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As parents who want to provide their toddler with the very best toys, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options available. With the constant influx of new fads and gimmicks, toys have become over-complex and more of a trend. Not to say there aren’t any cool new toys on the market, but sometimes it’s better to stick to tried-and-true toys such as building blocks.

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80 individual pieces

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educational, creative, explorative, encourages engagement, promotes the development of fundamental cognitive skills

Are you looking to spark some creativity in your toddler? We recommend trying out Fisher-Price Mega Bloks.

Mega Bloks Fisher-Price: The basics

Provide your child with the best building blocks on the market. Recognized by many awards, Fisher-Price Mega Bloks First Builders is our choice when it comes to building block toys. Watch as your child stacks multi-colored pieces together to create a unique design every time. With a total of 80 individual builder’s blocks, the possibilities are truly endless. Creative toys sets like this one will keep your child entertained for hours, while also encouraging exploration, creativity, and thinking.

There is also an optional attachable wheelbase so that your kid can create moving contraptions. Need more pieces? These blocks are compatible with other Mega Bloks First Builder sets, so you’re not limited to only 80 pieces. When playtime is over, throw the blocks into a convenient zip bag and store away. It’s easy as that.

What You See and What You Get

The 80-piece block set arrives in a handy plastic bag that can be opened and closed by a zipper. The bag itself looks and feels durable so you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. Once you open the bag, right off the bat, you’ll notice the sheer quality of these building blocks compared to other ones you’ve might have encountered in the past. They are made of highly durable plastic, colorful, and just the right size to prevent a choking hazard.

The blocks are also reasonably lightweight and easy to stack on each other. Make sure to check out some of the included designs on the cover of the package and challenge your toddler to replicate them.

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How To Use

Using Fisher-Price Mega Bloks is relatively straightforward. The blocks are large enough that your child can stack them on top of each other even if his or her motor skills are still a bit clunky. Keeping it simple is essential for your little toddler to avoid unnecessary frustration, keeping him or her engaged for a more extended period.

While the included designs on the cover of the package are a nice touch and can represent a goal for your child, the possibilities are truly endless, and we’re positive your kid will come up with totally unique designs and contraptions.

Buyer's Guide

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The main advantage of Fisher-Price Mega Bloks First Builders is their ease of use. Even a 1-year-old can jump right into using them without feeling discouraged. Compared to LEGO’s for instance, these larger building blocks are much more suited for younger kids because of their easier difficulty and size.

Another advantage is how great they are at developing a child’s motor learning. Watch as your sweet kid tries to figure out what’s the best approach to complete his impressive tower. The blocks are also durable and safe for your child, so minimal supervision is required.


While there really aren’t many disadvantages to the Fisher-Price Mega Bloks, it’s worth noting that in some cases the blocks fit a little too loose so your toddler might be upset when his narrow, one-piece tower crumbles down.

Don’t be surprised if your 5-year-old doesn’t find these building blocks entertaining for too long. These are easy to use blocks that might be a bit too easy for their own good.

To Conclude

Reviews like this one can help you tremendously when you’re looking for the best toys for your toddler. We recommend always doing your research in order to assure that the toy you’re buying is suited for your child’s age. Also, we always suggest buying toys that have more value than just to keep your little one entertained. Always look for toys that can also teach your child something while he’s having fun.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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