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Everything that a child learn, they learn through parent’s lessons and via their examples. And because learning how to tie one’s shoes is a lesson that parent shows best, it’s time for your little one to learn this important skill. It’s best to start early on, but be mindful that no matter how experienced you are at teaching and how advanced your kid is it will still be tiring and at some point stressful. So be sure to find the best technique on how to tie shoes and practice them before showing to your kid. Not only that, but you should be able to present it in a way that it seems simple and lightning fast. That’s why we prepared a couple of shoe lacing techniques that will definitely seem appealing and worth a try.

Here’s a list of them so you can skip to each one that you find interesting enough.

  • The Bunny Ears
  • The Ian Knot
  • The Beginner’s Knot
  • The Circle

The Bunny Ears Technique

The bunny ears way of tying shoe laces is the most common one. It’s probably the one that you learned first. Here is the most secret behind the most common technique that will show you how to teach kids to tie shoes.

So how exactly do you teach this technique to your kid and present it as simple and effective?

That’s pretty easy. Start by getting shoe laces with different colored ends. This will help your child differentiate each end every time they’re about to make a knot or as they watch you do it. Next step is to place the laces on a flat surface and show each end by pulling them to opposing sides.

Next, cross them one onto another and continue by pulling one side around the other shoe lace so that it goes underneath. Now just pull and you can start showing the actual bunny ears technique.

Take each side and create “bunny ears” by folding them. Hold them so that you kid can see the progress. Now simply go with one “bunny ear” around the other one until you pull it from the inside of the already forming knot. Be sure to repeat this process as many times they need to understand. This part is the most tricky so try to be patient and clear with instructions. Now all you need to do is pull each side and tighten them.

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The Ian Knot

Although tricky, this one has proven to be the fastest way to tie shoe laces ever. Start by making the first “knot” by twisting or going around one side of the lace.

Once that is done create bunny ears but be sure to have the end of each lace face the opposite direction. For  example if you create one bunny ear so that the end is facing towards you, make the other one in a way that the end is facing your child’s leg.

Now here’s the tricky part. As you’re holding each “bunny ear” with your thumb and your index finger bring both laces together and thread the lace with your ring finger so that it passes through the other “bunny ear” and do the same with the other one. Now simply pull both sides and as if by magic a perfect know will appear. Not only that it’s the fastest way, but it’s also pretty tight. We recommend showing this technique as the last resort. You never know if your child prefers the complex version over the most simplistic ones.

The Beginner’s Knot

This one is pretty straightforward technique of tying shoe laces.So start by placing laces on a flat surface just like before, so that each end goes in opposite direction.

Now create the first know by threading the laces around each other. Now, the next step looks like the “bunny ears” technique as well. The difference is that you’ll be making only one “ear”.

As you fold one side to make the “bunny ear” hold it and grab the other lace with your other hand so that you kid sees clearly what you’re doing. Now go with the other lace around and through the know and pull it towards you.

Once this is done, simply pull the other shoe lace while still holding the remaining “bunny ear”. And voila, there you have it the beginner’s know it ready!

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The Circle

The circle technique is the least favorite method of tying shoes because it’s overly complicated. But we’re here to show every possible method that gets the job done so here it is.

Start by making the first knot, and pull each side so that it’s pretty tight. Next, do the same thing except that this time you won’t tighten it but leave space so that it makes a circle. Now here’s the overly complicated yet effective part.

Take one side of the shoelace while holding the rest and thread it through the circle so that it ends on the opposite side. Hold it and do the same with the other shoelace and pull the “bunny ears” that you’ve created.

These were the most popular shoe lacing techniques, one of which will definitely serve you as the perfect method to teach your child how to tie shoes. Although knots have a lot of variations, they are pretty hard to learn. That’s why these are the most popular methods – they aren’t half as hard as “complicated” knot tying methods.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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