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At the age of five, your little boy is all over your home, playing and exploring with what seems to be an unlimited source of energy.

But although it seems that the only thing he wants is to play, he still has a lot to learn, skills to develop and prepare for preschool.

So without taming his playfulness you as a parent should push him in the right developmental direction. Set aside his 4-year-old boy toys and get him new and interesting ones like the ones from our toys for 5 year old boys list below.

Toys intended for little ones of this age encourage learning preschool material, fine-tuning skills needed for the upcoming challenges, and overall development. So you won’t even have to explain the difference between playtime and studying/learning time as with these toys allow both. Your boy will literally learn, develop and progress while enjoying a quality playtime.

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IQ BUILDER Learning Toys - Creative Construction Engineering

When you really want to push your little one in the right direction and help him develop his cognitive abilities, you should aim for puzzles, building blocks, and highly educational toys in general.

With IQ Build’s Stem Learning toy set for boys that allows him to develop logic, rational thought and learn how to solve complex problems.

The set includes connectors and parts, which can be combined to craft virtually any geometrical shape, object or shape.

With this toy, your boy will develop a solid understanding of engineering, math, science, etc. Warm colors and cool design makes this toy set very engaging, so you won’t have to worry about the short attention span that characteristic for boys of this age.


  • Encourages learning
  • Develops crucial cognitive skills
  • Highly entertaining and educational

STEM Toys for Kids Building Toys Kit Creative Construction Engineering

Another amazing puzzle toy set with a bunch of objects ready to assemble and disassemble. If you want to start with educational toys it’s best to get this or something similar to it.

With this IQ Challenge by Gamie your boy will be entertained while developing his ability to solve puzzles and riddles of this sort.

The toy set includes 163 pieces. All of them are highly engaging and entertaining. The set comes with a guide book, so if your little one gets stuck, you’ll be able to guide him through it.

Puzzles and toys such as this, in general, can help your little one tremendously to develop cognitive as well as perfect motor skills.  


  • Beneficial for your child’s growth
  • Colorful and engaging
  • Practical and easy to use

Fat Brain Toys Animalogic

Animalogic from Fat Brain Toys allows your child to work on developing logic and puzzle solving skills. And the best thing about it is that it’s great for beginners. Teach your child how to learn while playing with these cute animal shapes.

The goal is to stop the stampede by arranging animals and placing them in the right spot. The set comes with a colorful board and more than enough wooden animal figurines to entertain your boy for hours.

By playing with Animalogic your boy will work on improving logic, concentration, teamwork, sequencing, problem-solving and many other skills. In other words, you’ll be safe to say that your child is progressing properly with this toy set.


  • Entertaining
  • Great for beginners
  • Beneficial for cognitive development

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Is your boy fascinated with science? Then you might’ve picked one of the best toys for 5-year-old boys.

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit has everything that a little explorer like your boy needs.

This 20-pieces science kit helps your child understand how chemistry works and reveals all the wonders about it.

He’ll learn cause-effect, as well as work on the development of his hand-eye coordination, focus, and many other crucial skills.

The set allows your boy to experiment with kid-friendly ingredients and conduct researches by following his or guide book rules.


  • Kid Friendly
  • Entertaining and educational
  • Quality design

Backyard Safari Cargo Vest

Set your little adventurer free to wander and explore the great outdoors or your backyard by getting him this unique Backyard Safari Cargo West. The west is made from a rugged material that’s easy to clean and wash.

It’s equipped with hidden pouches and pockets with velcro straps that make it not only waterproof but also very convenient for storing anything that your little one needs. It is a practical west that adds style as it looks really cool.

Next to that, it’s extremely durable, easy to wash & clean and your boy will love it the moment he sets his eyes on it. It’s recommended for kids above 5 years old.


  • Practical
  • Cool design
  • Durable and reliable

Backyard Safari Field Binocs

No adventurer would feel free to explore without trustworthy binoculars. And now your boy’s collection can be complete as he’ll be more than ready to explore the world around him with this toy.

Backyard Safari Field binoculars are top quality toy binoculars for kids older than 5 that have a 5 x 30 magnifying power.

They’re durable, waterproof and adjustable. This means that your boy will be able to play with it without you worrying whether they’ll endure his playfulness.

They also have a neat feature that enables them to magnify up to 5 times. They promote role-play, creativity and are highly engaging.


  • Highly durable
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Quality design

USA Toyz Kids Walkie Talkies with Binoculars

Having two 5 year old boys can be exhausting. You always have to make sure that they have the same toys or at least a similar toy set.

With this one, you won’t have to worry as you get a toy for two for the price of one toy set.

USA Toys Kidz Walkies Talkies with Binoculars is the ultimate toy for your little adventurers. The set includes two walkie-talkies that are operational at distances up to 2 miles.

Talking about quality toys. They are great for outdoor adventures and your kids will definitely love them.

Next to standard features, these walkie-talkies have fun music beats, a lamp, can scan 22 channels and 99 subchannels and much more.


  • Promotes role-play, imagination, creativity
  • Quality design
  • Ultra durable

LEGO City Forest Tractor 60181 Building Kit

There’s no better toy set for developing cognitive skills than those that promote the use of building skills, logic, rational thinking, and focus.

If your boy loves building toy sets than LEGO City Forest Tractor Building Kit is the perfect toy for him.

The toy set features over 170 pieces and due to their size isn’t recommended for kids under 5 year old. Toys for 5 year old boy such as these allow your child to grow and develop and perfect crucial skills.

So let your child enjoy building this amazing forest tractor in his own style or by following a guidebook.


Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends, Batcopter

Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcopter is possibly the best way to surprise your kid if he’s into superheroes.

And what 5-year-old boy isn’t? Your boy will love everything about this toy set. And that’s a guarantee.

The set includes one Batcopter and a Batman figurine that fits perfectly in the cockpit.

The toy has a hidden feature, which enables retractable landing gear to act as a claw to snatch bad guys right from the air.

Its amazing design provides realistic spinning blades.

The toy is great promoting role-playing, developing creativity and socializing as it takes two to play a game of heroes and villains.



  • Cool features
  • Kid-friendly
  • Extremely durable

Pickwoo Remote Control Robot for Kids

Pickwoo Kids Robot Toy is a classic action figurine, and one thing is for sure- you’ll surely list it as one of the best gifts for 5 year old boys.

Help your boy develop crucial skills like creativity, imaginative play and role-play by operating this amazing robot toy via a controller.

The toy features a unique disc-releasing technique that easy to use. Simply tilt the robot’s head to stack discs inside.

Once loaded, your boy will be ready to move the robot in any direction, shoot discs, and defeat villains.

A quality toy that might just prove to be your child’s favorite one. A neat feature that enables it to repeat pre-programmed set of moves is also available.


  • Entertaining and safe for use
  • Quality design
  • Durable and easy to use

Outdoor and Indoor Waterproof Car Play House

Having a little boy adventurer that loves camping, field trips, and all kind of activities related to the great outdoors is definitely commendable.

Kids of this age should be inclined and encouraged to explore the world around them.

But what happens when the weather isn’t for such activities? That’s an easy one, you get him Anyshock playhouse for outdoor and indoor activity.

This beautiful car-shaped tent is great for both indoor as well as outdoor activities. The set comes with a bunch of colorful balls and a guide book.

Let your little adventurer enjoy the comfort of your home while exploring imagination with this amazing playhouse.


  • Made from quality, durable material
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to set-up

Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Gun Blaster with Fire Hat

Looking for the ultimate water gun toy for those hot summer days? You might’ve found one.

If your 5-year-old boy can’t wait for summer to come to release his might and prove himself in water gun games, you can get him Prextex Fireman Water gun pack and help him prepare for the challenges ahead.

Playing water games with the neighbors will never be this much fun without Fireman water gun pack.

The toy set features one powerful extinguisher water gun, fireman helmet, and a backpack.

The fireman tank can hold more than enough water, and the “extinguisher” water gun can spray water up to 30 feet. Talking about firepower.

Your boy will love this toy, and you’ll enjoy watching him enjoy hot summer days.


  • Ingenious design
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Easy to clean

Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock

Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock is the ultimate silent clock & toy robot for your little one. Having a quality sleep is important for our little ones and their development.

So to make sure that they aren’t traumatized every time they wake up with a loud alarm clock, get them this friendly looking robot clock toy.

The robot clock is extremely durable, so even if it falls down from a shelf it will still work.

It features a silent, non-ticking mechanism, clips for hands (great for adding stickers for chores, reminders, etc), flexible legs for easier taps on the head, and a cool design.

It might just become your kid’s favorite alarm clock.


  • Practical
  • Easy to use
  • Features non-ticking mechanism

Royal Baby BMX Freestyle Kid's Bike

As spring approaches, your boy will want a new transportation method for all of his outdoor adventures.

And with Royalbaby BMX Freestyle Bike he’ll definitely have one. If you’re searching for specific gifts for 5 year old boy, you should definitely take a look at this amazing bike.

It’s great for beginners being that it has supporting wheels on the side.

Next to that, it’s extra safe for your 5-year-old and when he learns how to drive it properly you can remove the supporting wheels within seconds.

The bike is equipped with a bottle holder, so you don’t have to worry about him being hydrated while outside.

It’s easy to store, due to practical design, the tracks are made from quality rubber with superb grip, and the seat is adjustable for all sizes. In other words, it’s the ultimate bike for kids of this age!


  • Easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Made from quality material
  • Extremely durable

Razor A3 Scooter Clear

Is your boy a fan of scooters? If so you might’ve found the perfect gift for his birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion.

Razor A3 Scooter comes in a variety of colors including black, blue, clear (white), red and green. Definitely one of the best options for 5 year old boy gifts for outdoor explorers.

It features durable 155 mm wheels that are made from synthetic material similar to silicone, which make it suitable for any type of surface.

Handlebars height is adjustable, and the grip is coated with a special type of foam that provides a steady grip. And when it comes to storing you won’t find any other toy that can be folded as easily as this one.

So what are you waiting for, get one for your little one and let him enjoy the season riding his very first scooter?


  • Easy to store
  • Can ride on any surface
  • Durable and kid-friendly

How to Choose the Best Gift for Five Year Old Boys?

Choosing a gift for your 5 year old boy can be quite a challenge. Of course, this is due to the fact that you want only the best for your little one and that you don’t make any compromises when it comes to quality. But that’s not the only thing you are looking in a toy. The toy needs to be entertaining as well as educational. Here’s a couple of ways to choose the best gift for your little one that will surely keep them entertained for hours as well as teach them a couple of things.

Know his Interests

While some 5-year-old boys love to play with action hero toys, other prefer construction trucks, sport car toys, etc. Knowing that each child has specific interest in toys, it’s advisable to know what he’s into. This way you’ll ensure that the he actually likes the gift, and that the toy keeps him entertained.

Pay attention to Quality

When it comes to quality, you know how to spot it in a toy. Whether it’s quality in design or features toys for a five year old should be engaging and fun to play with. Look for toys from popular toy companies or those that are recommended by a validated source.

Learning Toys

With preschool just around the corner, your boy should be at least acquainted with the advanced learning material. That’s why it’s advisable to look for toys that teach basic math, letters, new words and concepts. This way he’ll be prepared and you’ll ensure that he does well in these upcoming activities.

Criteria We Used

Toys on our list have passed certain criteria which guarantees they are educational, entertaining, safe and of quality design. This way we ensure that you get only the best for your little one. Here are some of the features we make sure our toys have.


Toys on our list teach preschool material or promote learning, development of crucial skills, allow better understanding of certain concepts, and contribute to your child’s development in general. While some teach math, other allow them to learn animals, geometric shapes, etc.


They best way to learn is via a quality playtime. We know this and that’s exactly why we include toys in our list that are engaging and fun to play with. Toys that catch attention with vibrant colors, quality design, practicality or other features are always welcome on our list.

Safe for Use

Although your boy has grown enough and won’t try to nibble on a specific part of toy, he might want to try to disassemble it on his own or something similar and hurt himself in the process. With toys on our list you don’t have to worry about these things, as they are 100 % safe for kids use.


Here are some of the most frequently asked question regarding the products on our list. You may want to check this section to make sure the the toy your plan to buy for your child fits his preferences as well as yours.

How are these toys helping my child improve his vocabulary?

Kids of this age absorb information like a sponge. However, when it comes to speech, they’re still developing and perfecting it. These toys help them implement word by word, without pushing their limits. With repetition and proper pronunciation, you’ll notice how their speech enhances in time.

Why did my boy play with his toy only for a while?

Kids of this age are of short attention span. In other words they get bored pretty fast playing with one toy. That’s why you are there to show them different ways to play with the same toy, combine it with other or pick another toy that fits his interests.

Batteries tend to get used rather quickly, what do i do?

Most of these toys have a battery saving mode, that puts the toy in a shutdown mode after a while.Try enabling this mode, or getting a rechargeable batteries.

If you’ve found this guide useful, read our 6-year-old boy guide for toys and gifts.


Your boy has reached crucial period where he must prepare for preschool learning material, master crucial skills and reach a couple more developmental milestones. That’s why you should help him by pushing him in the right direction. These toys will do wonders for your boy as you’ll notice yourself after a couple of weeks after the purchase. Not only that you’ll notice a change in his behaviour, but also expanded vocabulary, understanding of basic concepts, math, etc. So if you’re wondering if they are worth it, the answer is definitely yes.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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