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Now that your little one has passed that period when playtime was everything and entered learning period when she’s discovering math, grammar, music and other important studies, getting a toy for her can be complicated.

The problem is that she doesn’t look at toys as entertaining and fun, but childish and that she’s above playing with toys. However, she is still a child, and she will need something to spend her free time and explore imagination, indulge her interest, etc.

Knowing that a toy pony doesn’t do it and that she needs something to suit her age helps. But that isn’t the only pre-requirement for picking the best gift for your little girl.

To help you with this dilemma, here’s a list of toys that suit your 8-year-old girl and her interests.

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PixieCrush Pretend Makeup Play

Another way to allow your kid to wear makeup is to get this pretend makeup kit and surprise your little princess.

The kit has all the makeup tools that you need to make her day special. You can pick together color, choose which brush to use, or enjoy watching her try it on her own.

You’ll promote creative play with this amazing kit and allow your child to work on that makeup skills. The material used for this kit is free from harmful ingredients, so the only thing left to do is set her makeup station and teach your little one some basic moves.

Also, it’s fairly easy to clean, so even if your child gets carried away, you won’t have problems washing away all the excess makeup.


  • Promotes creative play
  • Safe for use
  • Easy to clean

Mermaid Swimsuit

What better way to make a special occasion even more wonderful than to get your little one a mermaid suit? They are pretty moody and change their interests depending on what’s cool and what isn’t, but some things are timeless.

And this amazing gift for girls will surely get her attention and win her heart. It’s made from a quality, easy to wash material that’s comfortable and great for baths, pool parties or other fun activities that demand something as cool as this.

The set comes with a bathing mermaid suit and a mermaid tail. It encourages role play as well as imaginative play, and next to that it’s a great accessory.


  • Quality material
  • Encourages role play
  • Easy to clean and wash

KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

Every girl of this age loves to play with dolls, and when there’s a dollhouse as well, their playtime seems even more special. This doll cottage comes with amazing details and quality design.

The windows open and close, and beside that little feature, you’ll notice plenty more details that imply how well designed this toy house is. It features three floors, furniture that’s on every room and every level, and a balcony as well.

With over 15 pieces of furniture and plenty of warm colors and girly details, your little princess will love this cottage dollhouse the moment they set their eyes on it. I fits 4-inch dolls in it, so if your girl wants to bring friends that will join in on playtime, they’ll have plenty of room to fit their dolls inside.


  • Quality design
  • Great details
  • Great for birthday parties or individual playtime

VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera

Living in these modern times where social media play a big role on what’s desirable, popular and trendy, it goes without saying that a toy selfie camera is a must when it comes to getting a perfect toy for your little one.

So being that making selfies and editing photos is something that is already familiar to them, why not get them this toy to play with and learn about photography.

Who knows they may develop a stronger interest and choose it as a profession. The camera toy has lots of other features, like games with motion sensor, voice recorder and other fun apps and stuff that will keep your 8-year-old entertained for hours.

And the best thing about it is that it’s not necessarily a toy, although it’s a toylike product. It has a front and rear camera, it can record videos and can be used as a starting point for exploring photography.


  • Quality camera and video resolution
  • Great for learning photography
  • Various functions

Razor Berry Lux Kick Scooter

Your girl will need some kind of transportation method beside your car, to traverse and explore her neighborhood, or to get faster from point A to point B in general.

And to save some time thinking about the perfect gift for her at this age that would serve her as a transportation method, why not get her this amazing Scooter?

It’s great for girls, beginners or kids that didn’t ride scooters in the past. Razor Berry Lux Kick Scooter has a sturdy steel frame, with plastic parts, adjustable handlebars, and urethane wheels that go well on most types of surfaces.

Regarding safety, you’ll be happy to find out that they are extremely easy to drive, and have rear brakes that are more than reliable.


  • Practical and easy to store
  • Light and durable
  • Cool design and safe for use

Mele & Co. Krista Girl's Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box

Every girl should have a jewelry box, and the best way to introduce it to your little girl is to something like this.

It’s a music box and a jewelry box, so being that it’s a two in one, chances are that your girl will love it. It is a really well-designed toy jewelry box that has plenty of room to place toy jewelry or other decorative items.

With 3 drawers, one top lid and storage compartment along with the entire right wing, will provide more than enough space. The best thing about it is that the music box plays wonderful tunes every time the lid is open.

Playing with this toy jewelry/music box will definitely serve as a wonderful memory of childhood.


  • Cool design
  • Practical and fun to use
  • Great storage capacity

Bentology Lunch Bag and Box Set for Girls

School season is a new experience for your little one. It’s a new period which allows her to socialize, learn, develop and progress.

So naturally, your girl will want to look nice and show off to friends with her taste for fashion among other things. Therefore, getting a cool lunch bag for her that allows storing all of the favorite snacks and foods is a great move.

She’ll love you for your taste, but more importantly, you’ll know that she’ll always have a place to store healthy fruits and food when the hunger strikes.

The bag even has a bottle holder, so she’ll stay hydrated during the hot summer season. You’ll find that this bag is more than practical and has an impressive storage capacity.


  • Practical
  • Great storing potential
  • Amazing design

Joyin Toy 71" Gigantic Keyboard Playmat Piano

Your girl isn’t too old for this playmat as it serves as a gigantic musical instrument as well as a mean of entertainment.

You’ll love how much it makes your girl happy, and she’ll love the fact that making music is incredibly fun with this product.  It’s made from super durable material that’s easy to clean and won’t lose it’s function even years in the future.

So if you want to encourage your girl to create music, or just explore her musicality, getting this mat is a great way to start.

Next to that, this mat is great for parties, jams, or solo playing. It’s a fun activity for the entire family, and your child will learn about music in the process.


  • Extra durable
  • Made for quality material
  • Reliable musical instrument

ENGPOW Walkie Talkies

Walkies talkies will never go out of fashion, and if your little one loves to play detective, or just enjoys role-playing with siblings or friends, ENGPOW walkie talkies are the perfect gift.

They feature 22 channels, a range of almost 2 miles, and reliable battery life. They come with 3-year warranty, and the sound quality is absolutely stunning.

You can pick a variety of colors, but next to that the design makes them so easy to use. Your kid will definitely love them and you’ll always have a mean to communicate with them and know where they are at any moment.


  • Superb sound quality
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Cool and easy to use

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Great way to support your little pop star is to get her the appropriate musical instruments so that she can express her musicality. And the best way to support her aspirations is to get this karaoke microphone.

It features several modes, is easy to connect to most of the devices, it has a great quality of sound, and it’s super easy to use.

It’s a matter of turning it on and expressing your emotions through singing. Being that it’s extremely beneficial for your child, you shouldn’t think twice about buying it. It encourages the development of confidence and expressing emotion.

It will make your child more confident, they’ll start to express more freely and they’ll work on their musicality.


  • Ultra quality sound
  • Easy to use
  • Tons of functions and features

Osmo Numbers Game

An outstanding product that aims towards presenting a new way of using technology to improve and develop new skills. In this case math.

We all know how stressful a math test or any other test can be for that matter. So if you’re looking for a way to help your child get even better at this discipline, Osmo Numbers game will serve perfectly.

Perfect gifts for 8 year old girls should be educational and beneficial for their improvement. And this one most certainly is.

Osmo Numbers Game is a mixed concept of a card game, something that’s fun and familiar for this age, and using a tablet to learn math. It is really efficient at delivering results.

Also it’s fun to compete, or join efforts to solve complex math problems intended for that age.


  • Educational and entertaining
  • Easy to use
  • Guaranteed results

American Girl Crafts Felt Jewelry Box Girls Activity Kit

Best time to spend with your daughter and be the parent they need. And if you’re looking to improve that period, even more, an make it more memorable, you can get her this American Girl Crafts set and create amazing jewelry boxes together.

The set comes with more than enough pieces, accessories, parts and decoration ornaments to create the perfect jewelry box.

She’ll be able to do it with siblings, friends or anyone willing to contribute by adding their personal touch to a finished product.

You don’t think twice about buying it after seeing how amazing boxes you can your daughter can create. So go ahead and get the right gift for your 8-year-old princes and enjoy seeing the creative process of your dearest.


  • Great for any occasion
  • Made from quality material
  • Encourages imagination and creativity

American Girl Doll Crafts Matching Pom-Pom DIY Scarf Kit, 8pc Kit for Girls

The process of creation definitely enriches the bond between those that participate. So if you’re looking for making your girl’s childhood even better, get this amazing card creation kit. It’s a fun experience for the entire family.

It features more than a thousand pieces, including glitter, cards of various shapes, covers, as well as many other additional parts that make a birthday car unique. You’ll enjoy spending time with your daughter, and she’ll always have a perfect way to express emotion to someone dear.

The set includes quality paper and accessories, but more importantly, it promotes creativity and encourages the expression of emotion, thought and ideas.

It is fun, entertaining and packed with vibrant colors, pieces and parts that make a gift card or any greeting card special.


  • Promotes creativity
  • Great for socializing
  • Made from quality material

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

A unique bedtime story book for big girls. Everyone needs some words of consolation after a rough day, period or before bedtime. And your little 8-year-old isn’t too old to hear a good, inspiring bedtime story.

The book is comprised of over 100 stories of women from the past and today’s world. Stories are illustrated by 60 artists and they all have a story to tell and a way to inspire. Stunning design, warm colors and a smooth quality lamination to cover it all, this book will serve as a great gift as well.

Storytelling has always been an important part of our culture, so why not use these modern stories to enrich your little one’s dreams?  


  • Made from quality paper
  • Inspiring stories
  • Great design and illustration

Nancy B's Science Club Microscope and 22-Page Activity Journal

Does your little princess love science? Is she eager to start learning chemistry in school? Why not surprise her and get her this amazing Nancy B’s Science kit and let her enjoy science at an early age.

The kit has an activity journal to keep track of the experiments, notes, and data no the subject, 400 x microscope for kids that’s fairly proficient, more than enough additional pieces and science equipment.It’s made from quality plastic but more importantly, it’s incredibly fun and easy to use.

Your little one will enjoy making experiments and observing anything beneath the lens, and you, on the other hand, will be proud of your scientist.


  • Quality equipment
  • Great design
  • Fun and easy to use

How to Choose the Best Gifts for Eight Year Old Girl

No matter what seems to be the popular opinion, we can all agree on one thing – toys for 8 year old girls should be there to help them improve, and explore their creativity further. But are all girls in this age group the same? No, they certainly are not. And that can pose as a problem when it comes to picking the right gift for your little special princess. Although it can be hard to pick a toy that would be the exact match with their idea of a perfect toy at that age, there are ques that you can pay attention to and shorten your list of potentially ideal toys for your daughter.

Taste and Personal Preference

These are important at this age as socializing and interacting with classmates becomes a way to express thoughts, emotions, find a role and compare ideals. Being that social intelligence is an important factor for making an impression and winning even more friends, toys that would promote further development of social skills are a good choice. So although personal preference of your daughter matters you should look for a type of toy that can be interacted with more than one person. They will allow your daughter to enjoy the same things as her classmates, friends or other kids in the same age group.  

Popular and Trendy

What’s considered trendy and popular now, won’t be in a couple of years or so. And that’s how things simply are, it’s the core concept of what popular really is. Staying in touch with new models or types is a good way to show that you know what your girl wants. They will have a couple of their own ideas on the subject as well, so the only thing you’ll need to do is filter those and make sure they are beneficial in any way. If technology is what makes her tick, look for new releases of popular tablets and other gadgetry for that specific age group. Having these in mind you won’t ever have to return a toy due to misunderstanding your child’s interests.

Educational Toys

Girls are good at learning. Instead of developing their skills to improve their physical performance, girls tend to focus on the development of the cognitive, especially their social skills. So if you can get them a toy that would help them improve in any of these, they would definitely appreciate it. If exploring their musicality is something that caught their attention, you might take a look at appropriate music toys. Among the items in your list of best gifts for 8 years old girl, there should be at least a couple fo toys that are highly educational as well.

Finding the right gift for your daughter, ordering it and finally presenting it to them will always be a wonderful experience. Not only that it deepens your connection with your daughter, but it also matters to her as she knows that now she can rely on your taste. Picking the right toy means that you know what your child wants, how she thinks and that you approve of it.

Criteria We Used

No product from our list has features that aren’t beneficial for the development of an 8-year-old girl. That’s because we made a strict policy and use certain criteria when it comes to choosing toys that would enter our list of recommended products. Here are some of them that guarantee that they are indeed the best choice for your little one.


Every toy is entertaining to an extent. This is the purpose of the product, so it’s natural. But not all toys for girls of this age share the same entertaining potential. There are those are fun and will keep your child occupied for days, and then there are those that will become their favorite toys from that period. That’s why we tend to keep toys with outstanding features. Some of them will definitely be your child’s next favorite toy. And that is exactly what type of entertaining potential we appreciate when picking toys for our list.  


A quality that implies good entertaining potential is definitely admirable. But when the quality of a toy speaks more and guarantees that it’s durable, cleverly designed or practical, we make sure to include that type of toy in our list. Not only that it reassures us that we made the right choice, but it also helps your child develop even more. A clever design hides hidden features in some cases, and spotting that and knowing how to use further develops creativity and cognitive thinking. This is what matters for an 8-year-old and their progress, as finding a role in a society demands some tips and hints at an early age. It might as well be with quality toys.


Toys for girls of this age should be easy to use as well. They shouldn’t present a complicated approach to playing and entertainment. Girls are fast learners, but that doesn’t mean that they should have toys with poor usability that challenge their problem-solving skills. Toys should be fun and easy to use. So toys on our list must have good usability among other important features as well. Knowing this, you’ll be safe to pick any toy and rest assured they will have fun and know how to use it.


Should I consider allowing my child to use a tablet at such an early age?

There is nothing wrong with introducing a child with technological advancement to a certain degree. In today’s world where technology is pretty available, you shouldn’t ignore the beneficial aspect of using a modern toy. However, staring at an LCD display all day long isn’t helpful. So with limitation and moderation in mind, you shouldn’t avoid getting a tablet for your little one.

Are the batteries on the Microscope toy going to cost a lot of money?

These science-related toys don’t require much battery life. So you will be safe with only one pair in reserve. You won’t have to stack up on batteries as if you would for an RC car toy for example.

How safe is this scooter for my child?

Most toys for this age are safe for their use. The scooter has steel enforcing casings on the side and improves driving with stability, but at the same time is light enough to carry without putting in too much effort.


There are toys that you think would be good for your child and there are toys that your child wants. Finding the golden middle between the two is the right way to go. Look for toys that are beneficial for their development as well as entertaining enough to keep their attention. Their taste plays a role, but you know what’s best for them and how to accommodate their taste. You’ll definitely find at least one toy that’s perfect for your little one, so take your pick and be sure to keep the surprise factor when talking to your child about gifts.

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