Best Toys & Gift Ideas For Toddler Boys

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Getting a perfect gift for your toddler boy is a great way to cheer them up and make their special occasion even more memorable. At first, it might sound easy as we generally know what type of toy toddler boys love to play with.

However, with so many different variations of the same toy model on the market, the idea of a perfect gift might become ambiguous.

Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of selected toys for toddler boys that will definitely serve as a perfect gift or at least give you the right idea what your kid needs.

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Toy Workshop Playset with Interactive Sounds & Lights

Looking for toys for toddler boys that have everything the little one needs? Well, you might’ve found it as this workshop toy set has it all.

If your boy loves playing the handyman and enjoys pretending to fix things with little tool toys, he’ll definitely love this one. 

It features a bunch of gadgets including a screwdriver, wrench, a couple of bolts and a bunch of different-shaped holes and objects to match those holes.

This allows your kid to play in a variety of ways, combine the toys and learn by playing with them. Your kid will have a quality playtime, enjoy flashing multi-color light show and most importantly progress by enhancing their cognitive as well as motor function.


  • Boosts memory capability
  • Increases motor function
  • Enhances cognitive function

BamGo Floating Soccer Ball

This floating soccer ball might not seem to be as entertaining as other toddler boys gifts on the market, but regardless of what we think, your little one will love it.

The secret is in a simple design which allows it to attract the attention of your toddler with flashing lights, while gliding on air as you move it, kick it or interact with it.

What more can you ask for your toddler boy than having this flashy gliding ball for them to kick and chase all across the room? 

The toy soccer ball requires two AA batteries to run, so you won’t spend much to keep it running all day, every day.


  • Keep your toddler entertained for hours
  • Features multi-color lights
  • Doesn’t requires too much power to run

Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car Radio

Having twin toddlers can be a real test for your parenting capabilities. At least in the first couple of months until you find a way to keep them both entertained. 

All the top toys for toddler boys you got for them seem that they aren’t catching their attention, right? Well, if you haven’t found a perfect toy for them yet, you might take a look at this one.

This toy set features two RC cars, one being a police car and the other a race car. This will definitely bring their play sessions to another level. It’s a classic never ending chase where each race can outmaneuver the other one. 

Toy cars feature little figurines of a policeman and a race car driver for full immersion. The controller and toy car require five AA batteries to run, so you should get a couple of batteries in reserve, just in case.


  • Great entertaining potential
  • Boost their reflexed
  • Toddlers develop focus and practice eye tracking

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag

Is your little one eager to express his creative side? If so, this mega block toy set might just be exactly what he needs.

The old pen and paper are a great way to let them develop self-esteem, get to their creativity, and give them a reason for praise which is extremely important. But those are exercises, and your boy won’t be always in a mood for that kind of playtime.

To support his creative side, get him this mega block toy set, and he’ll continue to practice creativity by building amazing structures. 

It’s easy to build and there are countless ways to put these blocks together. It’s just like lego, except it’s suitable for toddlers as it’s not as complex and doesn’t require a guide book.


  • Great for boosting memory
  • Easy to build anything
  • Good for practicing motor skills

Playz 5pc Rocket Ship Astronaut Tent

Tired of taking your toddler to the playroom or searching online for cool toys for toddler boys every time they have a bad day just to cheer them up?

Surely there must be a solution, as you can’t give into their needs every time they want. So why not create a playroom within your home? 

With this portable tent & ball pit, you’ll be to give them the exact feeling of being in a playroom, exploring the tunnels, shooting hoops and enjoying the ball pit.

They won’t know the difference, and the best thing about it is that it’s great for parties. The toy set features one mini tent, a tunnel, a bunch of multicolored balls, a ball pit, and a basketball hoop with a net.


  • They’ll be entertained for hours
  • Other kids and sibling can play along
  • Easy to store

iPlay, iLearn Heavy Duty Construction Site Play Seta

Playing with construction trucks and toy car models is a part of everyone’s childhood. And chances are that your toddler boy will develop interests towards playing with the same type of toys.

If so, it’s time to introduce them to this amazing toy set. It features a heavy-duty construction truck, a bulldozer, and a tractor. 

They’ll undoubtedly have fun playing at home, in their room or on the playground moving sand from one place to another with their new toys.

All three toy models are constructed from quality kid-friendly material like hard rubber, aluminum, and plastic. 

It allows them to get familiar with the actual models of real heavy-duty construction mechanisms. And who knows, in time they might even decide to enter construction business and get their own company.


  • Made from quality material
  • Extremely durable
  • Great design

VATOS Race Tracks for Boys Adventure Car Toys

Good car toys for toddlers of age 1 and above can be hard to find. Mostly due to the material they are made of. 

We want to be perfectly safe leaving our children even for a minute playing with these toys. And with VATOR toddler toy car set we can do just that.

They are designed to entertain toddlers for hours with their easy-to-slide feature, while soft edges allow them to avoid injuries while playing.

Three simple models including a car, train, truck, airplane and a formula. They are all made from kid-friendly and environment-friendly material that 100 % safe. 

Toy set is also educational as you can teach them the name of each vehicle type and associate it with a color.


  • Great for educational purposes
  • Made from 100 % safe-to-use material
  • Easy to use and play with

COSSY Wooden Alligator - Sorter & Pull Toy

It’s extremely important that we help our little ones develop at this age. So the best toys for toddler boys and girls 18 months and up, are the ones that can be used for exercises that are beneficial for their mental growth.

This toy set has the right exercise for your kid to work on his cognitive abilities, as well as motor skills and memory. 

Wooden alligator wearing a hole-filled cylinder to place different-shaped objects in it is a great way to teach your kid to count to five, learn basic geometrical shapes, work on their motor skills and so much more.

It’s a great toy to play with no matter where your kid is. So be sure to bring it wherever you go.


  • Great educational potential
  • Easy to use
  • Made from natural material

Friction Powered Construction Car Toys by GoStock

If you don’t want all too realistic toy replicas of construction vehicles for your toddler to play with this one is the right fit for him.

The toy set features colorful construction machinery toys like a bulldozer, tractor, mixer truck dumper all of which are made from kid-friendly plastic material. 

The edges are soft and smooth and they are lightweight so there’s no room for accidents. Your little one will be safe to play either on the sand, your carpet or any other surface.

The tires on each vehicle have a unique traction pattern which enables them to be all-surface toys. These push & go toys are easy to play with as the name suggests. It’s a must-have toy set and as it enables them to play with other kids and socialize.


  • Made from non-toxic material
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Great design

3 Bees & Me Bath Toy Basketball Hoop & Balls Set

Want to make your bath time even more interesting for your toddler? Every boy loves sports, and when it comes to mixing bathtime with sports activities it’s definitely a must for them.

The classic basketball hoop comes with three plastic balls and a net. The net can be attached or detached from the hoop without difficulties.

Which makes it really easy for you to set it up for them. You can use the hoop during your bathtime by attaching it on the sink, or any other place in your house.

This way your kid will enjoy bath time that much more and you’ll have the time to bathe them appropriately.


  • Water resistant
  • Easy to mount on any surface
  • Great for improving motor skills

Play22 Wooden Train Set 12 pcs

Is there a safer toy for your train-loving toddler than this set of 12 wooden trains? Buying a real train station with tracks and a plastic locomotive is a bit too much for your little boy.

No matter how much he loves trains. However, you have nothing to fear for with this all-wooden train set.

It’s painted with non-toxic paint and the magnets at the end of each cart allow them to connect without a hook or any other sharp extension. 

The best thing about this train toy set is that it comes in a neat wooden box. This way you won’t have problems storing it when your little one stops playing.


  • Safe to use
  • Non-toxic paint
  • Connected with magnets

Playz 500 Soft Plastic Mini Balls Set with 8 Vibrant Colors

Introducing your toddler to a variety of colors is also important for their development. It’s great for a couple of exercises that allow them to work on memory as well as motor skills. Playz 500 comes with a net and a bunch or highly durable plastic balls.

The balls are polished to perfection for a presentable look. They come in eight colors: blue, purple, green, cyan, pink, red, orange and yellow. Having this many balls allows you to create a ball pit for them or simply fill their playroom or a bathtub.

When it comes to durability you’ll be happy to know that each ball can withstand around 150 lb or weight. So even if you do step on some of them you won’t deform them.


  • Extremely durable
  • High-quality colors
  • Great for boosting memory

Ancaixin Toddler Balance Bike with 4 Wheels

Buying a bike for your two-year-old boy might be taking it a bit to much, but a mini toy bike that’s suitable for their age is another story. 

This great toy is perfect for your little adventurer as he’ll learn to ride a bike with ease. This is possible due to double wheels on both ends of the bike.

The bike is safe and stable, and being that it’s made from carbon steel it’s pretty durable as well. The seat is adjustable to a point and fairly comfortable.

Did we mention that the wheels make no noise? That’s right, your kid will finally be able to ride it on any surface without making any noise. 

The handle is covered with a foam-like material that absorbs vibration distribution. It is incredibly easy to fold and unfold. So you can pack it in your car and make it ready in a matter of minutes.


  • Easy to dismantle
  • Made from high-quality carbon steel
  • Wheels don’t make any noise on most surfaces

iPlay, iLearn Musical Turtle Toy

Every kid loves animal sounds, lights, and toys with a bunch of buttons. If your boy loves discovering new sounds, then musical turtle is a perfect fit for him. 

The toy turtle can move on its own with a simple push of a button. The toy has a different-colored button on each leg and another round, easy to notice a button on the top of its shell.

To top it all the shell is covered with light panels so it’s safe to say that your boy will be entertained for days. As with other quality toys of this sort, your kid can learn so much playing with this one.

Recognizing animal sounds and reacting to them is a great way to help them progress faster and develop cognitive function through playtime.


  • Features multiple animal sounds
  • Can move on its own
  • Great design

LEGO Duplo My First Bricks

Let’s admit it, LEGO is a the ultimate building toy set .The only problem is the age restriction. The reason why it’s not recommended for toddlers is because they can ingest smaller pieces which can obviously create problems for their tini, still developing, internal organs.

However, this lego set is made for toddlers, doesn’t features tiny or sharp parts. If your little one is =1 ½ year old or older your safe to get this great toy for him. It’s guaranteed that he’ll have lots of fun building his fantasy castle, imaginary buildings or anything else that pops on his mind.

Every piece is cleverly designed and you can also add sticker to each block to bring the entire construction to life.



  • Great for improving memory
  • Provides countless ways to combine pieces
  • Toddler friendly

How to Choose the Best Toddler Boys Toys and Gifts

Getting to know your little one is a process that lasts.until he hits puberty You, being a responsible parent, will have to spot every little detail in his behavioural pattern throughout the day, including reaction to certain things he likes or doesn’t like, all in favor of understanding your child and getting to know him.

So before you can get the best gift for your toddler try to find out what he’s interested in. Pick a type of toys that you know he would definitely love, then narrow down the list by adding the specifics. Whether he’s shown interest in toy vehicles or super hero toys, by focusing on the details you will come down to a pair of ideas both of which will be tailored to his preferences.

Generally if you’re looking for a great gift idea for a boy that’s 1-4 year old you might try to:

  • Search for toys for a specific age
  • Look for toys that encourage development of motor skills, logic, memory, creativity
  • Focus on quality design and functionality while keeping safety and parental supervision in mind
  • Find out what’s popular
  • Try consulting with other parent’s, family and friends

The idea is to find a gift that’s suitable to his interests, while being educational and practical for conducting exercises for the development of crucial skills for toddlers and boys of this age in general.So if the toy is something that he likes, can be used to teach him how to count, learn colors or anything that’s beneficial for his growth, and is safe for toddlers, then it’s safe to say that you got him the best possible gift.

Criteria We Used

When picking a gift for a toddler boy, getting the age limit right isn’t the only criteria that should b used. Of course, finding a toy that’s intended for use of the exact age group is important but that just the first checkbox.

Gifts that we recommend have passed our criteria test so that you don’t have to think whether it’s safe for your boy’s use or anything else for that matter. Here are some of the things that we pay attention to when recommending gifts for toddler boys.

  • Quality and Standard

BPA Free IconThe toy must be made from quality, non-toxic material that’s 100 % safe for kids use. That means that it’s a product of popular toy company that is known for great design; that it is made from either environmental friendly material or material that’s safe for toddler use ( doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like polyethylene, petroleum-based ingredients, etc.); that the paint or coating isn’t toxic.

  • Educational Potential

Toys that we recommend must also have a function of teaching a toddler important skills with or without the assistance of parents. If the appearance of a toy conveys a message that it can be used to teach a child to think logically, develop and boost cognitive and motor function, or work on any other crucial skill, we’ll recommend it.

  • Safety

The material used isn’t the only thing that determines whether it’s safe for toddler use. There’s only the size and shape of the toy. If the toy has rought, unrefined or otherwise edges that can harm a child at that age, it will never get to our list of recommended toys.Also if the toy has certain tiny parts that can be detached, it will also be classified as unsafe for children’s use.


The best way to check if a particular gift is the right fit for your toddler boy, is to see what other customers had to say. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that parents had regarding the above mentioned toys and their use.

What’s the easiest way to pack the rocket tent and ball pit that i got for my son’s birthday?

There’s a guidebook on how to assemble and disassemble the tent, however you can also fold it after it’s packed as long as you don’t damage the frame. To be on the safe side follow the manual and if possible improvise.

My toddler’s RC car isn’t responding when behind couch or when far away, is this supposed to happen?

The reason why these toys are toddler friendly is that they are deliberately designed to have a shorter remote control range so your boy wouldn’t wander off. However, if the RC isn’t responding properly when behind an object you should check the batteries.

Are there other colors for toy vehicle set?

Toddler toys come in a variety of colors, so be sure to pick the color that you want before ordering. You can also contact the retailer to see if you can replace it with a different colored one, provided that you bring the receipt.


It’s important to choose adequate gifts for our child because they will know if you’ve put effort in looking for the right one or not. Having a toddler is probably the happiest period for parents, mostly because of their dependance of new information and any type of contact with you.

That’s why it’s crucial that you work with them to ensure that they develop skills and grow both physically and mentally. They will absorb every single word and store it, processing it usually later, so try to be patient and also give them a chance to speak their mind.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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