15 Best Kids Halloween Games

Every year on October 31, Halloween is celebrated with the BEST masquerades, scary pumpkin lamps, and stories of witches and monsters. Kids go door to door in their favorite Halloween costumes and if they don’t get their sweets, they will trick you. When this time of year comes, people like to experience some different kind of excitement. Watching horror Halloween movies, wearing various scary masks, and telling spooky stories are just a fraction of the customs that accompany the “scariest night” of the year.

For this reason, we have made a selection of the best Halloween games for kids that will make this holiday special for everyone.

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Find the Best Games for the Spookiest Holiday


Small Product image of Halloween Charades

Featuring world-famous modern and classic movies and characters
Halloween Charades

All agesCheck Price on Amazon

13 years+Check Price on Amazon

3 years+Check Price on Amazon

4 months+Check Price on Amazon

Small Product image of heytech 2 Pack Inflatable Witch Hat Ring Toss

Great indoor and outdoor game
Heytech 2 Pack Inflatable Witch Hat Ring Toss

2 years+Check Price on Amazon

4 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small Product image of MISS FANTASY Halloween Bingo Game

Encouraging competition
MISS FANTASY Halloween Bingo Game

4 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Halloween Fun Go Fish

3 games in one deck
Halloween Fun Go Fish

4-8 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

3 years+Check Price on Amazon

3 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Create A Pumpkin Stickers

Helps young children participate in decorations
"Create a Pumpkin" Stickers

6 years+Check Price on Amazon

4-8 yearsCheck Price on Amazon

3-20 monthsCheck Price on Amazon

Small Product image of iBaseToy Bean Bag Toss Game

Develops motor coordination
iBaseToy Bean Bag Toss Game

3 years+Check Price on Amazon

Small Product image of Fun Express Ghost Dart Board Game

Easy to assemble and play
Fun Express Ghost Dart Board Game

3 months+Check Price on Amazon

Halloween Charades

Halloween themed charades brings a new twist on a classic game. Carefully made for a whole family to participate, this easy to play card game is suitable for every age. You will for sure have fun while the whole family learns more about Halloween trivia.

Guess your favorite modern and classic Halloween characters, movies and TV shows, and use hints if you are not quite sure of the right answer. From world-famous movies like Friday the 13th to those timeless classics like Wizard of Oz, this game is made to stay relevant for years to come. The level difficulty can be even more adjusted depending on the players – be it the whole family, adults, or just the kids.


  • Educational, easy to play
  • Great for all ages
  • Featuring world-famous modern and classic movies and characters

Endless Games Horror Trivia Card Game for Teens

For all the old and new fans of pop culture horror trivia, this game comes as fun and frightening experience. You will need to collect at least three weapons if you intend to survive this game. Answer correctly the scary and creepy horror trivia questions. Challenge your friends in a duo or a team match, and see who knows enough movie and TV references to survive the night.

Spooky enough to hide from really small children, this game is made for ages 13 and up. It is great not just for every Halloween but for any party too, especially as it includes as many as 150 game cards. This game is beginner-friendly and its playing time should be around 20 minutes.


  • Pop culture horror trivia
  • Fun and frightening 150 game cards
  • For ages 13 and up
  • Playing time – 20 minutes

JOYIN 32 Halloween Bingo Game Cards

Halloween Bingo is designed for up to 16 players and will give you hours of fun. Let your kids and their grandparents have some fun together, or join them and have great family time! Perfect for every Halloween entertainment, this game is non-toxic, child-safe, and easy to use.

Unlike other Halloween games for kids, this one is great for any classroom as an introduction to Holidays, and as a gift for trick-or treating. It has a pattern design that is themed Halloween festive and is unique. Halloween Bingo has a high-quality, it is durable and reusable. Great for kids Halloween parties, this game can help children develop skills like coordination, and observation.


  • For up to 16 players
  • Suitable for every age
  • Durable and reusable game

Funnlot Halloween Outdoor Toss Game

Here we have one of the most popular outdoor games for children, now made in a holiday spirit. The goal of the game is to compete who will toss one of three bean bags through one of the four holes on the banner. This game promotes hand-eye coordination and team spirit. For those younger children it teaches them basic math skills, all the while everyone is having fun.

The design of a game banner (27’’x44’’) is such that it also makes a great decoration of your home. It is a washable and easy to clean game. It is also suitable as a cute background on your holiday pictures. If you hang it outdoor, because of its high quality craftsmanship the banner will stay safe from the wind.


  • Outdoor game
  • Promotes active play
  • Washable and reusable

Heytech 2 Pack Inflatable Witch Hat Ring Toss

Made primarily for children, this game includes an inflatable witch hat and 4 rings. Because the witch hat is inflatable, it is safe for children of all ages to play this game without any danger of them stumbling over it and getting hurt. This set also comes with a spare hat. The materials of which this game is made of are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Inflatable Witch Hat Ring Toss is not just great for Halloween; it can be played on children’s birthday parties, or as a regular indoor/outdoor game. You can even make it more interesting and organize a little witching tournament for all the players! Join your little wizards and witches, and compete who will get which holiday candy prize.


  • Great indoor and outdoor game
  • Durable quality materials

MISS FANTASY Halloween Themed Pin the Nose

Pin the nose is one of the world’s famous party games suitable for both children and adults. This Halloween themed version is made for those who are true fans of this holiday and want to spice it up with some fun and games.

Dimensions of the pumpkin poster are 27.3 with 21.2 inches and it is made of coated paper with a glossy finish which makes it reusable. There are 24 vinyl stickers included and they are easy to peel off and can also be reused. The game comes with one blindfold too. The poster comes folded so it needs to be hanged up for a day or two so it can smooth out.


  • Hours of fun
  • High-quality materials

MISS FANTASY Halloween Bingo Game

What sets this bingo game apart from others is that it is made for up to 24 players, meaning if you have a big kid’s birthday party coming along, or a classroom full of kids, this Halloween Bingo game might be just the perfect choice. The game features witches, black cats, bats, candies, pumpkins and various other adorable patterns that spark a festive holiday atmosphere.

Miss Fantasy Bingo is quite compact meaning you can easily take it anywhere. This game of chance teaches children how to stay focused and concentrated on a task in front of them for an extended period, all in a fun way. Halloween Bingo is also popular due to its simplicity – everyone can join in.


  • For up to 24 players
  • Encouraging competition
  • Promotes cognitive abilities

Halloween Fun Go Fish

With this one holiday-themed deck, the whole family can play three classic games – Slap Jack, Old Maid, and Go Fish. If you are looking to set up some new holiday traditions with your children and get them away from all the candy for a while, maybe this deck is the answer. This game is perfect for a goody bag Halloween gift, it is suitable for every age, and it is made children friendly.

All the characters are made Halloween adorable so these cards can be played not just by adults or teens, but also by children who don’t know numbers yet. The cards are even made slightly smaller than those standard ones, so the children’s hands can easily hold them.


  • Smaller cards suitable for children’s hands
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • 3 games in one deck

TURNMEON Halloween Inflatable Ring Toss Game

This Ring toss game is made for slightly older kids than the similar game we talked about before. It is still the same as the others, but with a new holiday redesign that is a little bit creepy and a lot of fun. With this one, you get one inflatable pool that represents the Halloween graveyard, and in it, there are 5 inflatable tombstones. A little bit spooky, this game is perfect for those kids whose favorite holiday is Halloween.

To set it up, inflate the graveyard and put the inflatable tombstones in it. You can even fill this graveyard pool with water. All the game parts are quality made without any sharp edges, and the whole game can be reused numerous times.


  • Unique spooky design
  • Suitable for all ages
  • No limit to the number of players

Halloween Bend and Twist Party Game

This is a game for which you will need a little more space and a little exercise. Halloween Bend and Twist is a very popular board game for kids where the physical abilities of the players are in check all the time. Rotate the arrow and be ready to perform the wildest moves and figures. The goal is to endure all the changes, stay last in the playing field, and win.

You will see how interesting it is as soon as the game starts. Suitable for children and adults, this game has a new holiday design to bring your holiday spirits up, and is a great way for all trick or-treaters to have some fun. It features pumpkins, ghosts, spiders and skulls, all in Halloween spirit.


  • Physically active game
  • Beginner-friendly

"Create a Pumpkin" Stickers

If your family likes the tradition of carving pumpkins, add a little bit more of arts and crafts to your projects with these stickers. Decorate a real pumpkin or use the 15 stickers of full-size ones and decorate them. There are various possible combinations kids can do using their creativity and imagination.

Make those Halloween pumpkins silly and fun with these themed stickers and through them show the young ones how to participate in festive decorations. This is a project small children can quite easily handle and have a great time doing it. „Create a Pumpkin“ stickers could also be an interesting gift. Using them is a simple craft that lets children, teens and adults have fun family time.


  • Helps young children participate in decorations
  • Numerous fun combinations

Halloween Activity Book for Kids Ages 4-8

This Activity book has original art, and it contains various Halloween tasks and activities. There are coloring pages, magic tricks, Dot to Dot, word search puzzles, mazes, and more. It has a single-sided print in high resolution so no matter what crayons, markers or other types of pens kids use, the colors won’t bleed on other art.

The workbook is designed to promote learning and various skill developments such as writing, hand coordination, problem-solving thinking, and creativity. It has a relaxing effect on kids and is perfect for girls and boys age 4 and up. It is one of the top fun Halloween games for kids, and is themed quite appropriate. Inside there is various fun Halloween art such as vampires, bats, pumpkins, witches, mummies and all other scary age-appropriate things.


  • Educational and fun
  • Promotes various skills

Fun Express - Inflate Spider Ring Toss Game for Halloween

The Ring Toss game has now become completely adjusted to youngsters with this festive inflatable spider that has an adorable goofy smile. Not just that the spider is inflatable so the kids can’t hurt themselves, the rings are made of rubber so they are not as hard as the plastic ones.

This unique Halloween prop is a little smaller so it is great for toddlers to play with and start learning how to sum their scores. The Spider is easy to transport and inflate, and its size is foremost suitable for pre-school kids. Older children can play it as a tabletop game which adds more to the fun and can get more challenging than regular ring toss games.


  • Perfect for preschoolers
  • Fun and goofy

iBaseToy Bean Bag Toss Game

Although it is made for children ages 3 and up, adults have a lot of fun with this game too. It is quite simple to play. There are 3 beanbags for shooting and 10 empty cans for knocking down. All tin cans are 3.9 inches high and have adorable goofy unique faces on them. On the other side of are the numbers from one to 10 so you can even keep score while you play.

Beanbags are filled with fabric meaning they are not too heavy, and tin cans are made of sturdy metal. Set up a pyramid, line them up or hide them around your home, and try to knock as much tin cans as you can in one hit.


  • Develops motor coordination
  • Indoor and outdoor game
  • Its parts can be used in other games too

Fun Express Ghost Dart Board Game

Playing darts is fun but it can also be dangerous to smaller children as they can get hurt on the tip of a dart. That is why Fun Express created Ghost Dartboard game that is perfect for younger children as it has soft balls instead of darts. You can hang this 12 inches big board in a classroom or a child’s bedroom so it can be used for a whole year, and not just on a Halloween.

This game promotes skills such as accurate throwing and coordination of movements. For this game the recommended age is 3 months and up. It is just as fun as playing darts but there won’t be any holes in your walls.


  • Safe for children of all ages
  • Easy to assemble and play

How to Choose a Halloween Game?

Well, considering we are talking about one of the most famous holidays, it is obvious this game needs to firstly be Halloween themed. Another thing to look for is how will the child benefit from such a game? Will it spark the kid’s imagination?

Games are tools with which children learn about the world and themselves. No matter how fun is, every game requires players to have some kind of skill. Even games that rely heavily on luck have elements that can affect a player’s abilities. Also, if your child is young, look for games that are inclusive, and where the number of players is higher. This way, your child can play its favorite new game with the whole family during the holidays and with its friends during birthdays and sleepovers.

In conclusion, you also need to pay attention to the quality of the components of the game. The materials need to be non toxic, and if your child is young they also need to be safe. Look out for any choking hazard parts, and make sure all the pieces are durable and sturdy. In the end, don’t forget, a good game is the one you all have fun playing.

Criteria We Used

Every child is unique and so is their preference for spooky and scary things. We choose each game carefully, considering how age appropriate and safe it is. Each game features famous Halloween characters but is suitable to be played every day, not just on the holiday. Selected games are great for both boys and girls, and are adjustable for various events. We tried to make the selection as inclusive as possible, so there are some high-quality indoor and outdoor games, as well as those which are more suitable for both active and inactive kids.

We chose games that can be played at children carnivals and parties, and games in which the whole family can participate. We also looked for those that are assembled easily so the party can start immediately. In our selection, we also included those games that have the most innovative twist on the classic ones.


How to know if a game is age-appropriate?

Consider the age of the child you are buying this game for. If the child is quite young, this game needs to be less scary and goofier, and it should introduce this spooky holiday in the right way to the child. If the kid is older, or a teen, you can choose games that will stay fun and relevant for years to come. The older the child is, the scarier the game can get.

Why would I buy a holiday-themed game?

Themed games can be played anytime, but if they have a special theme, they will enrich your festivities. Those kinds of games are also a great way to get your children excited about the celebration. You will also have an opportunity to create new traditions with your children like playing your favorite teamed board game on the eve of a specific holiday.


Games are the right way to enjoy quality time with your family. Gathering at a table with some games to play will provide kids with healthy fun, which will encourage them to work together and have a good competitive spirit. With the help of board games, they can also learn different skills. Playing games with the family will create nice memories that will last for a lifetime. However, not all board games are suitable for all ages, so there are many factors to consider when choosing the right family game. We are sure that whichever game you select, you will have an amazing time.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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