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When their children are small, parents can’t wait for them to grow up and become independent.

Even though the children might grow up fast, it’s going to be a while before they’re completely independent, which means that pretty soon little girls will run around the house and constantly get into trouble.

Finding the best toys for 2 year old girls is a challenge, especially when you’re hoping to get past the ‘stuffed toys and dolls’ stereotype.

If you’re hoping to find toys for 2 year old girls that will encourage them to be creative and independent while simultaneously helping them learn something new, take a look at our list.

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VTech Spin & Learn Color Flashlight

Parents soon realize that children like playing with things they see their parents use often, but it can be dangerous to let them do so all the time.

This is the reason why so many toys for 2 year olds are fun replicas of household items and tools. Colorful Spin and Learn Color Flashlight from VTech is a great gift idea because not only is it fun but it’s also educational and interactive.

By pressing different buttons, children can learn about animals, letters, and numbers, they can listen to songs and phrases, and they can also listen to some simple questions that will help them understand the world a bit better.

The best of all is that the flashlight actually works, so the child can use it to explore their room or the garden.


  • Educational
  • Automatically shuts off
  • Interactive

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank

For parents who want to introduce the concept of saving money in an age-appropriate and fun way, Fisher-Price’s Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank is a must-have.

This adorable piggy bank comes with ten different plastic coins that the child can drop in, and each coin is a useful educational tool as it has an animal on one side and a number on the other.

This is a great toy for two year old girls but it can also be used by younger children too, and parents can change the level of play by flipping the switch.

The first level encourages the child to explore and be active, thus developing their motor skills, while the second level introduces Spanish words and a bit more complicated instructions.


  • Learning content changes
  • Bilingual
  • Easy to open

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Sprinkler

This colorful and adorable Melissa & Doug’s Sunny Patch Blossom Sprinkler is the best gift idea for little girls who like spending time in the garden.

It’s easy to attach the sprinkler to any hose and when you turn the water on, the little flowers will spray water, and children will have fun playing with it for a long time.

The bright pink and fuchsia shades of the flowers will capture the children’s attention, and they will enjoy playing under the splashing water.

This is a great toy for hot, summer months when you want children to play outside but still stay cool, and in addition to this, your garden will be watered at the same time.


  • Great for summer
  • Decorative and fun
  • Easy to attach to any hose

Melissa & Doug Disney Minnie Mouse Mix and Match

For parents who are hoping to help their little girls develop not only their fine motor skills but also their creativity, Melissa & Doug’s Disney Minnie Mouse Mix and Match is a great choice.

The toy is small and compact, it consists of 18 wooden pieces that come together in a cute box with a drawing of Minnie Mouse, and your little girl can dress Minnie in different dresses, shoes, and bows.

The key is to dress Minnie in matching pieces but this is an excellent great toy for 2 year old girls who like to bend the rules because it will allow them to mix and match different designs and patterns of Minnie’s outfits.

The toy is also great for quiet time play or for those times when your little girl is bored in a car.


  • Durable and versatile
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Small and compact

Melissa & Doug Food Groups - Wooden Play Food

Melissa & Doug strike again and give us another wonderful toy for girls – Food Groups.

It’s a set of 21 exquisitely made and painted wooden pieces that come in four small wooden cases and will make any 2 year old girl delighted to have them and play with them. Parents know how difficult it can be to make children eat anything other than French fries and chicken nuggets, but this toy will be able to help.

The set consists of a variety of healthy foods from the five food groups, and the children will love playing with fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and meats. These are educational toys for two year old girls that are going to help parents introduce the basics of nutrition.



  • Easy to store
  • Durable
  • Educational

Step 2 Little Bakers Kitchen Playset

Another great toy for girls who like pretend play and who always like to be by their parents’ side in the kitchen comes from Step2.

Little Bakers Kitchen Playset is a compact toy with a lot of different accessories that are going to make little girls feel like real chefs.

There is a little oven, microwave, and fridge, but the best parts are a special pot and pan that are able to produce sounds of frying and boiling.

These details are going to make pretend play sessions seem realistic and fun. In addition to this, there is also a built-in high chair so that little girls can bring their toy dolls to the kitchen to keep them company while they’re preparing meals.


  • Realistic sounds
  • Comes with 30 accessories
  • Compact

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

For little girls who love to throw tea parties for their siblings, friends, and toys, LeapFrog’s Musical Rainbow Tea Set is a great gift idea. Not only will it allow them to have fun tea parties, but they will also have a chance to learn something.

The teapot can speak and sing, it will teach the girls about numbers, colors, useful phrases and greetings, and it will help develop important social skills such as sharing and communication.

What makes this tea set different from others is the fact that the color of the tea in the teapot can change, and the teapot itself will make gurgling sounds when tipped. In addition to this, the ‘tea’ in the pot will also move, making it look like the child is actually pouring tea in the cup.


  • Educational
  • Comes with cups and cakes
  • Encourages sharing

Wish Me Pets - Cavalier Puppy

This cuddly little Cavalier Puppy from Wish Me Pets is a great gift for little girls who like to cuddle.

It’s interactive and it will make a noise when touched on the nose. When the child kisses its nose, the bow on the top of the toy’s head will light up, and it will stay on for a few seconds.

There is a small pocket in the belly of the toy for storing batteries, and parents should think about turning the sound off for bedtime, as it can happen that the child accidentally touches the toy’s nose and the light and the sound go off in the middle of the night.

On the other hand, the toy is small and soft, and the children will love carrying it around.


  • Soft
  • Cuddly
  • Bow lights up when the nose is touched

Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike

Fisher-Price’s Barbie Tough Trike is the best gift for 2 year old girls who are active, energetic, and like spending time outside.

The trike is tough and it will endure years of exciting outdoor adventures: the tires are big and durable, but most importantly they’re rugged, which makes it easy for little girls to ride the trike on different terrains with ease.

The pedals are also big, and they will make it easy for the child to speed up, and parents will be glad to know that the wheel base is wide and very stable.

Another interesting feature is the hidden storage compartment underneath the seat. The girl can put her favorite doll in there so they can go on an adventure together.


  • Well-balanced
  • Secret storage compartment
  • Big pedals

Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle with Push Handle

Until your little girl gets better at riding her tricycle, Radio Flyer’s Classic Tricycle with push handle is exactly what you need.

The push handle is adjustable and removable, which means that you’ll be able to help your child master the art of riding a tricycle, but you’ll also be able to give her some freedom once she does.

The fender and handlebars are made of chrome which makes it sturdy and durable while the rubber tires allow smooth and silent ride.

The seat is also adjustable and the child will be able to use this tricycle long after the parents remove the push handle. Note to parents: this handle doesn’t allow you to steer the trike, just to push it, and the child will be able to do the steering on their own.


  • Rubber tires
  • Removable push handle
  • Fender made of sturdy chrome

Green Toys Dump Truck in Pink Color

Even though it’s produced by Green Toys, this Dump Truck comes in pink and it’s the toy which 2 year old girls will love.

The toy is designed so that the child uses not only fine but gross motor skills too, as the little girls pour sand in the truck and haul it. Fortunately, the toy can be used for more than hauling sand, and it can be played with indoors as well as outdoors,

Parents will be glad to know that even though it’s made of plastic, it’s a post-recycled plastic that doesn’t contain any BPA or metal axels.

It’s also not covered with any paint so you don’t have to worry about it chipping after usage.


  • Improves motor skills
  • BPA-free
  • No metal axels

POCO DIVO Princess Castle Indoor Tent

Is there anything better to make a little girl feel like a princess than a castle?

Princess Castle Indoor Tent from POCO DIVO will make any girl feel special and protected in her own little castle-like tent. It comes with sturdy poles, but it doesn’t need any tools in order to be set up.

The material is light, and the tent itself is lightweight, which means that it’s easy to move it from one place to another.

The floor is waterproof, so the girls will be able to have picnics inside and not worry about ruining their castle if they spill their soda. The best thing is that it can be folded and put away easily when it’s not used.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Water-proof floor

Teach My Toddler Learning Kit

Teach My brings us this amazing Toddler Learning Kit – part learning tool and part toy for girls age 2 and older.

The kit contains 68 pieces and it’s perfect for teaching girls different things: from letters and colors, to numbers and shapes. There are books, posters, puzzles, as well as flashcards, and these are bound to make learning fun for girls.

Unlike other modern educational toys, this kit doesn’t require any screens not does it use any form of electronics, which means that the child’s fine motor skills will be much improved.

Through repetition and interaction with parents, children will be able to learn a lot while having fun, and colorful flashcards will make learning easy.


  • Educational
  • Comes with a teaching guide
  • Develops fine motor skills

TTYAOVO Unicorn Princess Dress

This is the best gift for 2 year old girls who like pretend play and who can’t get enough of dressing up. The material of the bodice is thick but even though the eyes and the ears of the unicorn are stitched in, the flowers are merely glued on, so it’s better not to machine-wash the dress but rather to spot-clean it if need be.

The mesh material is thick but soft, which means that it’s not itchy, and your little girl will be able to wear the dress for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a pretty dress your little girl will wear on a formal occasion, or you need a costume for Halloween, this dress will do the trick. The Unicorn princess dress comes with a matching headband so your little girl can immerse itself in the role.


  • Can be worn as a formal dress
  • Comes with a headband

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Smart Purse

Little princesses who like to ‘dive in’ mother’s purses will fall in love with this Laugh & Learn My Smart Purse from Fisher-Price. A small compact mirror for them to make sure they look good, a rattle phone to call their friends, a credit card for shopping, clacker keys to their car or a house and a small bead bracelet will make the girls feel like they’re grownups.

The toy isn’t just pretty and fun – it’s also interactive and educational. There are many ways to activate the bag: by opening and closing it, by pressing the heart-shaped button, and by sliding the zipper back and forth.

There are more than 50 songs, sounds, and phrases that can be played, and the child will learn about colors, numbers, opposites, as well as some Spanish words.


  • Comes with five accessories
  • Interactive
  • Develops fine motor skills

How to Choose the Best Gifts for 2-Year-Old Girl?

In order to find the best gifts for 2 year old girl, you should first make sure you know what the little girl in question likes. It’s easy to think there are some toys and things that are universally liked by all 2 year old girls in the world, but sadly, this isn’t the case.

The best toys are the ones that do more than one thing for the child. The toy you give as a gift shouldn’t only entertain the little girl, but she should also learn something while she’s playing with it. In order for 2 year old girls to one day reach their full potential, all of their senses should be stimulated in the childhood, so don’t be afraid to buy a toy that can sing, ask questions, and teach them about numbers.

On the other hand, if the girl isn’t interested in the toy you chose, you can put it away for a while and re-introduce it later. Chances are, she will warm up to it when she understands what it can do and how she can play with it. Even if it seems like it’s not the right toy at the moment, it doesn’t mean that it can’t become right later on.

Criteria We Used

First and foremost: we took into account the safety of the child when we made the list of the best toys for 2 year old girls. Even though they can walk and run on their own, and even ride a trike, they are still far from having a perfect balance. The products we chose are durable and don’t contain any harmful additives: BPA, toxic colors, or lead.

BPA Free Icon

We also tried to focus on toys and products that stimulate not only the child’s senses, but their imagination too. This is the reason why we decided to include things other than simple indoor toys. Most of the things we chose are interactive and educational toys which prompt children to speak, listen, and follow simple orders. There are also toys that are aimed at developing children’s fine and gross motor skills, but also their comprehension abilities.


Is it too soon to introduce educational toys?

Remember that your child’s only been in this world for a short period of time, and any toy is an educational toy for them. You can, however, start working on small projects with them: you can read them stories, sing songs, and encourage them to repeat things after you. This way, you will improve their memory and give them a developmental head-start.

How to find toys which will hold their attention?

As they grow, children’s needs grow, but their attention span is still rather short. This is the reason why the best toys for 2 year olds are the ones that can ‘grow’ and change with them over time. This includes toys with multiple options that offer some form of developmental function. Try to find toys that do more than just entertain your child, but also stimulate and educate them.


Having children is never easy, and no matter how much time you spend reading books and preparing for ‘the most important job in the world’, you’ll feel lost from time to time. With an abundance of different toys for 2 year old girls to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed and it might take a bit more time and research before you find the best toy, but in the end, it will be worth it. Keep in mind the attention span of 2 year olds isn’t great, which gives you a chance to re-introduce some of the toys they forgot about.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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