15 Top-Rated Toddler Girls Gifts and Toys Reviewed

15 Best Toys and Gifts For Toddlers

Toddler girls get a bad rap. Many call this period in a child’s life ‘the terrible two’s’ and focus on the negative aspect of toddler care at this stage in their development. But we all know that things are not so bad.

Most of the time, toddler girls are just adorable. They can be sensitive, sure… but they are also loving, curious and downright precious.

Getting gifts for for toddler girls can be a tricky business. You still have to be careful about basic safety, like choke hazards for example, but on the other hand, the simplest toys meant for babies will not suffice anymore. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best products on the market today to help you shop for your toddler girl.

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Pretend Play Food Toy Set with Wooden Knife and Tray Learning Toys for Toddlers

Getting a toddler to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet can be quite a challenge. 

With this set, they will learn about the concept of major food groups, so in theory, they should feel more inclined to eat the real version.

Food items, representing different food groups, along with four wooden trays to store them in, complete the set.

This product is not only meant to teach your kid about healthy eating, but it can also be used to build creativity and develop imagination.

 Sometimes the simplest toys are the best gifts for toddler girl because there are no limits concerning what the toy can be used for.

Little girls (and boys) can do all kinds of things with this fake food, like pretend to have a dinner party with their little dolls or open a restaurant for their friends and siblings.


  • Teaches about food groups
  • Develops creativity

LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

It’s a perfect day for a picnic! The Shapes and Sharing Basket from LeapFrog is a fun toy designed to mimic a picnic basket in the most adorable way. 

If you’re looking to inspire your toddler to have some fresh air, while at the same time developing her social skills and imagination, this is the set for you. 

The set includes 14 different pieces, including everything your little girl needs to enjoy pretend play and improve her table manners. The basket fits everything inside it neatly, for easy travel and easier cleanup.

The toy provides an excellent interactive experience, sporting over 30 sounds and responses, giving your child an opportunity to learn everything about numbers and colors, identifying different objects and their relationships through play.



  • Teaches shapes and colors
  • Encourages role-play

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

This interactive laptop will work wonders in developing your little girl’s learning skills and essential vocabulary. 

She can learn everything from animals, the ABC’s and words, to rhythm and music, using this product which features more than 20 different animations on a large screen. 

Leapfrog Leaptop includes 16 different pieces of music for her to dance along to as well. Simply one of the best gifts for toddler girls.

There are four learning modes, including Messages, ABC’s, Games and Music. You can select the modes by sliding the mode selector underneath the light-up screen. 

In Messages mode, for example, your little girl will receive e-mails from a pup named Scout and can send messages back by typing it on the screen and pressing the paw button.

For such a compact and easy to carry a toy, this packs a lot of fun activities that give kids different learning and play experiences to keep them engaged.


  • Reinforces vocabulary
  • Teaches typing and ABC’s

Baby Einstien Caterpillar & Friends Play Gym

If you want your little girl to get some excellent physical activity and exercise, as well as learn a little bit about what her body is capable of, this is the product for you. 

This gym will give your baby or young toddler some great opportunities to explore and discover new things, such as her expression in the completely baby-safe mirror or watching her toys dance to the music and light show.

In the center of the play mat, there’s a smiling star, which lights up and keeps your baby entertained with some classical tunes. 

For smaller kids, you can take the hanging toys down to the mat, for some tummy time play. This lightweight product is easy to carry and move around the house and can easily travel with you wherever you need to go.



  • Easy to carry
  • Machine-washable
  • Supports physical development

Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone

The Pound & Tap Bench offers tons of educational opportunities for your little girl. 

The first thing she will learn to enjoy is putting the wooden balls in their respective circles and using her hands to make the ball go through and make some beautiful music along the way.  

Each of the wooden balls has a matching ring, which will help her learn color recognition as she lines up the balls with the correct rings.

She will also develop her motor skills by using the provided mallet to get the balls through the circles more effectively. 

Finally, the thing that makes this toy great is the slide-out xylophone which can be used on its own with the reverse side of the mallet to make some music.


  • Teaches colors
  • Develops motor skills
  • Inspires musical creativity

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

This is a great toy for toddlers, geared mostly towards 12 month to 36 month-olds, and chances are your little girl will love it the moment she sees it.  

It’s a diverse toy that will help increase her motor skills and imaginative play, and she is also going to learn a lot about animals, numbers, and colors, as well as improve her general dexterity.

The Spin and Learn Color Flashlight from VTech was designed for tough play, so you don’t have to worry about your child breaking it. 

It’s meant to be dragged around, picked up and dropped repeatedly. Overall, this is a cute, diverse toy that is going to engage your toddler and teach her something while she’s playing with it.


  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Teaches colors
  • Volume control

LeapFrog AlphaPup Toy

Make letter-learning a howl! With this toy, your little girl can sing along to the ABC’s as she walks along with her cute wiggly-wobbly learning companion. 

She’ll love pressing AlphaPup’s colorful buttons to hear letter sounds A-Z and early vocabulary words.

She can also press the music note button, or pull the doggie along on the leash, to hear three different learning songs. The bone button provides fun dog-related phrases.

Wobbly, paw-shaped wheels, soft fabric ears, and a tail that wags will further engage your child and help develop her motor skills. 

The AlphaPup is pure, walking, talking and learning fun that never stops moving. Let your little girl walk her way to letter learning fun!


  • Letter learning
  • Kid-friendly materials
  • Frustration-free packaging

VTech Little Apps Tablet

This is a fun and simple learning tablet that aids little ones with primary language and math skills in a design that will appeal to kids looking to get hold of their parent’s actual tablet.

VTech Little Apps Tablet is easy to operate, with big icons and a sturdy design for any accidental drops.

Once you turn on the device, Cody the smart cub, VTech’s kid-friendly learning guide will appear and guide your child through the activities and features.

In Photo-Fun mode, for example, kids will pretend to take pictures by pressing a number or letter of their choice, and the LCD screen will then pretend to take a photo of that letter or number.

Parents will be especially happy to know that the toy features volume control as well.


  • Teaches letters and numbers
  • Adjustable volume
  • Inactivity shutdown timer

Kids Pretend Food Play Set

If you’re looking for something to help you teach your little girl about cooking and food preparation, while at the same time building her vocabulary, teaching her to sort colors and count, look no further than the Kids Pretend Food Play Set is for your kids.

These food toddler girl toy ideas will make any role-play fun.

The possibilities are endless with this set, as your child can do anything from playing an ‘I spy’ game with you or her friends and siblings to opening a pretend grocery shop. 

On top of all that, this product develops hand-eye coordination, as well as both fine and gross motor skills.

Plastic knives are also provided, to teach your little one about kitchen basics, but don’t worry; everything is completely safe and child-proof.


  • Variety of applications
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Develops hand-eye coordination

LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register

Hope you have your supermarket checklist ready! This set contains an astonishing 21 pieces including an interactive cash-register, a credit card, coins, and supermarket accessories. 

The register can count, talk and sing as well. If you’d like to hear some fun supermarket-related rhymes and songs or want more information about each of the items, press the appropriate button on the keypad.

This toy will improve your toddler girl’s color recognition and counting skills in a fun and relaxed way. 

Use the red button to physically scan the delicious and healthy items to add them on your list. Scan the credit card or pay with coins and they will slide right into the slot. If you need change, press the red button to open the register.


  • Great for role-playing
  • Improves counting skills
  • Teaches about food

Pegboard Shapes Puzzle

This set is very appealing to little kids due to its amazing colorful design, featuring thirty-eight pegs in six different colors. 

Your toddler’s organizational and color sorting skills will be put to the test with this product, as she can use the large foam pegboard and oversized pegs to build all kinds of different structures.

There’s a downloadable guide available as well if you want to get involved in the action, but if your little girl is over the age of 2, you can safely let her play unsupervised and develop her creativity.

The set will help with her fine motor skills, math skills, color recognition and much more. It is also easily washed with water and soap.


  • Chemical free
  • Easy to wash
  • Develops cognitive ability

Skoolzy Butterfly Garden Color Sorting and Counting Toy

This award-winning set is a great way for your toddler girl to learn about basic math concepts like addition, counting, and pattern creation, as well as color recognition. 

The toy comes in a neat little see-through backpack and can be used for all kinds of activities by children 2 and up.

The set contains 56 butterflies in 7 different colors and seven matching flower petals, a flower center, eight counting cards, and a tong catcher. There’s also an activity eBook available for download.

The butterflies can be sorted by color as well as shapes. Have your little girl use the tongs to sharpen her fine motor skills while doing this. Use the included eBook for instructions on creating sequences and patterns.


  • Easy to carry
  • Teaches counting and sequencing

VTech Learn and Discover Pretty Party Playset

Care for some lemonade and cake? Do youo need fun food-related toddler girl gifts? The Learn and Discover Pretty Party Playset from VTech is a sweet treat tray which is sure to engage your kid in role-playing. 

With over 70 melodies, songs and phrases, this musical tray gets kids in the hosting mood. 

Place the lemonade pitcher on the big yellow space and songs and fun phrases immediately start playing – kids are asked if they are hungry and if they can find the cake. 

It also encourages kids to pour themselves some lemonade and introduces them to shapes, colors, sweet treats and more.

This is a fun learning toy which has kids working on their motor skills, cause-effect, and early learning. Plus, who doesn’t love a good lemonade party?


  • Encourages imaginative play
  • 70+ songs and sounds

Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse

If there’s a gift you can never go wrong with when it comes to little girls, it must be dolls. And dolls need a place to stay. 

And My First Dollhouse from Fisher-Price is far more than merely a place to stay; it’s almost certainly the best dollhouse your little girl has ever seen, with three levels featuring a dining room, living room, bedroom, and bathroom.  Mom, dad and baby figurines are included as well.

The thing that makes dollhouses so incredibly useful as a learning toy is their capacity to inspire creativity and imagination in the youngest of kids. 

Aside from that, this toy possesses the added benefit of simplicity and doesn’t rely on any electric components prone to breaking down.


  • Breeds creativity
  • Role-play potential
  • Develops motor skills

LEGO DUPLO All-In-One-Pink-Box-of-Fun 10571

This is a 65-piece LEGO DUPLO set which includes a girl figure, a bunny, and a hen. There are also windows and numbered bricks to help your little girl work on her counting skills. 

This is a fun set which helps develop motor skills, builds focus and is great for hands-on, tangible play.

For the uninitiated, LEGO DUPLO’s are more massive blocks with a few pre-made components to help younger kids build with ease. 

There is lots of replay value and overall creative play in this set making it one of the most fun gift ideas for toddler girl.

The LEGO DUPLO All In One Pink Box of Fun is meant for ages 1.5 – 5 years and comes in a sturdy pink-colored LEGO-shaped storage box.


  • Numbered bricks
  • Made for small hands

How to Choose the Best Toddler Girls Toys and Gifts?

One of the most critical milestones in children this age when it comes to their development is their curiosity. Toddlers care about how things around them work, and we’re sure you’ve noticed by now that they have a ton of questions. And the best part is that they will only get more curious as they grow, so get ready. 

This relentless stream of questions can get annoying at times, but you know as well as we do that it’s how they make sense of the world. Another critical step in that process of understanding the world for kids in this age-range is exploration. So, anything that represents a part of the adult world, like a toy cash-register or a dollhouse will be exciting to them.

However, we all know that toddlers don’t have the longest attention span, so make sure that you get something that will grab their attention and hold on to it. This is easier said than done, but nobody is a better judge of what a child might be most interested in than their parents, so we’re sure you’ll do just fine.

Criteria We Used

The most important thing for us to consider when compiling a list of toys for any age range is always safety. We make sure the toys we select are free of lead paint, BPA and other harmful substances. We also make sure that the overall safety and durability of the product is well-rated with other shoppers.

BPA Free Icon

Another critical thing to consider is the toy’s educational value. These are tiny kids, so school’s quite far off on the horizon, which might make some parents think that it’s too soon to worry about things like that. However, we believe quite the opposite.  Having an excellent educational toy will help focus your child’s mental and physical development, and put her on the right course for any later schooling.

Last, but not least, we care about the values of the companies creating the toys. We believe that it’s essential to foster the right values of clean living and sustainability in our purchases, therefore imparting those values on our children.


Should I only focus on toys meant for girls?

Absolutely not. Your little girl can safely play with toys typically meant for boys, such as plastic tools and action figures. Let your child explore more ‘masculine’ toys if that is her choice. There’s no evidence to suggest doing so will harm her development in any way; on the contrary, it will most likely grow her self-esteem and personal image.

What is the meaning of BPA-free?

BPA is a plastic additive used in some toys, called Bisphenol-A. A high concentration of this additive has been proven to cause infertility in both women and men. Due to this significant concern, we make it a point to only allow BPA-free products on our lists.


We have gone through a lot of trouble to get a clearer understanding of what sort of toys are most beneficial and fun for a toddler girl because we know how much you care about giving your little girl the best possible environment in which to reach her full potential.

We also looked closely at whether the manufacturers we recommended followed all safety regulations in the design and production of the toys. Finally, we made sure to check the feedback from other parents and customers, and carefully analyzed any issues they might have run into.

We did all of this with one goal in mind – to list the 15 most appropriate toys for your toddler girl. Hopefully, it will provide you with much help in your search for the perfect gift.

Also, don’t forget to check out our guide by age for girl toys.

Author: Catherine Evans
Author: Catherine Evans

Catherine is a writer from Canada who simply loves toys, collectibles and superhero figurines. Writing is her passion, but she also loves reading, enjoying her “me time” and finding new ways to improve her work and ways to entertain the readers.

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