Catherine Evans

For someone who really likes to sleep, I don’t have much time to do that. You ask why? Well, because I like my work more than I actually like to sleep. Plus, my work helps me escape to imaginary places and see and talk about the things I adore and always wanted to do.

You’ve probably guessed it, but just to make it clear, my work consists of writing. No, I am not a professional writer or a novelist who is going to change the world with their work. Rather, I am here to help people make decisions and do what is best in various situations in life. Or to simply give people a piece of my mind and entertain them.

Catherine Evans

As I was growing up, imaginary worlds like that one from the Bladerunner were the things that drove me into writing and exploring things through words, since I cannot really jump to the future and see how it all works out for us.

Besides being really devoted to writing, I love all kinds of toys. I did so since I was a child, and that is how I ended up collecting some of the best LEGO sets, and many other collectible action figures and superhero figurines (yes, I am a geek like that). So, it is not a coincidence and I love writing about toys and choosing the best ones for mothers and fathers to buy for their young little ones.

No toy is different, but all of them can bring much joy to the one who is holding them; especially if they are allowing you to be in your own imaginary world where everything can be as you want it to be.

When I am not writing (or thinking about which collectible to buy next) I love exploring the internet like most of us do and, above all, I love my “me time”. Since I am hard working, goal-driven and always on the go, I need that time of the day when I will pour myself a glass of best Canadian wine, get my favorite Philip K. Dick book, and completely letting myself go and relax.

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