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If you’re looking for the ultimate sensory stimulation toy for kids that will be their best friend at the same time, look no more. Leapfrog has done it again with this great product for kids. We’re always looking for the best toys for our kids that will teach them new skills and allow them to grow. And while some are better than others, the tendency is to pick the one that will benefit them the most allowing them to develop in various aspects.

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6 – 36 months

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Sensory Stimulation, Learning, Musical, Educational, Entertaining

If this particular toy caught your attention, here’s all you need to know about how to use it, what are its features and more.

Leapfrog Scout: The basics

So what is Leapfrog Scout all about? For starters its a cuddly puppy toy that teaches your kid important skills in a fun and creative way. It allows them to learn while having fun and playing with it. Also, it’s great for cuddling being that it’s soft and plushy. Scout is easy to play with and use as all you’ll need to do is teach your toy how to activate games, learning material, songs, and various lullabies and he’ll dive right into exploring all of its features. It has four interactable buttons located on each paw.

It’s the best way to keep your child entertained, occupied but that’s not all. If you connect it to a computer or any supported device, you can customize its use making playtime even better for your little one. For example, if they have favorite songs or lullabies, all you’ll need to do is connect it to a device with USB input, and program it to play different songs. You can add whichever songs you like, provided that they are of the right format and that they otherwise don’t take too much space. So not only that it has various features that can be combined together, but you’ll also be able to modify them so that your child gets nothing but the best while playing with this amazing toy.

So if you’re looking for the perfect companion for your little one’s adventures, whether their educational, entertaining or simply activities that benefit the development of their senses, Leapfrog Scout will definitely prove to be the right choice.

What You See and What You Get

Leapfrog My Pall Scout is designed to be your little one’s best friend. One that will be there to educate them, entertain them but also cuddle every time they need a hug or hug buddy. With its adorable puppy look, every toddler will want to play with it. And because learning is so much fun with scout, they won’t even notice that they’ve upgraded their vocabulary, learned new numbers or learned how to process their feelings. Leapfrog Scout interacts with your child by asking questions regarding their interest, personal opinions and much more. Questions like “what is your favorite color” or other more complex questions allow your child to build their social skills and explore their emotions.  The best thing about these questions is that there isn’t the wrong answer. This will give your kid the confidence to interact and express ideas and emotions freely.

You can select a name or add your child’s name so that every time scout addresses your kid he uses the right name. Everything is customizable from names, nicknames, sounds, and songs, as well as lullabies. Your child will learn how to talk properly and develop a conversation with this interactable toy. There really isn’t a thing Leapfrog Scout can do to make your child entertained for hours. You’ll love the fact that your little one has a favorite toy that helps him grow and develop in so many aspects. It’s made from quality material that’s soft and easy to clean.

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How to Use

One of the best things about these toys is that they are so easy to use while offering plenty of options in terms of interacting. First, there’s the battery compartment. You’ll need 3 AA batteries to run it. One set comes with the toy, but you might want to have more, just in case. You wouldn’t want it to spoil the fun for your kid just because you ran out of batteries when most needed.

Scout offers four interactable points, all of which are located on the paws. They are categorized as functions for music activities, playtime, naptime or sleep, and power. By interacting with the music button, your child will be able to learn and sing along with over 40 songs and tunes. But that’s not all. You can add more songs, or favorite lullabies by connecting it to any device and transferring music. It’s as easy as that.

Playtime function offers lots of games that will help your child develop their cognitive skills, broaden their understanding of specific topics as well as help them work on those social skills as well. It teaches them to count, color recognition, first words and much more. As mentioned before, you can modify the toy to address your child with their name. This way they’ll really get the feeling that they’re learning with their new friend.

Sleep function is there to help your child go to sleep faster. It created a perfect setting for them to relax and have a good night sleep. There’s plenty of songs and lullabies to choose from, and if that’s not enough, you can always add more. For example, if your little one has a couple of favorite songs and lullabies that help him sleep better, you can add them to Scout’s music library. Simply locate the USB port and connect the toy with a tablet, smartphone or a computer. Once it’s done the process will take you to a menu where you can choose how you want to customize it’s behaviour to a certain extent. It provides information on how to do that so all you’ll need to do is follow the on-screen instructions. Another thing that’s great with sleep function is that you can set a timer on lullabies and songs. After the time runs out, the toy will enter a shutdown mode. Provided that you calculated how much they need until they go to sleep, this feature can be pretty useful.

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The thing that surprizes most parents is that Leapfrog Scout can be customized to be the perfect toy that your child needs. It can be their friend, snuggle buddy, or playbuddy. It all depends on how you use its features.

The customization process is fairly easy as all you need to do is plug  a USB and connect it to the device. Once that’s done, a menu will appear and you’ll be able to set everything using leapfrog app. Expand its music library, enter your kid’s name, and much more. These details is what makes this toy amazing and practical for helping toddlers develop.

The features or functions are easyily accessible and you won’t even have to show them to your child. Instead you can allow them to explore and find these features for themselves. They’ll be surprised when they toy starts singing once they touch the paw, or shine multicolored light from its pendant. It offers so many posibilies and your child will definitelly find them amusing.

Going to bed will never be the same, as now you can set a timer on lulllabies and watch your child snuggle their way to sleep while listening to their favorite songs. This feature gives you the comfort to asume that your little one will have the perfect atmosphere for sleeping so all you’ll need to do is be there to tuck them in.


There aren’t really that much dissadvantages of using Leapfrog Scout toy to keep your child entertained, educated or to help them grow and progress. It has a decent entertaining potential although more options could be helpfull to keep your little one amused for hours.

One of the things that isn’t customizable is teddy bear’s tone and character. You can’t change the way he talks or how he askes questions. Some users have suggested that the tone can be a bit condensending. Then again this is subjective. But given the fact that everything else is customizable, being able to change tone or character would be nice. For example, if you’ll little one is moddy due to teething or for any other reason, you could sellect a cherfull mode in which the toy would try to keep them happy and entertained without giving them much room to think about teething problems.

Another thing that’s regarded as disadvantage is that it comes in two colors – green and violet. Adding models with different colors like blue, red, pink would be nice.

The battery life could be longer. And that’s the only reasonable argument to add to disadvantages. It uses 3 AA batteries that will allow your child to have a great time with their new favorite toy only for a little while. Low batteries can affect the sound quality, and this can be anoying for both parents and kids.

To Conclude

All in all Leapfrog Scout is a great toy for your little one to lear first words, numbers colors and much more. It can be their best buddy or a teacher. It all depends on how they use it and how you set the functions. It definitely is of good quality as everything suggests from design to features and functions to practicality and usability. So if you’re looking for a new toy for your child, you should’nt think twice about getting the this one.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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