15 Kids Train Tables Reviewed

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Remember when we were kids, how one of the greatest wishes of almost every toddler was to have this huge train set that will occupy the most space in his bedroom.

They were dreaming about putting all the parts together, creating that curved railway line, and playing with their very own train table for hours.

The truth is, nothing is different today. Boys are still boys, and the fact is that the same desire for this classic toy exists among the new generation too.

So in order to make some wishes come true, we made sure to create a list of the best possible train sets you can purchase for your kid, just in time for Christmas.

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Find The Right Train Table Set

2-10 yearsCheck Price

Small Product image of KidKraft Ride Around

Step-by-step instructions
KidKraft Ride Around

3 years+Check Price

Small Product image of KidKraft Metropolis

100-pieces set
KidKraft Metropolis

3-15 yearsCheck Price

Small Product image of Sodura Birch Wood Kids Train Table

Compatible with other train sets
Sodura Birch Wood Kids Train Table

0 months+Check Price

Small Product image of KidKraft Adventure Town

Firm wooden table
KidKraft Adventure Town

3 years+Check Price

3 years+Check Price

Small Product image of Little Tikes Real Wooden Train Table

3-10 yearsCheck Price

3-5 yearsCheck Price

Small Product image of KidKraft Aero City

Huge sturdy table
KidKraft Aero City

3 years+Check Price

3 years+Check Price

3 years+Check Price

Small Product image of Maxim Wooden Train Set with Play Table

3-10 yearsCheck Price

Small Product image of BRIO - 33099 Play Table

High-quality manufacture
BRIO - 33099 Play Table

3-15 yearsCheck Price

3-12 yearsCheck Price

Small Product image of KidKraft Airport Express Espresso

Beautifully detailed board
KidKraft Airport Express Espresso

3 years+Check Price

KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Wooden Train Set & Table with 120 Pieces

When kids are little, the size of the toy is directly proportional to the amount of their happiness. Therefore, this table with train set will blow up their minds. It has a sturdy construction almost 50 inches long, and necessary T-molded edges so the chipping would be prevented.

  • Play set dimensions – 48.75” L x 34.4” W x 16” H | Materials – MDF, T-Molding
  • The whole set is carefully crafted for safety, and to provide endless hours of creative fun
  • Brilliantly detailed wooden pieces, colorfully illustrated, durable play surface and big enough for kids to play together
  • Three durable red plastic bins that slide under the table for effortless storage
  • Special T-molded edges to prevent chipping

The play board is all covered in a silky-screened landscape full of details and many toys, and some kind of lip is holding them to the table. Kids will spend days and nights changing the scenario and playing with all the parts, whether they are in the company of friends or alone.

There are three red plastic bins you can use to store the unused parts, and then slide them under the table.


  • Silky-screened landscape
  • 3 storage bins
  • Sturdy construction

KidKraft Ride Around

Another beautiful and exciting set comes from the same manufacturer, who simply knows how to create a product worth the money and the whole fuss. It’s a beautifully detailed wooden table covered with colorful and well-illustrated play surface that is proven to be very resistant and durable.

  • Brilliantly detailed wooden pieces
  • Colorfully illustrated, durable play surface
  • Big enough for kids to play together
  • Smart, sturdy construction
  • Packaged with detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Two bins for convenient storage – 100 colorful pieces
  • Airport includes runway and helipad – Hospital with ambulance

The table is big enough that a couple of kids could play at the same time, and the wooden construction is created in a way that will provide a sturdy playground.

There are two bins that can be used as a storage place and a full step-by-step guide for connecting all the parts. The table is compatible with Brio wooden train sets for toddlers, as well as Thomas and Friends railway kit.


  • Wooden construction
  • 2 storage bins
  • Step-by-step instructions

KidKraft Metropolis

Train tables aren’t anymore what they used to be. Now, besides the train and railway that are expected as standard parts, there is also a road, a mountain, tunnel and bridge, a lot of details, a police station, helipad, etc.

There are many interactive parts and interesting features that will occupy a kid’s attention for quite some time.

The high-quality wooden table will be the new place where all the fun happens.

As for the time when the party’s over, there is a rolling trundle you can use as a storage place for those movable and unused parts. After all, it’s a 100-piece set with a solid frame, what else could you ask for!


  • Solid wooden frame
  • 100-pieces set
  • Interactive items

Sodura Birch Wood Kids Train Table

Now, here is something a bit minimalistic. If you don’t like those full-of-details kinds of toys that may seem overwhelming, we present you Sodura Birch wooden train set.

It’s placed on quite a big table 48 inches long and is made out of all birch wood that makes the product sturdier than all the others. It has a child-safe, non-toxic finish layer, and represents a multifunctional item.

Besides playing with the train, railway, and the station that come along with the table, this can be a perfect surface for all the other activities that include LEGO, puzzles, or some other toys.

This table, too, is compatible with Thomas and Friends train sets and Brio deluxe one. The process of the assembly will be a piece of cake.


  • Firm birch wood
  • Multifunctional
  • Compatible with other train sets

KidKraft Adventure Town

KidKraft really knows a lot about train sets. In front of you is a 120-piece toy placed at the wooden table that will bring so much fun to its owner.

The colorful board silky cover is full of all kinds of accessories in the shape of vehicles, construction pieces, characters, buildings, and more. 

The package comes with a manual, and thanks to the new folding design of a table, the assembly will be quick and easy. It will take less than a minute to do all the work.

There are also two storage bins which you will find useful. The firm wooden construction of a table has T-molded edges, which turned out to be great given they prevent chipping.


  • A lot of accessories
  • Firm wooden table
  • Storage bins

Conductor Carl Train Table

If you are looking for the best gift for a 3-year-old boy, the one he is going to love and play with for many years, here it is – a beautiful blue wooden table with a train set and all the necessary features.

It contains 80 pieces, including the fun play board that encourages problem-solving issues as well as role-playing.

The construction is made out of one whole piece of wood, so there are no loose pegs, and therefore a need to worry about your child’s safety.

The toys that come together with it, like track and cars, are high-quality items that are adequate with all Thomas Wooden Railway sets.


  • Safe wooden construction
  • 80 parts
  • Playful board

Little Tikes Real Wooden Train Table

Here is a bit different train sat with a recessed drawer that goes just under the playing board and can withhold all unused items.

The product is crafted from real wood in a way that guarantees it’s durability and comes as a great addition to your kid’s play area.

The best part, however, is the reversible play table that lets the kids decide if they want a city or the countryside for their background each day.

The set comes as a compilation of more than 80 colorful pieces that include wooden train tracks, bridges, signs, cars, and figures like a police officer, or a construction worker. The whole item is big enough for two or more children to play at the same time.


  • Reversible play table
  • Recessed drawer
  • Wooden construction

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Railroad

Melissa & Doug manufacture playful toys with golden standard, and this one is no exception.

It’s a one-piece wooden board that can be turned into a movable briefcase, and it has built-in tracks placed on a beautifully illustrated background, as well as many movable parts kids can play with.

This set includes 17 pieces, three train cars, mountain, tunnel, bridge, station, cabin, gondola, trees, animals, and a railroad sign.

With a little bit of imagination, each child from the age of three will find it magnificent and full of possibilities. The game encourages socialization, motor skills development, and creativity.


  • Folding product
  • Supports creativity
  • Includes many parts

KidKraft Aero City

If you have enough room in your house, you should consider buying your kids this train table. They will most certainly love it, and it will make them leave those tablets and phones and commit themselves to play with real toys.

This manufacturer is bringing us a firm wooden construction of a table, covered with a durable surface and a bunch of folding parts.

There are some high towers, helipads, a tunnel, bridge, river, mountain, and many other things that will create a wonderful setting for train and railway lines.

The package comes with detailed instructions and a couple of boxes that can be hooked to the legs as a storage place.


  • Huge sturdy table
  • Colorful board illustration
  • Storage boxes

KidKraft 2-in-1 Reversible Top

The attention of our little ones around the age of three is unstable and moody, one moment they want to play with LEGO’s, another to draw, and a few minutes later to play with a train set.

From now on, that won’t be a problem, since this wooden table can provide all that. It’s a solid piece of furniture made with round ages, so it is safe for kids.

It has a two-sided play surface, adequate for all mentioned activities, and it comes as a set of 200 LEGO blocks and 30 pieces of train set.

Underneath the board, you can save all unused items, and when they are not playing, it can be their eating table or fun homework area.


  • Reversible board
  • LEGO blocks
  • Multifunctional

KidKraft Aero City Train Station Set and Table

Kids love multidimensional toys, they find them very exhilarating. So, when they see a train table set with all these 3D parts and railway lines going up and down, they are amazed.

In front of you is a toy piece made out of the wooden legs and plastic board, with the same material combo on top of it. There are wood railway parts, as well as an airport, tower, and crane made out of plastic.

There are two sets of train tracks – one inside, that can be created in many ways, and the second one is painted on the edge of the baseboard.

The crane is movable, it can lift the things you put on, and the complete kit includes 58 pieces.


  • 2 train tracks
  • Movable crane
  • Many parts

Maxim Wooden Train Set with Play Table

This beautifully painted, colorful table for trains, which is placed on wheels, will probably become one of the favorite toys of your child.

With an adequate illustration on the playboard, 62 parts they can put together in different easy, this is the fun they won’t miss for sure.

Besides that, it holds their attention and guides them to play with other kids. It is also suitable for early learning and teaching them the logical way of thinking.

There are a lot of fun and interactive items like houses, trees, street signs and people, bridges, underpass, and train cars they can place whenever they like.

The table itself can be multipurpose. If you move the tracks, kids can play LEGOs on it, do their homework, draw, etc.


  • Multipurpose table
  • Interactive accessories
  • Early learning

BRIO - 33099 Play Table

Okay, this is a bit simpler version of the train table, because it comes as just that – a table for the train set but without all other usual parts.

It’s white, made out of solid wood, firm and with rounded corners, and it’s quite big – 46 inches tall and 30 inches wide.

The board is decorated with an illustration of land and water, so when you add the railway tracks and all other details, it will look stunning.

High-quality manufacture is guaranteed, the table is easy to assemble, and it is finished with layers of non-toxic lacquer paint. The item can be multifunctional since it can provide a place for kids to play with other toys.


  • High-quality manufacture
  • Wooden table
  • Decorated with illustration

Hape Railway Play and Stow Storage

Another exciting product, perfect for little train lovers, is in front of you. Hape table for trains is a reversible and multidimensional item since it has two board themes – the city and a jungle cover, as well as two stages.

It’s great that the under three-folded board space can be used for play but also storage. It encourages imagination and creativity in little ones.

The table is recommended for kids older than three, it’s secure, with round edges, non-toxic materials, and safe finishes.

The manufacturer says it’s fully compatible with popular train sets and systems. The table is multifunctional as well, given that it can be used for many different activities, eating, homework, playdates, etc.


  • Three-folded board
  • Multifunctional
  • Storage place

KidKraft Airport Express Espresso

Wow! That’s the only thing that will come out of your kid’s mouths when they see this. A huge construction made of dark wood with a brilliantly illustrated play board and a bunch of parts and toys that can be put together in many different ways.

The great thing is that the train can easily stay connected to the tracks with the power of magnets.

It’s everything a kid who is in love with trains can hope for. The set contains railway, trains, bridges, mountain, tunnel, slide, airport, houses, trees, signs, and many more things that will provide for a fun and interactive playtime.

The table is sturdy, and it has a built-in drawer that can be used as storage for all those parts.


  • Beautifully detailed board
  • 91-piece set
  • Wooden construction

How to Choose a Good Train Table

This depends, most of all, on the age of the child. If we are talking about a three-year-old girl or boy, it’s better to purchase the one with no small or too many parts. They can easily swallow some or lose them around the house. Older ones require something more complex and interactive, a table with more high-quality details, and a lot of accessories. 

Make sure to research this topic before making a decision, because the truth is you can get many different things for pretty much the same amount of money. On the one hand, there is this huge wooden table with all kinds of stuff – train cars, railways, bridges, tunnels, cranes, etc. and on the other, just a table with an empty board. 

The set with a storage place, whether it’s a box, a drawer, or a bin, it’s definitely a plus since you will have to put somewhere all those modular parts that will, otherwise, make a mess in the kid’s room. The ones that can be hooked on the table’s legs are probably the best choice.

Criteria We Used

Those kids who are obsessed with trains and everything related to this topic will most likely be thrilled with each table set, but there are some things you should consider.


The table must be sturdy, constructed in a way that won’t break under the weight of a kid, because they tend to climb up on everything. The edges of a table should be round, just in case they recklessly run into it, so they don’t get hurt. And the material the set is made of should be child-safe and non-toxic too.

Number of items

These sets always come with a certain number of separated parts. That includes pieces for railway track, train cars, as well as surrounding items like stones, trees, bridges, houses, or mountains. So make sure you get as many parts as you can, your kid will appreciate it. They love having as many possible choices and toys to play with. 


First of all, try to find a table that is made out of wood. They are better in quality than the plastic ones and will last longer for sure. Then, see whether the parts are tinted correctly, painted with lasting paint and whether the items that come along are adequate for your kids to play with.


When is the right time to buy my kid a train table set, at what age?

Most of these items are suitable for kids older than three, because of the safety. Before that, there might be a danger of choking hazards. Besides, younger children won’t be able to play it by themselves or even to comprehend what it is, so wait a bit more, and then surprise the little ones. It’s better when they are more mature so you can see they are really excited about it.

How high should the train table be?

The train table is usually set to be around 15 to 20 inches high, depending on the manufacturer. That particular height is the best since the playground levels with kid’s eyes – in that perspective, everything looks bigger and more real. Also, it’s usually placed on the floor, so children will be able to approach it and play while sitting or kneeling easily.


We are absolutely sure you won’t make a mistake if you decide to purchase one of these train tables for your kid. There are so many options and possibilities regarding this toy – putting all parts in the particular scenery, changing some things while playing, and having fun with those interactive pieces almost every set has. The best thing is that, after some time, when they get a bit bored by it, you can put the train set away and be left with a table kids can use for other stuff. Until the moment they wish to put everything back on and set it to another ride.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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