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It’s time for spooks! Each year as the calendar nears the end of October us parents have to start looking into the gifts we’re going to get our kids for this special holiday.

Halloween is no longer only about dressing up and getting candy.

With the development of the toy market, we now have specialized Halloween toys for toddlers and older kids ready to jump at unsuspecting parents around every corner. And how is a parent supposed to navigate all that? Well, that’s where we come in.

There are so many different Halloween games and gifts to choose from. We’ve thought about this early, so you don’t have to and picked the best choices this Halloween season has to offer.

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Halloween Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Babies

PLAYMOBIL Take Along Haunted House

Time to get spooky with this Take Along Haunted House set from PLAYMOBIL. It’s easy to take to a Halloween party or anywhere you need to be, due to a simple carry handle, and when it’s time to break it open the PLAYMOBIL accessories and figures will be inside ready to take part in any imaginative story your child comes up with.

The pack includes vampire, monster and scientist figures, a spider, potion bottles, lab equipment, a coffin, a chair, a table and more. One of the most unique Halloween gifts you can get your kid.

This is the perfect set to break open at any Halloween event, or at home around the spooky holiday. But it works just fine outside of Halloween season as a creative and imaginative playset in its own right.


  • Convenient case
  • Good fun all year round

Playmobil Scooby-DOO! Scooby & Shaggy with Ghost!

From the PLAYMOBIL Nights series, we have the Castle Ghost with rainbow LEDs. The people at PLAYMOBIL suggest that this ghost protects part of the castle from intruders, but by the look in its eyes, we beg to differ.

We’ll let you and your kid decide what its actual goal and purpose are. We think it looks a bit devious, if not necessarily mean. 

The toy has two modes for the LED inside – the rainbow mode where the ghost changes colors, and the creepier glowing mode where the LED white light fades in and out. 

There’s a lot of attention to detail put into the toy, as we’ve come to expect from PLAYMOBIL products and we’re sure your kid would enjoy it very much.


  • Lots of detail
  • Glows in the dark
  • Two LED modes

Baby's My First Pumpkin Play Set

If it’s your kid’s first Halloween, these are great Halloween baby toys to get them initiated into the awesomeness that is this holiday.

It is cute and very well made, and babies around the world love it. The set of stuffed toys includes a spider, cat, ghost and candy corn, along with the titular pumpkin. 

The animals make accompanying sounds, so the cat meows, the spider rattles, the ghost squeaks, and the candy corn crinkles. The cat seems to be a fan-favorite since most parents say that’s the toy that draws their kids’ attention most. 

All of the toys are perfectly sized for the hands of a baby, and everything can be packed up into the pumpkin for easy carry.


  • Variety of toys in one set
  • Cute and cuddly

Baby Touch and Feel: Halloween

If you’re not familiar with the Baby Touch and Feel series, you’re missing out. These are books that provide a unique hands-on experience for your baby to learn and develop their sensory skills.

In this rendition, the topic is Halloween, so your kid will get to see and touch candy corn, cats, pumpkins, and other Halloween items.

Get your little pumpkin ready for the spooks with this book, filled with real-life pictures of various Halloween favorites, accompanied with textures your baby can touch and build a learning foundation for years to come.

This book will undoubtedly capture your baby’s attention and hold it for a long time as it creates a memorable experience they will want to go back to time and again. The best Halloween gift for baby!


  • Something to touch on every page
  • Great for sensory development

Heytech 6 Packs Halloween Squishies Toys

A fun little set comes from Heytech. There are six cute Halloween-themed squishies in this box, and they are all utterly delightful.

The pack includes a vampire, mummy, black cat, zombie, pumpkin and Spooky the ghost. Kids adore squishing these little guys and parents are surprised at how well these toys are holding their kid’s attention. 

The Halloween box makes it a perfect gift in this period, and the brightly colored squishies are easy to love.

This could be an excellent collection starter, so maybe keep that in mind when getting this gift – you might need to get more squishies at every occasion.


  • Great value
  • Cute
  • Deceptively simple

LEGO Creator Vampire and Bat 6137133 Building Kit

Looking for the best Halloween gifts for toddlers that are into LEGO? It’s time to get in the spirit of Halloween with LEGO!

Thanks to this construction set counting 150 pieces, including mostly purple, black and white bricks, your kid will be able to build a vampire and a bat. 

The vampire is around four inches tall and has a purple shirt with a purple bow tie and a spooky black cape.

He has black hair with a white streak, pointy fangs, angry eyebrows, and pointy ears just like any vampire worth his while. Once finished, you can even move his hands. 

This set is perfect for building around Halloween, and it would be a much healthier gift than a bunch of candy.


  • High quality
  • Boosts creativity and imagination

The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin Board book

When it comes to language development, songs and rhymes have a profound impact and make a world of difference.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that children enjoy the sound of their parents singing or chanting with a rhythm. 

This book has an exciting and adorable take on the well-known song of the Itsy Bitsy Spider, which lets the reader sing along with a story detailing the adventures of the itsy bitsy pumpkin.

As a bonus to the cute story, we have the fact that this is a board book, which means it’s quite durable and it has colorful and bright illustrations.


  • Vocabulary-building
  • Durable board book
  • Fun illustrations

Trick or Treat: Halloween Sound Book

If you’re looking to surprise your kid with something more than just a bag of candy, and care about giving them an exciting and unique experience, this is the gift you should be looking at.

The Early Bird Sound Book Collection presents Trick or Treat Halloween Sound Book. 

As you go on reading about Halloween costumes and parties, trick or treating and other Halloween adventures, little icons will pop-up here and there, so get your kid to push the buttons and hear some sound effects.

It’s an exciting experience you’re not going to get with a lot of gifts. The book is also designed to last with a sturdy handle which makes it perfect for on-the-go fun.


  • Sturdy board book
  • Easy to carry
  • Unique experience

My First Halloween Rompers

Moving away from books and toys, we have the only outfit on this list, coming from OKLADY, one of the perfect Halloween gifts for babies.

This is a funny and cute little outfit in orange and black, with a print that says ‘My First Halloween’ on the front, along with spooky pumpkins all over. 

The material is 100% high-quality cotton with a bit of elasticity for your baby’s comfort.

This gift wouldn’t have much play outside of Halloween, so that’s a possible downside, but if you’re looking to make your baby look right for the spooky holiday, there aren’t many better choices than this.


  • Cute design
  • High-quality cotton

Fun Express Halloween Stamps

Another great alternative to candy as something to pass out to trick-or-treaters are stamps.

You can also use them to create some Halloween-themed patterns and shapes for your kids to enjoy as decoration around the house, and then let them have a go in making pictures and patterns on their own.

You can have them draw a haunted house, for example, and add some spooky characters to it using stamps. 

These particular stamps have lots of saturation in color, so they leave an excellent mark; they are well made and durable and just adorable.

You can use them outside, even in the rain, and they should still work perfectly well.


  • Alternative to candy
  • 24 stamps in one pack

LED Skeleton Gloves

A cool gift for older kids comes from MAGFIRE in the form of LED Skeleton Gloves. These are an exciting Halloween costume idea, and your kid will have fun with them.

They can stretch out so they can fit any boy or girl from around the age of 6 to late teens, even adults with smaller hands.

They could be used in any season – in the winter they would provide some warmth, while not being too hot for the summer either. 

There are no harmful dyes and additives, so the material is entirely safe to be used for long periods without issue. Batteries are included in the gloves, and extra batteries are added to the package as well.


  • Fun Halloween costume idea
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Safe

LEGO Holiday 6175449 Halloween Haunt 40260

The next thing on our list again comes from the Danish giant – LEGO.  It is the Seasonal Halloween Haunt set, and it counts 145 pieces.

The set includes two Minifigures – a skeleton and a Vampire, as well as some spider figures and a rat. The buildable elements and accessories include a cauldron, pumpkin head, fire, and a fireplace with black gates. 

It measures a bit over two inches high, four inches deep and about six inches wide.

The Minifigures Halloween toys are high-quality with lots of detail, but we’ve come to expect nothing less from LEGO in recent years, so there’s no surprise there. An excellent choice as an introduction to LEGO’s.


  • Includes two Minifigures
  • Fun little LEGO set

72 Glow in The Dark Bouncing Balls

A great deal comes from JOYIN in the form of a pack of seventy-two Glow in the Dark Bouncing Balls in assorted Halloween colors.

The balls sport six different Halloween-themed character designs including Spooky Eyeballs, Tricky Bats, Fairy-tale Witch, Haunted Ghost, Kitty Cat and perhaps most importantly Pumpkin Face. 

You can use these to fill out your Halloween goody bags, and they are going to be well received.

They are durable and long-lasting with a nice bounce. You should try to keep them exposed to as much light as possible before use since some parents are complaining about the balls not having enough of a glow effect.


  • Great value
  • Non-toxic materials

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Candy Bag

You don’t want your kid to be caught out without a cute trick or treat basket on the big night. This festive and lovely pumpkin basket is the best choice we’ve found.

If your kid already has a favorite trick or treat basket, you can quickly transform this into a centerpiece decoration inside the house for Halloween night. 

The basket measures eight inches in diameter and is going to be great for holding candy bars, lollipops, chocolate and more.

It features metallic foil stars in various colors on a Jack O Lantern face. It is made of sturdy and durable material and features a firm handle for ease of carrying.


  • Cute festive design
  • Treat bag or party favor

Glow in The Dark Throw Blanket

To close off the list, we have something less spooky and comfier. This super-soft throw blanket is something you can wrap your kid into after a long night of trick-or-treating to keep them warm and comfortable. 

The design is charming with glow in the dark stars on a grey background. The material is very fluffy and soft, and it will not fade, shed, or wrinkle.

This could quickly become your kid’s favorite blanket. The fuzzy design and softness can ease stress and anxiety, so after a night of spooks, this should be the perfect thing. 

Great for freezing winter mornings, as well as cold summer nights, so this is one of those Halloween gifts that can be used year-round.


  • Fluffy
  • Does not fade, shed or wrinkle

How to Choose a Good Halloween Gift?

Halloween spending can quickly get out of hand if you’re not paying close attention. From costumes to candy, toys, and other gifts, the expenses stack up. Keeping to a budget is hard enough around any holiday, but Halloween is especially tricky due to the number of traditions that you’re expected to follow. However, with some help from us, as well as a bit of creativity, you can keep things fresh and exciting without breaking the bank.

If you already have plenty of decorations, for example, try to resist the urge to buy new ones this year. Instead, try to focus on getting an exciting and educational gift for your kid; maybe one they can keep using throughout the year.

The same thing can apply to costumes – look at what you already have and can reuse, and think about ways you can upcycle, revamp, or replace items that are no longer in the best condition. Sometimes old decorations make the scene even spookier especially when you turn off the lights and play a good kids-friendly Halloween movie.

When it comes down to picking the actual gifts, the rules are not much different around Halloween compared to any other holiday or birthday. For example, always consider the age of the child you’re shopping for, and how well it fits with what you had in mind. Also, if they are not a baby, think about their personality and what they like.

Criteria We Used


As always, safety was our primary concern when looking into these gifts, and when it comes to Halloween gifts, the rules can be a bit different, because we’re not only looking into the usual stuff like the potential toxicity of materials or likelihood of injury, but we’re paying attention to the possibility of emotional scarring from a gift that may be too scary for a child.

Cognitive Development

Halloween, like any holiday, should be a time of connection with one’s family, friends and neighbors, so when we made this list, we tried to put gifts that would encourage social skills and communication first. Not all of the gifts on the list follow that rule, but we believe it is vital to use the holidays to instill a sense of community into our kids.

Physical Development

One of the essential segments in the development of children is the honing of their fine motor skills. These are crucial in almost any activity humans take part in. When we were choosing gifts for this list, we looked into their ability to help your kid develop and grow their physical skills.


Do I need to get my kid a gift for Halloween?

Fair point. Your kid already gets to ask for candy from your neighbors while dressed up as their favorite superhero or whatever. And they’ll probably lots of candy, maybe enough to last until Thanksgiving. However, you can think of a Halloween gift as an opportunity to get your kid something inspiring or educational, something that is going to spark some creativity and imagination within them. It might even bring you closer together if you choose something you can share.

Is my child going to be happy about getting a book as a gift?

That’s really up to you to decide. If you think your kid would prefer a toy or a cute costume, that’s fine as well, but you might have an opportunity to bring your kid closer to the beautiful world of books, and if you get them something they might end up enjoying, it will open up the possibility for them to start enjoying books a lot more in the future.


Just because everybody thinks about trick-or-treating and handing out candy on Halloween, doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be creative about what you give to your kid. There are many possibilities when it comes to Halloween gifts, ranging from educational to just plain fun, and you can be the judge of what will work best for your child. We’ve tried to make the job easier for you by going through the massive collection of Halloween related items on the market today, and selected what we think are the fifteen best choices. Now it’s up to you to make your selection.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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