2 Year Old Development Milestones for Boys and Girls

Featured image of cute toddler eating birthday cake

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. The whirlwind of responsibility and unpredictability alone can render any reasonable person insane, but it seems that persevering through every ordeal and each obstacle is a virtue embedded in our genetics, more or less. After all, humanity is still going strong. However, every reasonable parent will take … Read more

Why Do Kids Bully Other Kids

Featured image of crying girl in white being bullied

When the topic of bullying is brought up, most parents think about how horrible it would be if their child was bullied, sometimes forgetting about the other, equally realistic and unsettling option, that their child is actually bullying others. Even though our sympathies will usually be on the side of kids who are getting mistreated, … Read more

The Spooktacular History of Halloween for Kids + Halloween Facts

Featured image of children in halloween costumes trick-or-treating

As the end of October approaches, kids prepare their costumes for trick & treating, while every adult stacks their candy supplies. It’s the time of the year when the neighborhood transforms into a spectral ambient with pumpkins on every corner, spider web on the porch, and Halloween accessories in every backyard.  But what does Halloween … Read more

How to Help Baby Walk Independently?

Featured image of parents teaching baby to walk on beach

Teaching a baby to walk is a wonderful experience. It begins from the moment they start showing interest to learn until they actually do it. There are several stages through which your little one will go through until they’re walking on their own. Your role as a parent is to support, help and praise them … Read more

Diaper Change Tips: How to Change a Diaper

Featured image of smiling mother changing baby diaper

The first diaper change is a dreaded experience for most new parents, so don’t despair; you’re not alone in your fear of having a messy blow-out. It can be especially stressful if you have no idea what you’re doing, and there’s no one experienced around to help you out. That being said, just like burping, … Read more

One Year Old Milestones for Boys and Girls

Featured image of smiling baby crawling on floor

From a newborn to a one-year-old child, there are a lot of behavioural, mental as well as physical milestones that your child will go through. Over a period when they were a helpless infant to a developing little person that’s starting to manifest character, you’ll enjoy every moment seeing them conquer each of these goals. … Read more

A Parent’s Review of Toy Story 4

Featured image of family with two children watching movie on tablet

All the kids love a great adventure of toys and their favorite heroes, so it’s no wonder that the fourth sequel exists today! Not to mention how all the 90s kids are thrilled that they can once again see their childhood heroes on the big screen, but that’s not whos this is all about. All … Read more

16 DIY Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Featured image of happy children running in costumes

Planning a Halloween party is always a challenge for parents; regardless of how many times they’ve done it in the past. As a parent, you ought to surprise your young one each year with a unique party idea or else you risk having to deal with tantrums and moody kids.  If you’re struggling to come … Read more

15 Halloween Snacks to Make With Your Kids

Featured image of two children at table with food playing with pumpkins

With Halloween just around the corner, it doesn’t come as a surprise that kids are brimming with excitement. For adults, Halloween is for watching scary movies and perhaps going to a couple of costume parties, but for kids, it’s all about candy. Parents want their children to have fun on Halloween, but they don’t want … Read more

15 Halloween Activities for Toddlers

Featured image of four children at table on halloween

Are you excited about Halloween? We know we have a few more weeks to go, but kids and adults all over the world can’t wait for this eerie holiday and all that it brings along. Parents can find themselves confused and afraid not to overstep the line: what are appropriate Halloween activities for kids of … Read more

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