What Is Family Link Google and How to Use It?

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Technological advancements are helping us in many aspects of our social and business life. It allows quick and efficient access to a base of knowledge we’ve accumulated so far. With every device connected to the internet, we can progress, learn and find almost anything that interests us at the moment. Introducing technology to your child comes natural, as the large majority of our population is using it. But given their curious nature, kids can focus their attention on unproductive or utterly harmful content. There’s also a matter of concern about the time spent on these devices at this age.

That’s why Google Family Link is the there to guarantee that your child will have a tailored experience that’s recommended for their age. It provides gives access to the entire content your child has access to. It’s easy to use and practical for the entire family, especially if you want to fine-tune their skills or help them grow in a particular direction.

What is Family Link All About

Your child is growing in technologically advanced time that is to an extent different from what you remember when you were a child. For new parents, the benefits of using technology are well known. For those that aren’t familiar with the beneficial effects of technology on improvement of skills especially at a young age, Family Link will sound unfamiliar. Just like parental control provides a tailored experience and access to media on Television, Family Link is all about providing features similar in concept on tablets, smartphones, and more complex computing devices. It’s the best way to make sure your child focuses on the right things while exploring the internet, progressing in certain areas, and so much more. It allows full control over your little one’s experience with their new smartphone, tablet or computer.

And if you’re wondering about compatibility with older models, you’ll be glad to find out that Family Link works on older Android versions like KitKat and Marshmallow as well as many other.

Available on:

  • Chrome OS
  • Android OS (Works great on Nougat; acceptable performance on older versions)
  • IOS (for versions 9 and above)
  • Web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer, you name it)
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How You Can Use It

You can use family link Google to monitor or your child’s progress or to get reassurance to your teen’s online activity and location as long as the device is turned on and in their possession. Although having access to your teen’s whereabouts in every moment might be considered a bit excessive, other security and parental controls and features will definitely catch your attention. You can set their daily goal on some apps, or limit the amount of time they spend watching videos, recommend educational apps and games, verify downloads, and so much more.

It gives your full or partial control over your loved one’s use of device and services it provides. You don’t even need a phone or tablet, just access to the internet and everything else can be performed via a browser. It gives so much possibilities to modify how your child experiences technology. You can create their virtual workshop and playground within only a couple of minutes. All you’ll need to do is connect your Family Link with the account you made for your child and you’re ready to set off!

Easy to Navigate

When it comes to setting your child’s account and fine-tuning their experience, you’ll be glad to find out that it doesn’t take to much time and is pretty easy to do. To set Family Link you’ll need to create a Google account for your loved one and set the parameters you want on the Family Link account itself. It’s easy to navigate and everyone can do it whether you’re a tech savvy parent or don’t know much about technology. So how long does it take to set Google Family Link account? Roughly around 15 minutes as you’ll need two accounts – one for your child and one for you to manage their activity.

A Variety of Practical Features

You can lock or unlock their device so it’s good for limiting their access to tablets, phones or other devices during study periods. You’ll also have access to their browsing history as well as the messaging, social and other similar software. Another great feature that you’ll find quite helpful is that you can set their daily limit for using their device as well as lock it for bedtime. By entering settings and editing daily limit, they’ll have a limited amount of time on that particular device. So if they’re using a tablet and a laptop, the daily limit won’t be divided to those two devices but rather separate for each.  You’ll know exactly what they are doing at every moment. And these are only some of the features that Family Link offers. It’s safe to say that it’s great for parents due to it’s practicality and wide range of features.

General Benefits

With more than one way of managing your child’s apps, media and content in general, you’ll have the freedom of fine-tuning their skills, filtering their searched content, approving or disapproving downloads, etc. For example, you can set the account to notify you whenever your child wants to download a game from Google Store that isn’t in your list of approved apps. Once they start the download you’ll get a notification and have two options – to approve or decline their request. But that isn’t all. If your child already has access to some games or apps, but they’re spending too much time on them, you can initiate a shutdown. Don’t worry they’ll get notified that the app will be shut down in 5 minutes. This way they won’t be interrupted immediately and have fewer arguments to be dissatisfied.

When Will My Child Have Their Own Account?

Generally speaking, there are no age restrictions. You decide when your child is ready to use a smartphone, tablet or any other device that has access to the internet. However, they can’t make an account on their own if they aren’t withing eligible age for your county. So if your toddler boy or girl had enough playing with toy phones and gadgets of this sort, and you think that it’s time to get a real smartphone, the only thing left to do is set Family Link and set some ground rules for using by accessing settings. They’ll have limited access to most apps and software. For example, you can set filters for Youtube and the content that they might search. However, this method doesn’t guarantee that some content that might not be suitable for their age get through. That’s why it’s always advisable to set notifications on for their activity. Every time they want to watch a video, download an app for Google Play or use third-party software you’ll be notified.

So until your child is old enough to be eligible for creating their own account, you’ll be responsible for managing their activities and setting limits to their exploration of the internet. Once they are old enough, depending on your country, they’ll be able to create their own Google account or use the existing one and allow you to filter their content and have control over their actions.

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Managing App Restrictions

If you’re wondering how to use Google Family Link to set a restriction to your kid’s use of apps and available software, here’s an explanation. This might be the most praised feature, so naturally, you want to know exactly how it works. Don’t worry it’s not as difficult as it might sound.

You can set a restriction on your Family Link account or directly from Family Link website. Although you’ll have limited options on the website, it’s good to know that if you forget your phone or don’t want to bother signing in, you can fine-tune settings directly from another device.

The first thing that you need to do to manage app restriction is going to your profile and under App section locate those you want your child to use. Next, tap on the one you want and set the allow option on or off. This will make it available or unavailable for use on your child’s phone and account.

Changing the permission to use app or software is a bit more complicated but still doable. Go to Device, then view settings, and click on app permissions. After you navigate your way there, all you need to do is set the permission on “Child and Parents” or “Only Parents”. The first option allows your child to allow permission to apps that they want to install. You’ll know which ones as you always get a notification. The second permission setting allows you to be in total control over which apps get downloaded on their phone. Note that these settings only apply for future downloads. So if your child tries to access an app that you already denied before, they won’t be able to.

Having these and similar features while using technology definitely helps parents filter the content their kids or teens have access to on their devices. It’s great for introducing smartphones to young kids as well as monitoring your teen’s activity online. So before you say that kids shouldn’t use smartphones while young because of the potentially harmful content, think again as Family Link allows peace of mind to parents and adequate experience to kids using smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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