Best Videos and Songs for Three-Year-Olds

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Aside from being a lot of fun, music can provide a world of benefits for kids in developmental terms. It boosts their cognitive and emotional development and enhances their gross motor skills through dance and engaging musical toys. Thankfully, nowadays, music is more accessible than ever, with streaming services and websites like YouTube and Vimeo, … Read more

14 Father-Son Bonding Activities and Ideas

Featured image of father carrying son on shoulders with raised arms

Being a good father is a very important thing. Many fathers spend most of their time at work during the years and devote less and less time to their sons. Through father son bonding, fathers help their sons become mature and responsible people, persons with integrity. They teach them to make the right decisions, form healthy … Read more

7 Life Lessons in SpongeBob

Featured image of spongebob hot air balloons flying with others

Every child knows about SpongeBob, as it’s one of the most popular shows for younglings. But just because it’s intended for younger audiences, it shouldn’t be deprived of life lessons. The goal is to be as educational as possible. And this show surely does that most spectacularly.  The absurdly positive cartoon  about a sea sponge … Read more

How Do I Know If My Child Has ADHD

Featured image of little girl with ADHD playing with toys on floor

You’ve probably already heard the term ADHD or ADD, and it’s no wonder since the media and people like throwing around that term too often. Some people are really concerned that ADHD may be diagnosed too frequently and that children are treated with medication for various kinds of behaviors or simple toddler tantrums. On the … Read more

7 Best Speech Activities for Toddlers at Home

From the moment you realize that the baby is forming inside the stomach you’ll want to communicate any way you can. You’ll start by commenting when the baby is kicking, and before you know it you’ll be talking to your baby even though you are aware of the fact that she can’t understand you yet. … Read more

How to Overcome Your Toddlers Fear of the Dark?

Being a great parent that’s always there for their child requires patience, dedication, and love. From the moment they are able to speak and express their thoughts and emotions they’ll have a pretty large list of questions. Questions that only you should be able to answer. One of these dilemmas that they might have is … Read more

How to Teach a Kid to Throw a Baseball Like a Pro

Spending time with your kid is important for their progress in terms of sociability, perfecting their motor skills and developing an interest in certain hobbies and activities. Being that baseball is a pretty popular American sport, chances are that your kid is into it and wants to learn a thing or two about throwing and pitching, especially if … Read more

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