16 Educational Cartoons for Toddlers and Kids

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The time of cartoon marathons has begun for your little one. Now you can finally play some of the most memorable cartoons from your childhood, or new ones, that will educate and help your child progress. Whether it’s expanding the vocabulary by teaching new terms, making math interesting, teaching about family values, or culture, cartoons for early age should be entertaining and educational at the same time. But these days there are too many cartoons for babies, toddler boys or girls and older kids and you can’t review them all by yourself to determine whether they’ll actually learn something from them. That’s why we made a list to help you pick the most appropriate cartoon tailored to suit their interests.

Cyber Chase

The futuristic setting goes hand in hand with developing creativity and imagination in this modern cartoon recommended for kids above five. The cartoon follows a gang of braniacks in their adventures where they use math to overcome obstacles and complex problems. Educational cartoons usually promote the development of crucial skills, in this case is problem solving skills. Next to that, your child will also learn basic math while exploring space with the protagonists.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Inspired by the original series “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” this cartoon follows a cute tiger Daniel, as he explores his neighborhood in various scenarios. Every day, 4-year-old tiger Daniel dresses himself in his cute little outfit before going on an adventure. Your little one will learn valuable life lessons as they follow star of this amazing kids show on his everyday adventures. If you’re working on your younglings manners as well as improving his social skills , this show will prove to be extremely helpful.

Nutri Ventures

With obesity on the rise, it’s always a great idea to start teaching young minds  about nutrition and healthy food. This cartoon for 6+ boys and girls follows four heroes as they traverse through food kingdoms and learn about nutritive “powers” of each food type they find. Their goal? To bring healthy food to their hometown and learn as much as they can about nutrition. Heroes of this show, Theo, Ben, Leo and Nina, help children learn the importance of a good diet and healthy food in the most entertaining way possible. One of the best kids learning cartoons out there for sure!

Sid the Science Kid

If your little one ran out of shows that features science and question the world around us in the best possible way then Sid the Science Kid is the perfect choice for him. Intended for 3 to 6 year old girls and boys, this show lets your child get answers for hardest “why” questions. The main protagonist Sid, who aspires to become a stand-up-comedian one day, ask most interesting questions and provides adequate answers. Things like why do bananas become polka dot fruits after left for too long become clear as your child find answers to this and many other questions.

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Ask The Storybots

If you want only the best kid shows for your little one why not aim for those that got Emmy Awards like Ask The Storybots on Netflix? Truly a wonderful interpretation of using modern technology in a fun and entertaining way. The show is intended for 3 to 8 year old kids.  Ask The Storybots let’s your child get answers to interesting questions with team 341B. Their mission? To explore our world and answer daily questions that your kid will love to hear and learn about many things along the way. This show is a perfect example how we can help our youth get a better understanding of how internet works and what it can be used for.

Word World

Is your little one struggling with reading, writing or alphabet in general? If so than this show is just the thing for them. Allow your little one to enter a world where every character is made out of letters and learn how to solve problems with words. It’s definitely promotes a healthy approach to problems solving, and teaches our youngsters words and proper communication. The show is intended for boys and girls above 3 years old, so whether you’re preparing your child for preschool or want to start early with alphabet, this show will educate them and entertain at the same time.

Max and Ruby

They’re bunnies and they are siblings. What more can you want from a kids show? These bunnies share everything, teach about love, communication, and family values. Being that 3+ is the intended age range for this show, you’ll be safe to play it to your toddler as well. As the main protagonists go from one adventure to another in their friendly bunny world, both your and your little one will enjoy every moment as the emphasis here is on love and caring  for one another. One of most highly praised educational cartoons for kids.

Paw Patrol

Enter a K-9 world with your child and enjoy in hartworming adventures of paw patrol team. Led by a tech-savvy boy named Roy, a team of six rescue dog show how no task is to difficult if you work together in their Paw Patrol adventures. Working on protecting their community, the protagonists in this show teach youngsters imaginative play, problem solving and many other skills. Colorful environment and warm characters will definitely get your child’s attention while teaching them a thing or two about loyalty, friendship and teamwork. The show is for kids of 3 and above age.

Elena of Avalor

She the first latina Disney princes and she has some important leadership lessons for your child. It’s a classic princess storytale, with kingdoms, magic and spells. If your girl loves toys inspired by Disney princesses, then by all means get her this cartoon that teaches friendship, equality, compassion and how to be the example. Being that it features some concepts that are understandable for older toddlers, this show is recommended for kids above 5 years old. So get your copy today and enjoy with your little princess in these stunning adventures.

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Super Why

Another great kids show that teaches letters, terms and how to communicate properly. The show is intended for kids of age 3-7, so no matter is your little on just started toddling or is ready for school, this cartoon will always bring joy and entertainment to your home. The adventures follow four friends with special reading abilities. From the moment you see the first scene both you and your youngling will start to love characters, their adventures and everything about them.

Wonder Pets

When  Linny the guinea pig, Ming-ming the duckling and Tuck the turtle meet, they make the best animal rescue team ever. These cute characters travel the world as they teach problem solving skills, teamwork and the importance of friendship. The show is intended for kids above three although it’s geared towards preschoolers. So if your kid loves animals, and what child doesn’t, you’ll have plenty of quality material to entertain and educate them with this amazing kids show.


Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin share one thing among each other – their incredible imagination and their love for exploration. They are the main protagonists in a kids show called Backyardigans and your child will absolutely love them the moment they start watching. Every child above four is invited to tag along and join on their imaginative exploration of their backyard. The show promotes exploration, imagination, creative thinking and so many more crucial skills.

Wild Kratts 3-12

Wild Kratts, show intended for kids aged 3-12, discovers a world of mystery adventure and exotic animals in the most exciting way possible. Animated versions of Kriss and Martin Kratt, hosts of “Kratt’s Creatures” and “Zoobomafo”, go on an adventure each episode and show various types of animals, big and small, common and uncommon. Each episode is fun, filled with humor and extremely educational and entertaining. Your kid will definitely love this show.

Go Diego Go

Show your kid what it means to be a real hero with this amazing show. Diego Marquez is actually Dora the Explorer’s  cousin, so if you loved that show you’ll definitely want to get this one for your child. Is shows the importance of treating our surrounding and treating everyone equally. So travel along with Diego and discover a world of colorful animals, care and love. The show is recommended for kids above the age of 3. So you will actually encourage your toddler to explore and be the animal person as soon as they acquire the ability to crawl and toddle. It’s the perfect show for their development.

LIttle Einsteins

Leo, Annie, Quincy and June are little Einsteins and they can teach your toddler everything they need to know about science, math and so much more. It’s a kids show intended for preschoolers, although any boy or girl above 4 can watch it, that promotes nature exploration, different culture, arts and other important concepts for a young developing mind. Educational cartoons for toddlers are meant to be entertaining and to teach children about various stuff. This one does exactly that in the best possible way.


A great educational cartoon that follows Arthur as he explains how to deal with modern problems that kids are encountering these days, like bullies, homework, traumas, etc. It’s a great way to show to your kids that there’s a way to handle everything using only words. They’ll learn a lot about compassion, friendship and how to solve complex social issues. It’s intended for youngsters between ages of 4 and 8.

All of the above shows are great to teach our children about various concepts, how to be a better person and important life lessons. They are both entertaining and educational so the only thing you’ll have to do is find the one that suits their interest the most. We know we haven’t covered other mainstream ones like, for instance, SpongeBob Squarepants. But we’ll get back to others in the future. We promise 🙂

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

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