How to Stop Your Kid From Nose Picking?

Rhinotillexis, or nose picking, is not your child’s most impressive habit to show off to friends and family, and it’s not an overly hygienic habit to maintain, so let’s talk about how to make it a comical memory of the past.

Why is my child picking his nose?

The nose is a common and understandable place to explore in the toddler years for both toddler boys and toddler girls. After all, it has two holes, stuff comes out of it, and the substances that live inside are curious in their own consistency and feel.

Before you succumb to the idea that your child is a gross nose-picker with a troubling fate, understand that nose-picking is largely prompted by discomfort. Most kids pick their nose because something does not feel as it should up there – something feels stuck, itchy or out of place.

Common reasons for nose picking including allergies, an abundance of mucus and environmental conditions such as air conditioning, which can dry out your child’s nasal passages.

Nose-picking is not a nervous habit

Unlike nail biting or hair twisting, nose picking has little to do with states of nervousness. So instead of tackling this habit with an analysis of habit and fear, look to your child’s environmental and health conditions that are prompting the picking in the first place.

Do they need to stop nose-picking?

Socially, nose-picking is not the best way to make others feel comfortable. Personally, it is a germ-filled habit that can pose threat to your child’s health. The nasal passages lead directly to the breath and inside the body, so exposing these gentle cavities to external germs is best to be avoided.

Steps to get your kids to stop picking their nose:


At this age, your child might naturally be developing allergies. Investigate seasonal allergies or environmental factors that might be causing an allergic reaction, including pollen, dust mites, and mold. If your home appears mold and mite free, have a sincere look at your child’s classroom and school setting.

Teach alternatives

Show your child the fun and exciting ways to clean their nasal passages without navigating the uncharted territory with their finger. You can teach your child how to use a handkerchief or tissues. Both of these will allow him to feel more comfortable in social settings when he needs to relieve his nose.

Busy hands

Keeping hands busy is a great way to keep fingers out of noses. If your child is nose picking out of habit, offer games to play in situations that would otherwise lend free hands for the taking.

Wash hands

Impress the importance of hand-washing on your child. This way, you can minimize the germs migrating from fingers to the nose.

Teach private technique

Be funny with your child as you explain that in some cases, she might have the urge to pick her nose and if so, it’s best to do it privately! Allowing this playful circumstance helps your child feel at ease and gives her permission to make herself more comfortable, but privately.


Make sure your child is staying hydrated throughout the day. Lack of water, exposure to sun and exposure to air conditioning systems can all dry our your child’s nasal passages, increasing the likelihood of feeling uncomfortable and wanting to pick.

Add adhesives

In some cases, you might top your child’s fingers with bandages to keep his fingers from slipping upstate.

Have you tried the techniques above with your kids to get them to stop picking their nose? Let Funtastic Toys know which methods were best for you and your family, so we can collectively help end nose-picking, today.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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