Your Child’s Personality Development Stages and How to Handle it

As your baby grows, you’ll notice that her behavior changes depending on how the day has passed. Every action gets a reaction as a response, and a young mind can learn this pretty fast. You will notice a lot of different moods and they are all linked to how their brain processes information and emotions …

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Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones on Children

Hardly anyone can say that smartphones haven’t brought a plethora of benefits into our world. Being able to stay connected with your friends and family, the ease of communication and the access to all knowledge of the world’s encyclopedias and libraries at our fingertips.  But, just like with any other technological leap, those benefits come …

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5 Helpful Self-Esteem Activities for Kids

Every parent wants to raise a well-rounded child with all the important qualities that will prepare them for the “grown-up” world. One of the most important traits to nurture during your child’s upbringing is self-esteem. Having good self-esteem will help your child face problems, overcome difficulties, explore new interests and take healthy risks.   Solid foundations for …

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How to Help Your Autistic Child to Sleep Better?

Sleep disorders can appear in every human being at any age. There is a relatively solid number of reasons why irregularity of sleep pattern occurs in individuals with normal cognitive capability. Both geneticists and physicists worldwide agree on this list of reasons, most of which are identical in cases of individuals with autism spectrum disorder. …

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How to Create a Safe and Stimulating Environment for Your Baby

Welcoming your newborn is always an exciting period, full of preparations and deciding what will be the very best for them. Given that the earliest stages of our lives influence our later development, parents put a lot of effort in creating a stimulating and nurturing environment for their little ones.  Before listing the practical ways of …

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8 Best Show and Tell Ideas for Kids

Featured image of smiling girl in white and yellow superhero costume

Show and tell activities are quite essential for your youngster’s progress in the educational system as well as for their social skills development, self-esteem, and personal development as well. It’s the perfect exercise that if presented in the right age does wonders for their mind. Your kid will learn how to express themselves properly, address …

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