Best Gifts for Boys in 2020 - Our Top Picks by Age


As ever, choosing the best toys and gifts for boys takes some understanding of their particular needs in terms of development. In creating this list of the best gifts, we made an effort to scrutinize each of the products, to make sure they fit the developmental path for boys at any given age. We also didn’t forget about the entertainment value of the toys, as we realize that they still need to have a fun time with them.

When it comes to boys, presents that get them moving are often most popular, due to the amount of energy they have to burn. However, toys that offer mental stimulation shouldn’t be overlooked either.

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Deluxe Toy Workshop Playset (For Toddlers)

For the youngest boys who might have a hard time figuring out more complex and realistic toys, the Deluxe Toy Workshop Playset from CoolToys is the way to go. This mini-musical workbench is meant for kids over 18 months, but there’s no reason why younger kids wouldn’t play with it as well since there are no small parts and therefore no choking hazard or any other safety issues. 

The music, lights, and fun sound effects are sure to keep your tot interested and entertained. The workbench has lots of exciting features and interactive elements, so there’s quite a lot to do, and it works as an excellent tool for musical education as well.

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  • Lights up and plays music
  • Numbers on the front

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight (For 1-Year-Old Boys)

From one of our favorite manufacturers – Vtech, we have the Spin and Learn Color Flashlight, which we have reviewed on the website earlier this year. This toy is a unique take on a regular flashlight, and it can introduce your kid to the world of colors. The Flashlight is designed to project images of numbers and animals onto surfaces, as well as produce different colors of light.

There are also fun songs and exciting music which can be activated by pressing the ladybug-shaped button, thus making the experience more exciting, fun, and interactive for your little one. We believe this is an excellent learning toy, and we give it our heartiest recommendation.

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  • Interactive
  • Easy to pack and carry

Mega Bloks (For 2-Year-Old Boys)

In keeping with the advancements towards gender equality in 2020, Mega Bloks made a set that can be used by girls and boys equally, the only difference being the color of the storage bag, pink for girls, blue for boys. Otherwise, the package is ultimately the same. The sturdy and handy storage bag makes packing and traveling with this set really easy, and this set can be played with kids of any age due to the size of the blocks

Asking questions and figuring out how things work are two of the best ways in which your little boy can expand his mind. That’s why hands-on playtime with toys like these is an essential aspect of helping him learn more about the world.

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  • Great for travel
  • Easy to pack
  • Good value

Paw Patrol Chase's Spy Cruiser (For 3-Year-Old Boys)

Starting from an early age, kids understand what it means to be a hero, and they want to feel like one. With the Paw Patrol Spy Cruiser, they can pretend to be their favorite pup – Officer Chase, and patrol the neighborhood looking for signs of crime. The pack includes a neat little spy drone, an Officer Chase figurine and a rugged-looking vehicle which will allow your boy to take action and prevent any threats to the people of Adventure Bay. 

In the process of bringing criminals to justice, he will learn more about the fundamental concepts of justice and law. Playing with this toy will also be an excellent way for your kid to improve their problem-solving abilities and their social skills.

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  • Colorful
  • Teaches good values

VTech Little Apps Tablet (For 4-Year-Old Boys)

Here’s an amazing little tablet for kids that is educational and fun in equal parts. Cody, the Smart Cub, will lead all of the interactions your kid has with Little Apps Tablet, and he is a cute and encouraging little guy and will stimulate your child’s mind. Your boy will learn basic math, words, the alphabet, and much more through regular educational activities and gaming levels.

The screen changes color as your kid interacts with it, and the tablet itself is available in a variety of colors to match your little boy’s preference. There’s also a piano keyboard as well as large letter-shaped buttons. Kids can learn many fundamental things from this toy, but it can also be used for role-playing and building social skills.

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  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Easy to use

IQ BUILDER (For 5-Year-Old Boys)

At the age of five, it’s a good idea to start considering STEM toys, as they are a great way to allow your child to exercise his mind while also having fun. The IQ Builder set includes 164 pieces as well as not one, not two, but three instruction manuals in the form of eBooks, each one representing a separate skill level. This lets kids focus on those builds they are currently ready for, avoiding the frustration of being unable to figure something out. The set is completely safe and contains no harmful materials or substances.

With this kit, your boy can learn some basic concepts of maths, physics, and geometry, while boosting his problem-solving skills and creativity.

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  • 164 pieces
  • Three eBook manuals
  • Toxin-free

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit (For 6-Year-Old Boys)

Continuing with the field of STEM toys, we have a fantastic kit from Scientific Explorer. It is essential to get kids interested in science early with these kinds of toys so that they can get a head-start in their early education. 

As adults, we understand the importance of STEM fields, and may even find them fascinating, but without the proper stimulation, as children, we are often unimpressed by scientific endeavors, primarily because at a young age we don’t understand or care about the benefits they may bring. So, if you give a kid a textbook explaining scientific concepts, they are not likely to enjoy it very much. That’s why these kinds of toys are an indispensable part of any toy box.

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  • Builds creativity
  • Enhances logic

Playco Walkie Talkies for Kids (For 7-Year-Old Boys)

One thing your kid will notice about this product right away is the brightly colored and fun packaging, and as soon as they open it up, they will love the fact that the walkie talkies are easy to use and simple to set up. As a parent, you will like that this toy will encourage your kids to run around and get some physical exercise to get the best out of the experience. 

Each package contains two digital walkies, with three channels enabled. They can cover a range of two miles, giving your kids an opportunity for exploration, and if anything goes wrong with the product, there’s a one-year warranty as a safety net.

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  • Great sound quality
  • Flashlights
  • Easy to set up

Razor A3 Kick Scooter (For 8-Year-Old Boys)

Not every scooter model includes a wheelie bar for tricks, but the Razor A3 is not your average scooter. Kids who have some experience riding scooters can have lots of fun with this model, performing cool tricks around the neighborhood or in a skate park. The aircraft-grade aluminum ensures the incredible sturdiness and lightness of the A3.

The wheels can absorb all kinds of landings and bumps due to the fact they are made from urethane. It’s also quick and easy to store or carry the scooter since the handlebar can be quickly folded down. There’s a variety of color choices available, so your kid can pick their favorite color and start practicing some neat tricks soon.

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  • Easy to store
  • Carrying bag included
  • Aluminum frame

Dreamingbox Sports Digital Watch (For 9-Year-Old Boys)

Finally, to round off the list, we have an adventure-focused product from Dreamingbox in the form of a Digital Watch for older kids. Any kid that feels like a true adventurer, and plans to run around exploring is going to need the proper tools, and those must include a high-quality watch.

This watch should cover the needs of any adventurer worth their salt – it is waterproof up to 164 Ft, and very durable, so you don’t need to worry about your kid breaking it when he’s climbing trees, rolling down a hill, or whatever. There’s a wide variety of functions included like a stopwatch, night light, and a calendar.

Check out the full guide for the best toys for 9 year old boys.


  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use

Nintendo Switch (For 10-Year-Old Boys)

There’s no doubt that any 10-year old boy would love having a Nintendo Switch in his possession. Playing video games is always the time well spent if you ask them. This console, in particular, is the latest addition to the Nintendo family, and it comes with three different modes – TV mode, tabletop mode, and handheld mode.

It has the capacity to transform from home console to portable system in a second. That means kids can enjoy playing on a full HD screen, by themselves or with their friends, but also, they can attach the joy-con controllers to the tablet and have fun while being on the move. The package includes a 6.2-inch touch screen and two controllers – one red and another blue one. Everything connects over Wi-Fi, and battery life varies from 4.5 to nine hours, depending on which game is being played.

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  • Three modes
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Long battery life

How to Choose a Gift for Boys?

Even though in terms of social, emotional and cognitive development, boys don’t differ much from girls, at least until they start hitting puberty, in terms of physical development there are pronounced differences even early on. Boys tend to have more energy to burn, and more interest in pursuing activities that build their coordination, balance, stamina, and strength. This is not always the case, but it is generally true. That’s why it’s a good idea to try to incorporate cognitive development, especially complex processes like creativity and imagination into their more physically-oriented games.

Therefore, it is no wonder that parents usually have a hard time figuring out where to begin when looking for toys for their little guys. The incredible amount of options in the market today doesn’t help either, leaving parents paralyzed by variety. Since we have done a bunch of research regarding toys for boys this year, we thought it would make sense to pick our favorites from each of our Top 15 lists from earlier in the year. We still recommend taking a look at the complete lists for the age your boy is at, as you might find something more appealing to your current situation.

Criteria We Used

Entertainment value

As boys’ attention spans grow, so does their capacity to be focused on playing with a single toy and a single activity for extended periods. We considered that when creating this list and made sure that boys at every age get as much fun as possible from each of the toys we suggested.

Educational value

Even though toys are meant to be, and should always be fun, their educational value is still an essential factor to consider. At different ages, boys have different abilities, both mental and physical, so it’s important not to overwhelm them with things they can’t yet handle, nor give them a toy that’s not going to challenge them in any way.


This is always a primary concern for us here at Funtastic Toy, and this list was no exception to that rule. We looked at age appropriateness of each toy as well as the materials used, so we can guarantee that all of the toys listed have an impeccable safety rating.


What if my boy refuses to ‘grow out of’ his toys?

This is nothing to be majorly concerned about. Kids will always develop a bond with the toys they love the most, and they are going to keep using them for a while. If you feel that a toy is at a lower stage of development than it should be, you can always try to stimulate him with other toys, or engage in the playtime yourself. Emotional bonds are hugely important for boys at any age, and taking old toys away from them is probably not the best idea in terms of their emotional development.

What if he wants to play with a toy meant for older kids?

The answer to this question is two-fold. If you feel that the toy he wants to play with could endanger him in any way, an example being a two year old wanting to play with LEGOs, you have to intervene. On the other hand, if the toy is safe for them to play with and they find it interesting, by all means, let them have their fun. It might even kick their development into a higher gear.


With the end of the year fast approaching, and the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about presents. We’ve compiled this list to give you a quick overview of what we thought were the best toys of the year for any given age, but it’s up to you to do your research and make the final decision. And although we believe that toys can provide a considerable benefit for boosting children’s development, we also think that you probably can’t mess up that badly, so relax. Just make sure the toy fits your kid’s developmental stage, and it’s safe.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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