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Having a water guns party or a standoff for the first time when you’re a kid was probably a pretty memorable moment. We tend to keep these memories close to our heart even later in adulthood. 

Because happy childhood is sometimes determined by the type of toys you have, you probably want to get the best ones for your kid as well that are powerful at reaching great feet distances. But when it comes to best water guns, you want to make sure that they are they right fit for your little toddler girls and boys. Otherwise, he might lose interest in taking part in these iconic moments that bring kids together in amazing ways.

To help you with the dilemma of choosing the best toy gun for your youngling, here’s a list of best water guns for kids that you’ll definitely help you make the right choice.

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Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire Blaster

Freezefire Blaster is the best water toy for your kid. It is one of the best from this series of Nerf water guns, and it has perfect performance. 

If your kid is looking for a light, toy-like water gun, that has an extra kick and pretty fair range, than you should definitely get him this one. When pumping these guns, they can shoot up to distance of 38 feet, and can hold up to 23 ounces. 

But that’s not all. When your little rascal needs some extra boost in firepower, he can add ice and blast away with real force. 

The toy gun is perfect for girls and boys above 6 although 5-year-old boys can use the blaster as well, as long as there’s an adult to oversee their action packet standoffs.


  • Has additional firing mode
  • Pretty decent range
  • Light and durable

Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Torpedo Bow

f your kid isn’t impressed with even the best guns then this Nerf Super Soaker might just be the right fit for him. 

It looks like a composite bow, the sophisticated looking bow, and has 2 nerf missiles that can soak water to deliver powerful a powerful blast. 

How to use it? Simply soak the sponge-like missile and let it absorb it. Once that’s done, the bow is ready to shoot. Place the missile on the middle of the bow and pull the back part. 

The missiles can hold up to 22 fluid ounces, and deliver a punch at a distance of 30 feet. It’s not difficult to use and super fun to shoot with. However, no trigger that kids like pulling.


  • Cool build
  • Unconventional shooting style
  • Pretty decent range

Balnore Water Gun Soaker

This ultimate water gun definitely looks like a space weapon and with so many water nozzles you kid will have plenty of fun using it. 

Its complex look allows more water storing capacity, up to 40 fl oz, more firepower, easily accessible tank, easy-to-push trigger and sturdy grip handle making it one of the best ones on the market. 

When it comes to playing with it, you’ll find that kids prefer no other toy than this amazing water pistol. The air pressure control system that allows shooting projectiles up to 32 feet, doesn’t require much strength to use. 

This means that everyone can use these guns and add some serious firepower to their water gun standoffs. But that’s not all, another thing that separates this water gun from the rest is its slip resistant grip. This significantly increases its fire rate.


  • Slip resistant grip
  • Features 4 nozzles
  • Increased range

Water Soaker Blaster 1100cc High Capacity Pistol Long Range

Unlike any other soaker mean machine, this one doesn’t need air pressure system to work. Instead it uses batteries to allow two firing modes- single fire and continuous stream.

The water capacity of the water blaster can hold up to 1100CC, which allow you to fight without constant water. High capacity provides endless fun for kids and adults.

Your kids will love the fact that they don’t need to pump air every time before they fire, which gives them quite an advantage in water fights. 

Once they get close enough to their target, they can hold the trigger and blast them with continuous flow. 

This water gun is pretty straightforward to use, just fill the water tank, insert two batteries on the bottom of the handle and it’s ready to go


  • Doesn’t need air pressure to fire
  • You can fire water gun with a continuous stream of water
  • Lightweight and pretty handy

Liberty Imports Battery Operated Water Gun

This transparent water gun will bring plenty of joy to your little one in every water fight and standoff. Perfect build and plenty of features. First of all, this is a battery powered water gun. So you don’t have to pump it. 

You’ll need two AA batteries to fire with the water blaster. And your kid will love the fact that the tank in the machine gun is in the cartridge. It’s straightforward to use, simply fill the cartridge with water and insert it in the water gun. 

These guns shoot several water projectiles and they are effective at mid distance (the blast reaches up to 25 feet). 

Kids using this blaster will always know how much they have left to finish the guns water fight. And if you get two of these guns, kids will be able to switch cartridges without having to stop the fight to refill.


  • Easy to use
  • Cool transparent look
  • Uses batteries

900cc High Capacity Blaster Squirt for Summer Swimming Pool

Why get only one toy gun when you can get two for the price of one. These iBaseToy water guns come in two sizes. 

One for adults and one for kids. Both toys are extremely fun and not difficult to use. They feature tanks that allow storing up to 37 fluid ounces. 

Both toys have a perfect air pressure system that allows them to fire water projectiles up to 40 feet. Having two best water guns for awesome outdoor fun allows you to play with your kids and make their childhood even more memorable.

 They’re light, durable and great for pool parties, beach activities, etc. But that’s not all, you can also add ice to make hot summer a bit more bearable.


  • Instead of one you get two toys
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Practical and easy to use

JOYIN 2 Pack Super Water Blaster

Cool look, two toys for the price of one, and a good reach of water projectile. Simple to use, just pump and fire! 

These toys are an asset that every kid should have for pool parties. Both guns work on the same principle, and can store up to 25 fluid ounces each. 

It can reach up to 35 feet which for allows superb firepower and reach. Your toddler boys will love them, and if you got twins, than this is the toy to get for them as they are identical and equally awesome! 

Great price and detailed design. This is the right choice for every family that loves water activities.


  • Two for the price of one
  • Cool, detailed design
  • Light and durable

JUOIFIP 2 Pack Water Gun 1400 CC

One of the things that makes this gun one of the best and so special is it’s unique look. Finally, girls will be able to have their own water gun that fits their character. 

With mild pink and blue colors this toy really fits every girl. So if you have daughters that love to participate in water gun activities during those summer days, this is one of the best water guns for girls! It features classic pump & shoot system that allows it to fire projectiles up to 35 feet. 

Next to that the water capacity is around 33 fluid ounces. With guns with this range, capacity and easy to handle design your girls will be the champions of every pool or beach water gun activity.


  • Decent distance
  • Cool, girlish look
  • Great for any water activity

Water Blaster Gun 1200 CC

This water gun toy is for those that hate refilling water tanks every couple of shoots. The fact that it has easily accessible water tank that can store around 36 fluid ounces, which is more than most toys can store, is what will make it your child’s favorite toy this summer. 

And with the range of 32 feet this gun can outmatch any other in a water fight. It’s made from durable ABS plastic, but despite it’s thick composure it’s fairly light. It has adjustable straps that are not difficult to use. 

A neat trick to keep those guns water fights even longer is to keep a bottle water that matches the capacity of the tank. This way, your kid will be able to refill in a moment.


  • Large tank
  • Light but durable
  • Adjustable straps

Toy fire extinguishers

Another unconventional build and one of the best options makes this blaster perfect for kids that love pool parties, but aren’t interested that much in classic water toy activities. 

Shaped as a fire extinguisher, this toy makes water fight extremely fun and intense. You get two fire extinguisher toys and two whistles to add more fun! If you’re wondering if it lacks distance, the answer is no. 

It can fire up to 20 feet. So get these water toys for your kids if they aren’t really that much into classic water gun toys and watch them have fun all day long. 

They are not difficult to use, just pump and fire. They are great gifts for Halloween too, as you kids can dress up as firefighters and get the most treats with these waterguns in their hands.


  • Cool model
  • Fun and not difficult to use
  • Decent range

Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Gun

Every two-year-old will love this firefighting set that makes pool parties, beach activities and other summer games with water guns even more fun. 

It features a water tank made from 3 canisters joined together, a firefighter’s helmet, and of course a gun. This set is great for bath time as well. If you’re wondering about its performance, it can outmatch most of mediocre water squirt blasters. 

With distance of up to 29 feet this water toy is practical, easy to use water splasher that every kid will want in a fire fight. The tank features easily adjustable straps so your child won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it. 

And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t leak. This means that your kid’s clothes will stay dry, that its until he gets blasted in a water fight.


  • Ingenious build
  • Decent range
  • Easy to use

Stream Machine DB-1500

Stream Machine DB-1500 Double Barrel Water Launcher will provide action packed, intense, incredibly fun water fights into your little one’s life. 

It can reach up to 70 feet and when it comes to “firepower” this puppy knows how to deliver powerful blasts. It has one front and one back handle. It’s incredibly easy to use – it simply submerge it and pull the handle to fill both barrels instantaneously. 

That’s how straightforward it is to use this water toy! There is however, a downside. It doesn’t have a large water tank to store liquid for extended fights. 

It’s a single use shotgun-like toy that fires powerful water flows at an impressive range. It’s great for pool parties being that you’ll need to refill every time you shoot.


  • Outstanding reach
  • Powerful blast
  • Cool design

Stream Machine QF-2000

Stream Machine QF-2000 is the ultimate water toy if you’re looking for precision, speed and distance. 

This incredibly effortless to use water gun can shoot pretty thick water flows, at a range of around 70 feet. Pretty impressive right? But that’s not all. With barrel length of 35 inches, your kid will be the most precise sharpshooter in the neighborhood. 

This toy comes in a variety of colors and is pretty easy to use. Simply fill the batter and fire. That’s why it’s great for pool parties, as having a source of water next to you in water fights is crucial for this gun. 

Although it has single shoot, it’s pretty powerful, precise and allows quite a reach. So if you want to add to your child’s arsenal, get him this powerful water toy and you won’t regret it.


  • Super easy to use
  • Great look
  • Amazing reach

Nerf Super Soaker Zombie Strike

Another sophisticated water gun with impressive features. First and obvious thing that makes it one of the best is that it’s made from quality material. 

That’s what makes it so durable, but also quite safe for kid’s use. It’s easy to use, has a sturdy handle and features not one but two barrels, that allow you to soak your targets with two streams at a distance of 30 feet. 

Water tank lights up when filled with water, but most importantly it can hold up to 24 fluid ounces of water. 

Zombie Strike Super Soaker is the ultimate water toy for those hot summer days, pool parties, or any other summertime activity. Your boy will definitely love the construction and its cool look and you’ll love the fact that he’s having more fun than ever!


  • Detailed design
  • Easy to use
  • Two water streams

Betheaces Water Guns for Kids

This is the simplest form of water toy, yet it provides so much fun that your kids will love them the moment they set eyes on them. 

It’s shaped as a tube, and it’s incredibly easy to use. All you’ll need to do is submerge it and pull the handle. 

The foam water blaster will do the rest. It shoots water streams at a range of 30 feet. Although it’s a single-fire water gun, it makes up with blast power for it’s fire rate. 

And the best thing about this particular toy is that you’ll be able to bring it every time you go to the beach or pool. 

You won’t even notice that it’s there, as it doesn’t take too much space. You can place the blaster in your summer pack and still have room for other essential things that you need for a family trip.



  • Simple build
  • Easy to use
  • Fair range

How to Choose The Right Water Gun or Water Blaster?

Choosing the best possible water gun or water blaster for your little one can be tough. Especially when you don’t really know what type of water pistol or gun they want, which style they prefer or what features to focus on. Being that boys love their toy guns, they won’t be satisfied with just about any water gun as well. To help you with your dilemma, here are some tips that should help you choose the best water gun for your little one.

Detailed Design

A water gun has to have a quality build. This determines its performance, how “cool” it will look in the eyes of your kid, and how useful it will be in a water fight. So look for those with not necessarily complex construction, but a design that shows quality features and high performance.

Fire Mode

Most water blasters have an additional firing mode next to the conventional. Either that or they have by default a different firing method. Pay attention to double barrel water blasters, those with 4 nozzles or anything out-of-the-ordinarie when it comes to shooting style. Also look for those that can use ice cubes or ice balls as well. This will add excitement to their water activities for sure.

Water Capacity

This just might be the most important feature to look for when aiming for the best water gun for your kid. A good water blaster should have a decent water capacity, so that they won’t need to refill every couple of shots. So look for those toy gun that have a larger compartment that most. Aiming for water compartment that can hold more than 25 fluid ounces of water is a recommended.

Criteria We Used

We tend to make sure that the products in our picks are really the best of that class. To do that we made a criteria that governs how good the features must be on a product for it to enter our list. This way we eliminate those with lesser quality and ensure that your children get nothing but the best, top-quality toys that will bring joy and excitement into their lives.

Safe for Use

Every product from our top picks must be made from quality, non-toxic material that safe for use in every scenario. If the products are made from plastic we aim towards ABS type of plastic which is of higher quality than most types.

Quality Design

There nothing that implies that the product is perfect more than a quality design. That’s exactly why we tend to place items on our list of recommended toys that are great in design. It shows that it’s practical, safe for use and durable.

Entertaining Potential

Toys must be entertaining enough to end up on our list. We know that a child’s attention span can be short. That’s why toys that we recommend have high entertaining potential. They are easy to use and will keep your kids entertained for an extended period of time.


Can I use ice to fill the water tank it my water blaster?

Not all water toys have a feature that allows adding ice in their water compartment. Some models can use ice while others cant. Look for the description of the product for specific information such as this.

Which batteries do i us for my water gun?

Most of water toys that run on batteries instead of relying on air pressure system to fire water use AA batteries. Please note that in most cases they don’t come with the toy, so be sure to stack up on battery supplies.

Are these guns save for a two-year-old?

There’s a recommended age for each product. It mostly depends on the force of the water stream that it shoots but also on the complexity of the model and ease of use. Always make sure that your kids age fits the recommended as stated in the description.


With summer season just around the corner it’s crucial that you get the best water guns and water blasters to ensure that they have fun time during pool parties, at the beach or anywhere else where water guns are allowed. So take your pick and get your child the best water gun for this season as they’ll definitely appreciate that you took your time to carefully pick a water gun to add to their arsenal of toys for the summer.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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