When Do Babies Become Ticklish?

Featured image of happy father tickling baby

No matter who you are and what you do, you have been involved in a tickle fight at least a few times in your life. It could have been with your siblings, friends, relatives or parents, but there were times when you laughed your guts out and had a hard time catching your breath. This … Read more

How to Clean Corroded Battery Contacts in Toys

Image of boy and train

Battery-powered toys are great due to many reasons, but they also tend to be a nuisance sometimes, especially if you don’t devote a bit of time to maintenance. It’s all fine and dandy while the toy works as intended, but the situation can turn south quite quickly because of corroded battery contacts. Corrosion is a … Read more

Playing Music for Baby in Womb – Influence Positively Your Child’s Development

Featured image of couple playing music to baby in womb

Music has a long tradition of being connected to all-things-wonderful, so the fact we link it to our children’s speedy and healthy development doesn’t really come as a surprise. In fact, it is not only our children’s development we’re talking about here. With an increasing body of scientific research, we are now lead to believe … Read more

How to Teach Your Kids to Swim

Featured image of father teaching son swimming

It’s never to early to learn how to swim and that is why you should start teaching your kids this skill as early as you wish. If they know how to swim they can spend summers in the most fun way – splashing in the pool, a day at the beach, playing games with their … Read more

What is Stem Education and Why Does it Matter?

Featured image of stem education

No matter what country, religion, or social stand you come from, you have surely heard about STEM at some point of your life. During college or through some personal educational program, you probably used Science, Technology, Engineering or Math methods without even knowing. So what is STEM and why is it so important? A great … Read more

Playing with LEGOs and Child Development

Featured image of baby playing with legos on floor

We’re all aware that LEGOs are a lot of fun, and it’s not hard to figure out that they are great for developing creativity as well, but does it end there? Not by a long shot! These fantastic little blocks will help your kid learn to count, teach them about colors, as well as improve … Read more

When Do Babies Start Playing with Toys?

Featured image of mother and child playing

If you’ve recently become a parent, you’ve probably already gotten used to the new way of life that comes with taking care of a small human. There’s most likely a clear routine to your day, consisting of eating, changing diapers and sleeping as much as possible. Now that you’ve gotten a hold of that, you … Read more

When Do Babies Learn to Crawl

Featured image of happy couple and baby girl

The long awaited activity is just around the corner. Your little one is finally approaching a period of increased motor function and further development of motor function. In a matter of weeks your baby girl or baby boy will start to crawl and strengthen upper body part to traverse horizontally as far as her exploration … Read more

What Is Family Link Google and How to Use It?

Featured image of family looking at tablet

Technological advancements are helping us in many aspects of our social and business life. It allows quick and efficient access to a base of knowledge we’ve accumulated so far. With every device connected to the internet, we can progress, learn and find almost anything that interests us at the moment. Introducing technology to your child … Read more

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