15 Halloween Snacks to Make With Your Kids

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With Halloween just around the corner, it doesn’t come as a surprise that kids are brimming with excitement. For adults, Halloween is for watching scary movies and perhaps going to a couple of costume parties, but for kids, it’s all about candy. Parents want their children to have fun on Halloween, but they don’t want them to get sick from eating too much candy.

Here are some great healthy Halloween snacks for kids you can make together. Don’t just let them spend too much time with their Halloween toys. Enjoy some activities together. And don’t worry; most of the recipes we prepared are so easy that you can actually do them while you’re wearing your Halloween costumes.

Candy corn popsicles

Can you imagine Halloween without candy corn? It’s one of those snacks that somehow became a tradition, but you can take it a step further and prepare candy corn popsicles for your kids. All you need is a popsicle mold, and a few healthy ingredients – yogurt, orange, and pineapple juice will usually do the trick because these are the right color.

If you have a quick popsicle maker, you can pre freeze the mold, pour in your ingredients, and in a few minutes your popsicles are ready to be eaten, but if you have a regular one, you just have to wait a bit longer. This is perfect if you’re preparing your Halloween costumes because it gives you enough time to get ready.

Healthy Jack-O-Lanterns

One thing all parents would like to do is encouraging kids to eat more healthy foods and snacks, but with Halloween being a candy-infused feast, this can be a bit tricky. This is where innovative snacks step in – tangerine Jack-O-Lanterns. All you have to do is take a few pounds of sweet tangerines and use a pen or a sharpie to paint faces on them and turn them into small Jack-O-Lanterns.

This is so simple and easy to do that you can have your kids do it while you’re preparing another snack. What is more, you could also have them paint another face on a tangerine – perhaps something that matches the Halloween costume they are going to wear that day?

Monster teeth

Probably the simplest recipe in the world, yet unbelievably healthy and easy to make: monster teeth made of apples and peanut butter. The best thing about these Halloween snacks for kids is that they’re incredibly easy to make – all you have to do is cut apples in quarters, cut out the middle part to make the “mouth” and ask the kids to put the “teeth” in.

You can improvise with teeth: use sunflower seeds or sliced almonds, or, if you feel like indulging them, cut out marshmallows into smaller pieces and use them instead. If quarters of apples are too big, you can cut them into thinner slices, spread peanut butter on each slice so that the “teeth” can stick, and voila!

Strawberry ghosts

Perfect Halloween snacks for kids who are craving sweets but who should watch their teeth, these cute ghost strawberries have a hint of sweetness but aren’t exactly candy. Melt white baking chocolate in a bowl and ask your kids to wash the strawberries and pat them dry with a paper towel. Dip the clean and dry strawberries in chocolate and put them on wax paper, and excess chocolate will form ghosts’ “tails”. Press pieces of chocolate chips into soft chocolate for the eyes and put them in the freezer for five minutes.

Pumpkin dips

If you’re sick and tired of chips-and-dip and would like something a bit healthier, you could try making pumpkin dips instead. Chips-and-dip deserves a costume change – replace them with carrots masked into pumpkins. Get a couple of large carrots and cut them into coin shapes. Spear them in the center with toothpicks and top it with a parsley leaf – in a blink of an eye you have mini pumpkins, perfect for dipping into hummus or some other healthy dip of your choice.

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Finger food

A delicious no-brainer snack that will have kids squeal with delight – finger food! All you need are some mozzarella string cheese sticks and a cored and seeded bell pepper (use green, yellow, and red to make it more interesting for the kids).

Use a knife to cut the cheese strings in half and to create indentations for the fingernails and make some “knuckle wrinkles” to make it more realistic. Cut the bell peppers into small pieces so that they resemble fingernails, and “glue” them to the fingers with some cream cheese. Have kids dip them into marinara sauce or cover them with a bit of ketchup for that “bloody” effect.

Creepy eyeball roll-ups

If you’re hoping to prepare a few Halloween snacks for kids that are healthy, delicious, nutritious, and allergen-friendly, you’re going to love these creepy (but cute) eyeball roll-ups.

Spread sunflower seed butter (or any other nut butter of your choice if you don’t have to worry about allergens) over tortillas, add strawberry preserves over the butter, and place a banana alongside one of the edges. Gently roll up the wrap, but make sure it’s firm, otherwise it will fall apart and cut it into four equal parts. Add homemade googly eyes in the middle, and your adorable snack is ready to be eaten.

Eyeballs on a log

As disgusting as this might sound, eyeballs on a log can actually be a great way to have your kids eat something healthy on Halloween. Cut celery into small sticks and cover them with your kids’ favorite nut butter or simple cream cheese, and top them with candy eyeballs.

If you’re not a fan of candy eyeballs, you can make small chocolate spiders instead. Use upside-down chocolate chips and melt brown candy melts or good old dark chocolate, put the melt chocolate into a plastic bag and pipe out little spider legs. Spooky and healthy Halloween snacks for kids – a perfect combo.

A haunted pizza

There is probably never going to be a day when children refuse a pizza, but on Halloween, everything should be spooky, their favorite snack included. Making a “haunted pizza” is very easy: you simply get all the ingredients you usually use and slice the cheese into spooky shapes using cookie cutters.

This way, you can get as spooky as you’d like – ghosts, monsters, Jack-O-Lanterns, spiders, brains… Anything works as long as kids are enthusiastic about it. The best thing – you can get cookie cutters that match their Halloween costume, or even make several small pizzas for all the kids, each one with a different theme so that everyone’s snack matches their costume.

Deviled eggs brains

It’s impossible not to eat at least one brain-shaped snack on Halloween, so why not go all the way and make sure you’re actually eating something healthy? The best of all, they are incredibly easy to make and you can prepare them very quickly, which is important if you’ve been spending a lot of time and energy on your family’s Halloween costumes.

Boil the eggs and, after they’ve cooled down, peel them, cut them in half, and carefully scoop the yolks out. Put the yolks into a food processor or a blender along with some mustard, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and a few drops of red food dye. Use a piping bag or an ordinary plastic food bag with a cut off a corner to fill each of the egg whites with the mixture so that it resembles a brain.

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Spider deviled eggs

The recipe is similar to the brain deviled eggs, but you don’t have to add red food coloring to the egg yolk mix, and you don’t have to use a piping bag to shape the yolks into brains. This might take a bit more time to prepare, but they usually turn out to be great Halloween snacks for kids. Instead, simply prepare deviled eggs just like you always do, but afterward, decorate them with cut out black olives so that they look like spiders.

If your kids are big enough, have them help you cut the olives into tiny spider legs, but if they are too young, just hand them the olive pieces and instruct them how to arrange them to get the shape of a spider. The best of all – you can eat all the spiders you “mess up”.

Deliciously dark apples

Candied apples might be popular, but apples dipped in dark chocolate are among the best Halloween snacks for kids because they are healthy and rich in antioxidants. This is particularly important if you’re using real dark chocolate and not milk one – it looks dark, and the bitter taste won’t make kids flinch because of the sweetness of the apples.

Make sure you remove the apple stems and get long sticks that you can insert into the top of the apples. When you’re sure that the chocolate has melted, give an apple to your child, and help them dip it in. Instruct them to slowly rotate each of the apples until all sides are evenly covered with chocolate. When they’re done, place them on wax paper and put them in the fridge to cool so they can be ready for later.

Boo-nana pops

Bananas are tasty and healthy, and with a just a bit of creativity, you can turn them into a perfectly spooky Halloween snacks for kids. All you have to do is cut them in half, stick a popsicle stick in, let them chill in your fridge for a while. After that, dip the bananas into a pot of melted marshmallow fluff to turn them into spooky ghost bananas.

Before the fluff is cooled and hardened, place a couple of chocolate chips on them to create ghost eyes. Incredibly simple to make – you can get your kids involved too and have them dip bananas into marshmallow fluff to turn them into boo-nanas.

Not-so-scary skeletons

If you’re looking for a way to have your kids actually excited to eat their veggies, these healthy Halloween snacks for kids will help you achieve it. Cut out vegetables into small pieces and have them help you arrange it into the shape of a skeleton.

If they’re not sure how to do it, have them look at a skeleton Halloween costumes to get the idea and very soon they’ll be asking you when they can eat the skeleton they helped prepare. Use cucumbers, celery sticks, red bell peppers, olives, baby carrots, and anything else you have at home. Use a cup of veggie dip as a skull and arrange the veggies around it so that the platter looks like a skeleton.

PBJ spiders

For these adorable sandwiches, you are going to need a round cookie or sandwich cutter. Use it to cut the shapes out of bread slices, or, if this is too much work, just use mini bagels instead. Make your regular peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and turn them into spiders by sticking in pretzel legs.

If you’re planning on making smaller spiders, simply break pretzels in half and you’ll get shorter spider legs. To complete the look, give spiders their eyes by using chocolate chips, raisins, or even candy eyeballs. To make them stick, simply sip them into peanut butter first.

Preparing healthy and tasty Halloween snacks for kids might seem impossible at first, but we assure you that it can be done with a bit of research and a pinch of creativity. When you are able to take ordinary things and simple foods and give them a new life and new names, you will notice how your kids become more open-minded and willing to go with the flow. By making Halloween snacks together with your kids you are setting new Halloween traditions and, more importantly, have a chance to spend some quality time together by doing something fun together.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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