. The bricks in it are multicolored and it is easy to show children how different parts of an animal or flower or a car are different colors. Of course, creativity is very important here again. Maybe your child will decide that a yellow truck needs to have a red door, or that a bee should be purple. There is nothing wrong with that, nourish their creativity, as this is a great way to use LEGO DUPLO. There are no wrong ways to use LEGO as long as everybody is having a good time.

Sometimes the best way to use LEGO is to just leave the kids to figure it out for themselves. Don’t overthink it, just give them the set and leave them alone with it. No matter what age they are, children always find ways to amaze us. Kids come up with ideas that no adult could ever think of.

Buyer's Guide




Every LEGO set has many advantages and the LEGO DUPLO My First Bricks set is no exception. This set will be a great addition to your children’s toy collection. It is designed to be a fun toy but also a tool of learning. It will develop your child’s building and creativity skills and provide many hours of entertainment.

The main advantage that this set provides is that there are a lot of separate pieces of various colors in it. While there are some building suggestions, the sheer possibilities that can be built are limitless. Your children will be able to create anything they desire, and after that tear it down and start building new things. With every creation, they will learn more about world around them.

The bricks themselves are a great tool to help teach kids about construction, different colors, how things are put together, shapes and many other things. Since this is a set that can be used at an early age, you will soon discover it can teach your children many things. Using LEGO bricks to learn things can be a fun experience. It will help your kids learn more about animals, cars, buildings, plants and the world around them.

Another advantage is the ability to role-play and tell different stories. Create a flower and a bee, teach your kid how the honey is made, and you will see that your child will soon want to learn about all the animals. LEGOs can help develop their hand-eye coordination while they play.


As with any toy, there are a couple of disadvantages with this set. The main disadvantage can be packing it all up. The box that comes with the set is good and will hold all the pieces, but because there are a lot of them, young children might get bored or not be able to pack it up all by themselves. Usually, you will have to help them out, at least until they get a little older or get used to packing things. 

Famous stories of stepping on LEGO pieces. Did it ever happen to you or someone you know? Watch out for any forgotten pieces on the floor, as LEGOs can hurt very much when you step on them. When packing it up, don’t forget to double-check everything around the place where your children play with them. 

Since this is a starter set, people pieces or animals are not included. This can be a disadvantage to some parents as they want their children to learn about animals and people this way. This is a generic set with large bricks and it is like that on purpose. Kids will have to build animals and people out of the bricks and learn about them in that way. This could be a little tedious but it is better in the long run.

Another disadvantage of the set is that while it contains many interesting pieces, it doesn’t have everything. After a while, your kid will want some piece that can be found in another set. As this set contains a propeller, some other set might contain a boat hull. In order to get the hull, you will usually need to purchase the complete other set.

To Conclude

Even though this LEGO DUPLO set mostly contains basic shaped bricks, it is a great starting point for children. There are limited instructions and premade ideas that could be recreated and because of this, kids will usually come up with many interesting ideas on their own. Countless hours of playing with this set will prepare them for the advanced ones.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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