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There’s a wide variety of products on the market today that might be an excellent choice for your kid. That sounds like a great thing, and it can be, but it can also give us anxiety because it’s hard to know whether we picked the exact right thing at the correct period of development.

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At least with Fisher-Price toys, you get a sense of security from the name brand and the long history of high quality associated with it. We’re here to check whether that sense of security is warranted when it comes to this particular product especially if you’re on the lookout for the right toy for your 1-year-old girl. Keep reading to find out!

Fisher-Price Smart Purse: The basics

Your child might like exploring the inside of your purse, but the Laugh and Learn My Smart Purse toy from Fisher-Price promises more fun activities to get your baby engaged in learning and exploration. The toy introduces Spanish words, counting, opposites, greetings, and more through more than fifty phrases, tunes, sounds, and songs divided into three stages of play.

The content in each mode is created to cater to a different stage of development, starting from Explore mode in level 1. In this mode babies at the age of six months and up will hear sounds, songs, and phrases about opposites, numbers, letters, and colors as they open and close the purse, press the heart or slide the zipper. Encourage mode in level 2 takes things a bit further for kids aged twelve months and up by adding opposites and greetings in Spanish as well as new ones in English. Once your kid gets to Pretend mode at level 3, it all comes down to boosting their role-playing abilities, like having a pretend phone call with a friend or taking the car keys to go off on a make-believe adventure.

What You See and What You Get

The package includes five fun accessories for your baby’s learning and exploration, as well as some roleplay when boys and girls enter into their toddler stage. The accessories included are a hand mirror, a cell phone, keys, a bracelet, and a credit card. They all fit inside the purse, so the whole thing is easy to pack up and store neatly, or take with you anywhere you need to go and want to keep your child occupied while you’re there.

The Fisher-Price quality seems apparent from the moment you set your eyes on the Laugh and Learn purse, but perhaps even more importantly, it seems obvious just how much learning and entertainment potential this toy has. As mentioned, it features multiple levels and stages of play, divided into many functions, which all have some degree of a beneficial effect on your kid’s growth and development, both physical and cognitive.

You can interact with your child as they play with the Smart Purse, and use the opportunity to introduce to them some basic concepts like numbers and names of different objects. The toy could be quite useful in preparing your little one for their first encounters with preschool learning and socialization.

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How to Use

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn My Smart Purse features a cute design with lots of joyful and bright colors and many interactable options for auditory and visual stimulations. Thanks to the engaging design, it will be easy for your little girl to spend hours upon hours exploring and learning, thus progressing through the levels and stages of play with ease.

Those stages of play that we just mentioned are probably the most praised feature of this particular set from Fisher-Price. There is a lot of replay value due to the idea of progressing through ‘difficulty settings’ as your baby grows. This basically means you get more value out of your money with this toy than with other similar options on the market.

If you enjoy taking part in your little girl’s playtime, you can use this toy to share some quality time, but the purse is also an excellent toy to leave your child to if you need to focus on something else for a few hours. For example, lots of parents report using this product on road trips or when they have friends over. The purse keeps your kid engaged and entertained while giving you some time to do other things. Don’t be afraid to do this; it doesn’t mean you are neglecting your baby. We all need some time for ourselves now and then.

Keep in mind that if you’re using the purse on a road-trip and there’s a long drive ahead, you might want to turn the sound off, as it might get annoying after a while. Your child will most likely not have a problem with this since there are plenty of other things for her to like, functions to master and options to explore and will keep discovering more as she keeps playing. It seems that this toy is all that it’s cracked out to be.

Buyer's Guide

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Your little girl will not want to stop playing with this toy. Based on reviews from parents worldwide, we have found that the purse is endlessly exciting and engaging for children and that most can spend hours in their playtime sessions exploring new concepts and ideas this toy presents. That means a lot of quality educational time for your little girl.

The auditory and visual stimuli also set this toy apart from others in the way they engage a child’s developing mind and senses. It helps children develop their skills and grow faster through immersive role-playing. It is a cute and ingenious toy that compels little ones to explore and play with it on the go as well as at home. The different stages and modes of play help your child grow, meaning there’s a significant level of potential to be tapped into simply by using this toy for extended periods. 

Babies will be amazed by the fun sounds and lights emitting from the purse as well as exploring the different knobs and textures on the accessories. Toddlers and preschoolers, on the other hand, will enjoy the role-play aspect, carrying around their purse just like mommy.


Seeing as this is a Fisher-Price original, and we’ve come to expect great things from this company over the years, it comes as no surprise that we haven’t found many disadvantages when it comes to the Laugh & Learn My Smart Purse, and the ones we did see were minor. 

For example, some parents report that the battery pack is quite big and bulky, meaning that their children are having trouble carrying the purse for a long time. Others are saying the bag doesn’t have a lot of room inside due to the battery pack and the storage drive that stores the sounds and voices. If you think your child will be interested in using this toy as an actual purse to put their stuff in and carry around, this could be a significant concern, so keep it in mind.

The only thing we’ve found to be a possible issue with this toy during our time with it is the fact that we couldn’t find the option to turn off Spanish, so if you’re worried that your child might get confused by the bilingual aspect of the toy, this is something to consider.

To Conclude

Getting a clearer look at a product and learning as much about it as possible before making a purchase is very important. Especially so when the product in question is a potential educational resource for your child. Some people may underestimate the value of toys as tools for learning, but we here at Funtastic Toy know how much growth and development toys can bring to a child’s life. That’s why we try to be as comprehensive as we can with our reviews and take every product seriously. 

At the beginning of the review, we asked whether the Fisher-Price brand justified their colossal reputation with the Laugh and Learn My Smart Purse. Now that we’ve given the toy a careful and scrutinizing look, we can say that the answer to that question is a clear and resolute ‘yes.’

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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