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If there is one thing that we cannot stop admiring in children, it’s their unbridled curiosity and hunger for exploration and learning. While there are plenty of things they can learn in the confines of a room, being in the same setting for too long and having only one type of stimulation often results in the child getting bored and far less receptive to any kind of learning.

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In order to really help them get in touch with the world around them, they need to actually be exposed to that world, take part in it, and get to see it from different perspectives, and that is exactly what Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike is there for.

Harley Davidson Tough Trike: The Basics

Despite the fact that a child can’t really cover miles of road on a tricycle, and that they are, naturally, supposed to be constantly supervised while they are riding it, getting their first big wheel has to be somewhat similar to a teenager getting their first car. Instead of being constantly carried or pushed around in a stroller, they get to feel at least a sliver of independence and freedom, despite you being around to watch over them.

With Fisher Price Harley Davidson Trike, they get to do so in style. The tricycle is designed not only to look sleek, but also to make it as easy and as safe as possible for a child to ride it. Despite being made almost entirely of plastic, the trike is extremely sturdy, as evidenced by a number of reviewers who have bought it for daycare centers.

Even though the tricycle’s construction makes it extremely stable and capable of conquering different surfaces, there is one thing that you should probably know before deciding to surprise your little one by buying them one. Namely, since the front wheel is placed rather far from the seat, your child might not be able to reach the pedals if they are not tall enough. If the reviews are to be trusted, kids shorter than 38 inches might have a problem getting to the pedals comfortably, but they still might have a lot of fun by just sitting on it and pushing off the floor with their feet, at least until they get a little older and taller.

What You See and What You Get

The trike is delivered in a 29.5 x 22.5 x 22 inches package, weighing 8.5 pounds, and needs to be assembled before your little one can take it out on the road. 

While the assembly process is fairly straightforward and more than adequately explained in the manual, some reviewers seem to have encountered problems with installing the wheel caps. If you find this to be an issue, you might find it much easier to try and hammer the wheel caps in while the trike is positioned upright, on all three wheels, than you would if you laid it down and tried to do it that way.

Apart from the wheel axles, the entire bike is made of plastic, but is more than durable enough to support any child that is not heavier than 55 pounds. 

All of the wheels have a wide base, which doesn’t just help with the stability of the tricycle, but also makes it suitable for just about any terrain that your kid might be interested in exploring. Likewise, also in the interest of stability and ease of use, the pedals are large and their design makes it difficult for your kid’s foot to slip.

Finally, the wide, comfortable seat can be flipped to reveal a compartment below it, that your kid can use to store toys or even snacks for particularly long trips.

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How to Use

Despite the fact that Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike can’t really develop enough speed to place your child in any serious risk, there are still some safety precautions you need to think about.

First of all, unless you are sure that your kid cannot leave the safety of your backyard, you should never leave them unsupervised with the trike. Aside from the obvious dangers presented by the traffic, there are many more perils out there that a child is not equipped to anticipate or deal with. For instance, a child might be thrilled to ride down a slope they come across, without realizing the severity of the inclination and the speed they would develop as a consequence.

For situations like this, if your child is somewhat older, you might want to consider buying them a helmet, or even additional protective gear. Along the same lines, if you worry about your child actually being able to develop enough speed, you should ensure that integrity of the trike is not compromised before letting your child play with it. This mainly applies to the wheels, i.e. checking if they are firmly fixed on the axis and if the protective pins are in their place. 

Once all the precautions have been taken care of, it’s time to actually have some fun. While children usually don’t need any help in coming up with ways to amuse themselves, if you find that they are getting bored with their trike, but you still want them to keep using it for all the benefits it brings, you still have some options left. This includes getting all their little friends together and organizing a race; creating a track with obstacles in your backyard, or simply finding new interesting locations for your child to explore.

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While you want your child to have as much fun as possible, when it comes to ride-on toys, your primary concern has to be the child’s safety, and that is not an issue with Fisher Price Harley Davidson Trike. The seat, and therefore the child’s center of mass, is low to the ground, which, combined with the wide and sturdy wheels ensures maximum stability. The size of the wheels, along with the material they are made of also makes the trike suitable for different terrains.

The same amount of attention has been devoted to other parts of the trike, mainly its easy-grip handles and large pedals that ensure that your child’s foot won’t slip off and potentially destabilize the tricycle. 

While trikes do come with some risks not typical for other toys, they also offer some unique benefits. The most obvious one is that it motivates them to exercise regularly. Aside from working their leg muscles, using this completely new mode of locomotion immensely helps with the development of their motor skills, balance and the way their perceive their surroundings.

Even though the trike uses plastic as the base material, it has been shown to be extremely durable, regardless of the terrains it was used on. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that it is indestructible, which is why you should never allow more than one child to get on it at one time, and why it should only be used by children weighing less than 55 pounds.


Even though the majority of reviewers have had nothing but good things to say about this tricycle, there have been some common objections.

One of the major issues seems to be stemming from the fact that the trike is listed as suitable for kids between 2 and 5 years of age, but that its construction makes it difficult for children who are not tall enough to reach the pedals. Like we mentioned, this doesn’t mean that even a shorter child couldn’t find ways to have fun with it even before they grow enough to be able to use it as intended, but there may be better gift options for your 2-year-old boy or 2-year-old girl

Another potential issue that has been reported on more than one occasion has to do with the trike’s seat. Namely, we mentioned how the seat can be lifted to allow access to a small compartment that a child can use to store toys or whatever it is that they want to transport. While kids find this very entertaining, it is not uncommon for them to get carried away when lifting the seat, which can sometimes result in the entire seat breaking off. While, depending on the damage, it might be possible to reattach the seat, it is probably safer to improvise a way to prevent it from being lifted in the first place, making the tricycle a bit less entertaining, but far more durable.

To Conclude

Buying your kid their first tricycle is not the same as buying them just another toy. On the one hand, a good trike can provide them with benefits that other toys are not capable of offering, but on the other, it also comes with some risks that you previously didn’t have to worry about. 

That’s why the quality of the product is an even more important consideration than it usually is, and why we feel confident that you won’t be sorry if you choose Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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