15 Microscopes for Children

Featured image of boy with brown hair looking through microscope

15 Microscopes for Children The microscopic world is teeming with life, even though we cannot see it with our naked eye. For that, we must enlist the help of some scientific experiment toys and kits, most notably a microscope. Back in the day, access to lenses was a lot more restricted than it is today. … Read more

15 Personalized Kids Books Reviewed

Featured image of father and daughter reading book on bed

15 Personalized Kids Books While kids are immensely curious, it’s not always easy to direct this curiosity towards something useful, or to keep it there long enough for the child to actually benefit from the experience. Personalized children’s books provide you with a practical and elegant way to do just that.  These simple but engaging … Read more

15 Best Toddler Crayons Reviewed

Featured image of girl drawing with crayons on grass

15 Best Toddler Crayons Getting your child their first pack of crayons will mark the start of a wonderful period. By expressing through drawings, scribbles and crafts your child will improve their creativity, imagination as well as some of the cognitive skills that allow them to become better at problem-solving as well. They’ll practice hand-to-eye … Read more

15 Science Kits for Kids

Featured image of boy and girl playing with chemistry set

15 Science Kits for Kids Every child has a unique taste whether for food, type of entertainment or anything else. It is what defines them and builds their character. So if you noticed that your little one has a special taste for toys or that regular toys aren’t really catching their attention, you might want … Read more

15 Craft Sets for Kids and Toddlers

Featured image of little girl playing with paint on hands

15 Craft Sets for Kids and Toddlers Allowing your kid to set their imagination and creativity free in the shape of arts and crafts will help their cognitive development in more ways than you can imagine (…get it?). Holding a crayon, pencil or paintbrush in a deliberate way will increase their coordination and fine motor … Read more

15 Best Kids Sewing Machines

Featured image of mother and daughter using sewing machine

15 Best Kids Sewing Machines It’s difficult to find a person who can sew these days, as sewing has become a skill that only a few devote their time to. It’s even more difficult to find a child who can sew, as parents usually object to children playing with needles and scissors. Still, sewing is … Read more

Best Potty Books for Toddlers

Featured image of adorable toddler boy on the potty

Best Potty Books for Toddlers Knowing how and when to start guiding your little one towards potty time is a process that you need to master as a parent. Because if not you’ll have difficulties explaining why it’s important to go about this business on their own when the time comes. Being that they are … Read more

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